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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Michigan High School Coaches provide reaction to NCAA Early Signing Period

This week The D Zone reached out to several Michigan high school head coaches and gathered their reaction to the new NCAA rule which allows for an early 72 hour signing period at the end of December.  December 20th-22nd to be exact.

The rule has left a lot of coaches scratching their heads as many declined to comment or informed us that they needed to gather more information on the rule.  The NCAA Division 1 schools will surely be looking to maximize the new rule and getting their commits signed sooner or pressuring kids with an expiring offer.

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Roseville - Mike Mahar:  "It is hard to say how the “Early signing period” will affect our players. I am excited for the possibilities though. I think it could open more opportunities for our players that are not Division 1 players which is what most of us coaches have. I think you have to know the process of the way recruiting works. Division 1 schools have the pick of the litter. Then once they sign their players and their “board” gets filled up some players that were borderline Division 1 drop down to Division 2. This continues with Division 3. So it becomes a sprint to the finish line of who can get who. Sometimes players may end up at places they never thought they would because it was the school that first offered them money.  

With an early signing period this process may slow down with kids and they may know much earlier on where they will end up. They can take their time and really research the school and see if it is a good fit for them.

The other big thing is that the NCAA needs to come educate the high school coaches on how this works so we aren’t telling out players the wrong thing or parents the wrong thing. Our hope and goal is to make sure we put our athletes in the best position to succeed in life."

Walled Lake Western - Mike Zdebski: "I believe it is good for the student and the university. Commitments are clear and defined."

Tyrone Spencer - Detroit King: "I'm still trying to learn everything about it. I know it will speed up recruiting even faster."

Waterford Mott - Chris Fahr:  "I am mixed on it, for high school coaches and the kids it can be a good thing, but for the college coaches I feel awful for. They have very little family/vacation time and some of that will be eaten up now hosting recruits."

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