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Monday, July 31, 2017

Saginaw Trojans 2017 Football Preview

City / County:  Saginaw / Saginaw
School Mascot Name:  Trojans
2016 Record: 2-7
Conference/Division: Saginaw Valley League - Blue
2017's Expected Division for Playoffs: Division 5
Record last 3 seasons:  5-22
Record last 5 seasons:  10-35
Record last 10 seasons: 20-70

Head Coach: Nate Simington
Head Coaching Experience: 4 years
Assistant Coaching Staff:
Robert Kelly, Jason Riley, Famous Jones, Ralpheal Cooper, Phil Verdusco
NeVen Simington OLB/DE/TE 2018, Del'Michael Jeffries QB/RB/LB 2018, Demetress Bryant LB/RB 2018, Antwan Gaines LB/OL 2018
Returning Starters on Offense: 6
Returning Starters on Defense: 7
Returning Key Players:
Del'Michael Jeffries QB/RB/LB 2018, NeVen Simington OLB/DE/TE 2018, Anthony Sanders WR/DB 2018, Marshall Price DE/TE 2018, Demetress Bryant LB/RB 2018, Toryan West Jr. OL/DL 2018, Antwan Gaines LB/OL 2018, Demitri Wells OL/DL 2018, Damarion Burton LB/RB 2018, DeVarius Shade OL/DL 2018, Devro Adkins DL/TE 2019
Upcoming Players:
Tony Martin RB/DB 2019, Ta'Varion Burrell OL/DL 2020, Cameron Culberson OL/DL 2018, Jessie Sanchez WR/DB 2018
Team Strength(s) for 2017:
We have an aggressive, fast, and experienced defense with returning players controlling our defense.
Biggest Shoes / Holes to Fill in 2017:
Lance Henderson, Johnathan Johnson, Cecil Granberry, Bennie Baber, E'Donis Scott, Jason Vaughn, Levi Parker, Henry Speight, Dakota Cain, Tamar Heart
2017 Season Outlook:
We plan on being very competitive season by putting a lot of emphasis on our offensive development. With leadership from our QB and OL's, it should be an fun and interesting season.
Outlook on Conference/Division:
I believe the SVL is a very strong conference to compete in week in and week out. It's hard to predict who'll win the crown at the beginning of the season with so many good teams competing. We're going to compete on every down to put W's in the win column.

- 2016 Saginaw preview

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