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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 1st -- The start of written offers, looking closer at new Signing Day Period effect

Pearson was the first commit in the Class of 2018

On August 1st, 2017 you probably saw every high-level recruit you follow on Twitter post a graphic image.  The image contained a prospects official offer which is a huge accomplishment for a lot of players.  The 1st which essentially is a day that can't come soon enough as a majority of the kids do not need to validate their offers with the media or anyone else and around 50 in Michigan are already committed to Division 1 - FBS schools.

Normally we just brush aside this day, besides for congratulatory messages as again it's a big accomplishment, but there was one major factor in 2017 and going forward that will grab our attention.

That factor is the 72 hour signing period on December 20th through the 22nd where Division 1 recruits can sign their letter of intents early and focus on the books solely the next 1.5 months.  If you read closely enough on their official offers, some schools state their expiration date is essentially during the early national signing day.

We'll review a few of the offers and their recipients.

Most of the offers sound similar to all of the other ones. They say something along the lines of a player must meet a high performance level on and off the field, etc.  A few are just a graphic of them saying they are committed.  A few are specific to the head coach who if is an alumni of a school mentions how much the degree and/or campus means.  No Division 1 FBS programs offer we reviewed stated a player must sign in the early signing period, while a few Division 1 FCS offers did state that the player must submit his National Letter of Intent during the days of December 20th - 22nd.

We encourage all commits and other recruits who received written offers to ask this question with the head coach of the school they are being recruited by ASAP.  Do not wait too late or else you'll likely be the one waiting for a new opportunity late in the process.  This ruling has had absolutely no transparency from the NCAA publicly so we cannot inform you more of what the new ruling entails.

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