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Monday, August 7, 2017

Marquette 2019 WR/CB Ethan Martysz Player Profile and Interview

- Most recent update: 8/8/2017
  • High School:
    • Marquette
  • Graduation Year:
    • 2019
  • Primary Position:
    • WR
  • Secondary Position (s):
    • QB, CB, PR, and P
  • Height:
    • 6'
  • Weight:
    • 175 lbs
  • Anticipated Major:
    • Physical Therapy / Athletic Training
  • Experience:
    • 1 year Varsity football, 1 year Frosh football
  • Stats:
    • Varsity stats 2016
      • 24 receptions for 382 yards w/ 3 TD's
  • Colleges that you are interested in:
    • Central Michigan University
    • Valparaiso University
    • Western Michigan University
    • University of Wisconsin
    • Grand Valley State University
    • North West Missouri State
    • Ball State University
    • Northern Michigan University
  • Colleges that have shown you interest:
    • Central Michigan University
    • Valparaiso University
    • Northern Michigan University
    • Davenport University
  • Intangibles:
    • My athletic ability sets me apart from everyone else on the football field.   I am able to play multiple positions and feel that I give my team the best opportunity to make big plays and score.  I am a threat every time I line up to play on offense and certainly every time I touch the football.  Teams need to account for where I am at on the field and I am usually double covered and draw the most attention from any defense.  I feel this helps my team out and provides opportunities for others to make plays.  If my number isn't called I am working hard to make my blocking assignments or stretching the defense to give my team the best chance to make big plays and score.  
  • How I play the game:
    • I play the game of football with great passion and I compete on every snap.  I am coachable, hard working, and feel that I am a team leader.  I run disciplined routes, have very good speed, good hands, and I am a student of the game.  
  • Outlook on High School Football and its experiences
    • I want to give my football team, my coaches, and my school everything I have.  The ultimate goal is of course to win a state title.  This would be the #1 accomplishment for our team.  Of course to win our conference and have the opportunity to make the playoffs and compete is certainly on my mind and the minds of my teammates.  I want to bring excitement back to Marquette Senior High School and our football program.  We have had a couple of down years with our team numbers and our program didn't achieve the goals of winning the conference and making the MHSAA playoffs the last 2 seasons.
  • Discuss the potential opportunity or the opportunity of playing on the next level
    • I want to play football at the next level.  This has always been a dream of mine and I feel that I have a great deal to offer any program that would give me the opportunity.  Plain and simple I am the fastest athlete in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I have only scratched the surface with my abilities.  I switched to receiver my Sophomore year to help my team out and also feel that this is the best position for me personally going forward.  Teams that look the other way or sleep on me will miss out on the opportunity to make their football program better.  I am a team player, and I make good decisions on and off the field.  I would tell any coach that I would make their team and their program better if given the opportunity.
  • Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous
    • All State Track and Field, Varsity Captain, National Honor Student; 2016 Varsity letter winner in 3 Varsity Sports as a Sophomore 
    • NCSA Profile
    • Twitter:  @Ethan_Martysz

HUDL Highlights

  • Valparaiso camp - 7/15/2017
  • Northern Michigan camp - 6/15/2017
  • Northwestern camp - 6/9-10/2017

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