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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The D Zone Takeover Day set for September 2nd, 2017

The D Zone has continuously provided free exposure to Michigan High School Athletes and their families through the years as well as local services for the athletes.  One thing we have gotten away from that was a big draw in our early years was making September 2nd which is when we started, a big deal.

September 2nd is on a Saturday and the first weekend of college football so many of you will be on your phone anyways.  Please take a moment or two during the day to support our vision which is to provide free exposure to Michigan high school athletes.  It is our hope that after 11 months of being denied verification from Twitter that they will see how important our model and system is and finally provide a valuable tool to our primary social media account (@TheD_Zone).

- Players are encouraged throughout the day to make their profile pictures / tweet out their backdrop pictures that they have taken.  Also on other social media platforms.

- Tweet at us or not and use the hashtag #TheDZone, we have trended on Twitter numerous times and fully are planning on trending again.

- Tell everyone who cares about Michigan high school sports in-person or online about The D Zone.

- Share a sublink or direct link of our website, on all social media platforms


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