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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cass Tech Kicker graduate Ken Snapp at 21 years old is running for the Mayor of Detroit

Cass Tech 2013 K/P Ken Snapp made history while he was at Cass Tech.  He was a reliable kicker and punter for the 2011 and 2012 Cass Tech Division 1 State Championship teams.  In Detroit and inner cities in general, the kicking duty is often a liability, but Snapp gave inspiration for one's younger that success is possible. Cass Tech and King of the PSL recently graduated two phenomenal kickers so the influence is easy to trace to Snapp who in 2013 signed with Division 2 program, Notre Dame College.  Snapp's passion at the time broke boundaries and now that it's 2017 and he is 21 years old a new passion he hopes will bring change.

In 2017, Detroit's November 7th election day will have the young and ambitious Ken Snapp running for the Mayor in the City of Detroit.  At 21 years of age and running for such a responsible position requires not only a solid mental make-up but the passion and desire to be that "guy."  The "guy" is someone who must look at adversity and live & breath to overcome it, setting goals and executing those goals.

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That is what Ken Snapp did at Cass Tech and that is what he is doing now.

We caught wind of a charity event that Snapp is hosting along with The D Zone staff writer Branden Hunter who is an active supporter of Detroit and its youth.  The charity kickball game which will feature teams formed by the two will collect school supplies for the kids in Detroit.  We caught up with Snapp to gather more of his perspective.

The first question many of you are asking yourself now has to be why would you run vs. all these experienced politicians, etc.  Snapp explained his reasoning, "My motivation for running for mayor was simply knowing that I had the ability to implement significant change in my city which also meant that I had the responsibility to push a progressive agenda to the forefront of every conversation. Also seeing your city struggle for so long, you get tired of it. I remember when I went to private school in Grosse Pointe, as a kid, I was embarrassed to say I was from Detroit. I always wanted to change that feeling into pride, for many years. And when I finally became of age, I began to pursue for major systematic change for the people of Detroit."

The ability to share his pride has been no small task and one that may seem like a never ending process.  Snapp embraces all that comes with it, "The types of adversity I've faced and overcame has been of simple ignorance," said Snapp.  "I have been discriminated against because of my age. As soon as we announced our bid that I was running, older folks quickly counted us out because of my age. My team and I quickly rolled out a strategic 6-point plan that gives access to social wealth in the neighborhoods of Detroit. I find it unacceptable that people discredit young people simply because of age. If you have an idea that works and able-bodied, nothing should be held against you."

"Also the media has been biased. The local news networks have not given any of the other candidates any type of traction, besides the mayor. It seems as if the mayor has bought the media or those who back the mayor's campaign play a major role. We have reached out time and time again and they have still not responded. It plays a major role with voter education. You simply cannot reach everyone. But the news networks cover most of Southeast Michigan. But still, with that against us, we have managed to make headlines via social media across the country and to other parts of the world. We know that we can target the young voters through social media and that's what we did."

Snapp has many things he would like to change and improve upon in Detroit which you can read more on his website.  We asked what's the one thing you would like to focus on and Snapp knew right away it's the future of Detroit, "The things I mainly want to make stronger in Detroit, is our education system. I want to provide the best opportunities for our children. Our children have been left out of the conversation too many times. And now it's time for a drastic change."

The prospect of losing this particular election is a possibility, but Snapp knows there is always a Plan B, "Win or lose this election, we know that we have made a major impact in regards to having a more progressive agenda," said Snapp.  "Forcing the dialogue of many candidates to change and be geared more towards the citizens. We came out with Ken Snapp's 6-Point Plan and later many other candidates began to have 7 point plans and even 10 point plans. But we have strategically devised the 6-Point Plan to tackle the social issues and economical issues of our citizens."

Snapp concluded by how people can learn more about him and his vision.  "People can find us at or also on a Facebook, just search Ken Snapp and personal and campaign pages will appear. Also on all major social media platforms."

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