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The D Zone LLC is a Detroit area based, High School sports blog. The D Zone was formed in September of 2010.  The main focus is to provide up to second news on scores and news from around the state of Michigan. With tools such as Google, Facebook and Twitter it is not an unrealistic goal.  I am always looking for people to help cover games in the state.  Michigan is rich with football talent, it may be an opinion but at least I am making an effort to showcase it to the world.  This site is easy to navigate once you visit and play around 2 or 3 times.  The D Zone has become more and more popular each month.  I mainly cover football and basketball, I said this earlier but I really need people to help with score updates. If you are interested click on this link.  I am always looking to add people to write or work on multimedia productions.  Scroll down below about our staff.

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First off I would recommend each and every person below on their endeavors.  If you are performing a background check or looking for career information, I am telling you right now, that these people have great motives, willingness to learn, they are trustworthy, and have shown they are able to communicate.  Else they would not be writing for this blog.  If you need to ask more questions about the staff, please contact me.

Founded The D Zone:  September 2010
Responsibilities: Publish content, marketing, manage team, web development, social media analysis, public relations, and  more skills will come in upcoming weeks.
- I graduated from Henry Ford II in 2007 and graduated from ITT Technical Institute in the Summer of 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Project Management.  My passion for high school athletics, began when I used to hear the announcers for Utica Football games in my grandparents backyard, growing up.  I was able to witness many good basketball and football games during my time at Ford.  Unfortunately I did not have the resources at the time to do what I do now.  This project will be never ending and I look forward to monitoring the growth of interactions between everyone in Michigan High School sports.  If you haven't already, please follow me on Twitter @TheD_Zone

Joined The D Zone: May 2012
Responsibilities: Perform interviews, communicate with players, publish content, and more skills will come in upcoming weeks.
- I am a Detroit King alum and I currently attend Macomb Community College majoring in Journalism. Along with writing for The D Zone, I also write for State Champs. I have forever had a love for all sports, but high school athletics is my passion. Of course I am a passionate Detroit King football fan and my goal is to one day cover high school basketball and football at the highest level.  If you haven't already, please follow me on Twitter @JustCallmeBHunt

Joined The D Zone: December 2012
Responsibilities: West Michigan sports coordinator for The D Zone; perform interviews on any commitments from the West side of the state. I also cover high school, college, and NFL games for WXMI Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, where I intern to cover sports, and have been there since August 2012. I have also hosted my own radio show and my own website on all Michigan sports since May of 2011. 
- Currently, I am a high school junior at Hopkins High School in Allegan County, waiting to graduate and then become a Central Michigan Chippewa to persue my Sports Broadcasting career! My passion for Michigan sports began when I was under the age of ten, when I was invited to be on the Central Michigan University's SportsZone Thursday to talk about Detroit Tiger baseball. Ever since then, I have never taken my eyes off of a sports career. Now I am very excited to begin my work with the best Michigan high school sports site on the web! Any West MI recruiting news will be covered as we continue to cover each and every part of Michigan! I will be something in this world, and it will be in the sports field!  If you haven't already, please follow me on Twitter @ZHarig23

Joined The D Zone: February 2014
Responsibilities: Assisting The D Zone cover high school basketball, interviewing players, going to camps and games, and generating positive attention for the website and Social Media pages.
- I am currently entering my junior year at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan while majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Communications.  I was born and raised in Livonia, Michigan and love living close to Detroit.  I love sports and always have my entire life.  Although I am only 20 years old, I have already had many experiences in the field of sports.  I have worked with teams from the middle school level all the way up to the professional level.  I know what it takes to be successful in the field of sports.  My passion to succeed is shown in everything I do and covering sports will always be apart of that.  My ultimate dream is to become the general manager of a professional sports franchise.  I always tell people, "if people don't hate on your dreams, then they aren't big enough."  If you haven't already, please follow me on Twitter @generalmills101

Aiman Jarrar

Joined The D Zone: August 2014. Has been contributing in a minor role since 2012.
Responsibilities: Attending high school football games in the OK Conference and contributing to expand The D Zone's coverage on the west side of Michigan.
-Aiman is a 21 year old communications major who has been working in sports broadcasting since he was 14. Most of his experience is in the form of sports radio and television however, he has notable experience in sports journalism as well. Aiman has a passion for high school sports and enjoys watching high school athletes progress on the field. The D Zone is excited to finally have Aiman join the team and is looking forward to his west side coverage this season. If you haven't already follow me on Twitter @AimanJarrar

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