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Monday, May 15, 2017

The D Zone 7on7 Team Player Evaluations and Recap, Spring 2017

In March 2017, The D Zone hosted a 7on7 team for a major tournament at the Legacy Center.  Boom out of Chicago who were the national champions in 2016 won the tournament.  The D Zone 7on7 team had unofficial visits before the tournament at, Toledo and Siena Heights.  The team for the weekend finished with a 2-2 record, falling in the first round of the playoffs vs. a top 25 team in the country.

Box Score:
Game 1 - Win
Hemlock 2018 QB Kade Peters to Rochester 2019 WR/CB Drake Reid - 6-0
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Avondale 2018 WR/DB Nick Whiteside and Walled Lake Western 2018 WR/DB Justin Thomas - conversion - 14-6
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Walled Lake Western 2018 WR/DB Justin Thomas and Avondale 2018 WR/DB Nick Whiteside - Conversion - 22-14

Game 2 - Win
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Walled Lake Western 2018 WR/DB Justin Thomas - 6-0
Hemlock 2018 QB Kade Peters to Michigan Collegiate 2018 WR/DB Jaylen Branch - 12-0
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Fraser 2018 WR Kenneath Redd and Walled Lake Western 2018 WR/DB Justin Thomas - conversion - 20-6
Romeo 2018 WR/CB Ronnie Wood - interception - 23-6
Farmington Hills Harrison 2019 CB Rod Heard - interception - 26-6
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski and Walled Lake Western 2018 WR/DB Justin Thomas - conversion - 34-6
Avondale 2018 WR/DB Nick Whiteside interception - 37-6
Hemlock 2018 QB Kade Peters to Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski 43-6

Game 3 - Loss
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Avondale 2018 WR/DB Nick Whiteside - conversion good - 8-6
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski - conversion good - 16-12
Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock to Avondale 2018 WR/DB Nick Whiteside - conversion good - 24-18

Game 4 - Loss
Royal Oak 2018 S/RB Patrick Tesho - interception - 3-3

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Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock
- Paddock started off the opening day of the tournament with just 1 incompletion in 3 games while throwing for 8 touchdowns.  The Blackhawks quarterback developed a rhythm with all of the receivers and continued to impress with great decision making and the ability to make all of the throws.

Hemlock 2018 QB Kade Peters
- Peters got The D Zone team started off right for the weekend when he led the opening drive with a touchdown to Drake Reid and was solid throughout the weekend.  The tall QB developed chemistry with his receivers quickly and spread the ball around the offense well.

Walled Lake Western 2018 WR/DB Justin Thomas
- The Warriors receiver turned out another big-time weekend as Thomas was a human highlight reel again.  Thomas got involved early offensively, but his 2 point conversion on the 2nd touchdown set the tone.  John Paddock threw a ball as Thomas broke out near the pylon and Thomas snagged the ball in with 1 hand.  Thomas had 2 more touchdowns and another impressive 2 point conversion grab.

Avondale 2018 WR/DB Nick Whiteside
- Whiteside emerged this off-season as a big play threat who can work in the short game and be a vertical threat at the same time.  Whiteside doesn't blow you away with measureables, but instead is a solid competitor who has no problems creating separation and making tough grabs in traffic.  Whiteside had 3 touchdowns during the weekend and an interception.

Fraser 2018 WR Kenneath Redd
- Another receiver who can work the short and vertical routes with ease.  Redd has good release off line of scrimmage and has physical traits to break press coverage.  Redd had a few nice catches during the weekend and at one point following a catch made the defender fall over as he cruised past him for a touchdown.

Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski
- The Bulldogs have a great football player in Goralski who has a knack for making big plays.  Goralski lined up all over the place during the weekend and got open constantly.  Goralski is deadly with the ball in his hands as he would slip past defenders and for 1 of his 2 touchdowns he would run around and then past the defense.

Rochester 2019 WR/CB Drake Reid
- The Rochester squad has something nice coming through their system in Reid who starred as a sophomore on varsity.  Reid worked well on both sides of the ball during the season, but was utilized on offense this particular weekend as he was quick and found ways of getting open.  Reid got the first points of the weekend with a touchdown reception in the first game.

Carrollton 2018 WR/DB Ovauntay Vickers
- Vickers is a good sized prospect who can play a variety of positions during the fall.  At this point with his frame and size Vickers is a tough stop for defenders who need to worry about that plus his athleticism.

Walled Lake Western 2020 WR Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen
- Yaseen spent his freshman year on varsity for the D2 runner-ups, Walled Lake Western.  Yaseen now is a lengthy vertical threat who made some nice catches during the weekend in traffic.  Over time expect to hear his name much more.

Michigan Collegiate 2018 WR/DB Jaylen Branch
- A long and lengthy receiver who caught a touchdown pass as he streaked through the opponents defense.  Has the ability to play both sides of the ball as he has great length.

Romeo 2019 LB Brock Horne
- Romeo's MLB covers a ton of ground while also maintaining a physical presence.  Horne was able through the weekend to make life miserable for players crossing the middle of the field and when he dropped back in coverage made several great plays, including a near diving interception.

Southfield 2018 OLB Christian Rush
- "CRush" is a physical and strong linebacker prospect who moves well on the field.  Rush moves well downfield as he broke up several passes during the weekend as well.  Rush is one of the best put together prospects across the board and should continue to draw a lot of looks.

Clarkston 2018 LB/TE Zach Scott
- Instinctive linebacker who worked well with the rest of the LB's.  Scott moves good in coverage and was step for step with opponents.  Scott also displays good physical tools.

Michigan Collegiate 2018 LB/DB Tracy Hubbard
- Hubbard was one of the most pleasant surprises of the weekend as he split between OLB/DB roles and didn't surrender much. Hubbard displayed good awareness and physical traits defensively.

Farmington Hills Harrison 2019 CB Rod Heard
- Heard will be in discussions starting this upcoming season as one of the state's best CB's.  Heard doesn't give much if any space to opposing receivers and had several tough broken up passes.  Heard also tallied an interception as opponents didn't bother throwing much his way.

Alpena 2018 RB/S Alex Arch
- Arch was mixed around all over the defense during the weekend, but didn't give much as the instinctive Safety/RB moved well on the field and had a few nice broken up passes.  Arch is transitioning from a Linebacker to Safety so expect to see his name more in the near future.

Brother Rice 2018 FS Lawrence Reeves
- The Warriors Safety moves extremely well and displayed a solid defensive performance over the weekend.  Reeves was quick to react and cut down the routes of opponents.  Reeves a few weekends later tested at the top 99% for measurables at the Nike Opening.

Royal Oak 2018 S/RB Patrick Tesho
- Tesho is a ball-hawk Safety in every regard and put that on full display over the weekend as the last line of defense didn't allow much if any behind him.  Tesho has put up nearly 200 tackles the past 2 years so you know he has a knack for getting to the ball as well.

Seaholm 2018 WR/DB Vaish Siddapureddy
- Siddapureddy is a well rounded out athlete who could have been plugged in a lot of spots over the field, but for this weekend was used on defense to use his instincts and field awareness.  Siddapureddy nearly hauled in the play of the weekend as he stretched out for a near 1 handed interception.

Romeo 2018 WR/CB Ronnie Wood
- Wood had a good weekend in coverage as he is fundamentally sound and breaks well on the ball.  Wood had a few nice instinctive breakups and an interception.

Cass Tech 2018 DB Chaz Jones
- A S/CB hybrid who was used at CB for the weekend and provided strong coverage.  Jones is an athletic playmaker who is looking to have a breakout senior season.

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