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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

College Football Recruits in Michigan react to NCAA Early Signing Period set for Dec. 2017

As a high school recruit, Cameron Dillard signs with Florida in February of his senior year

The D Zone polled several current and future Division 1 FBS, FCS, D2, D3, and NAIA recruits and asked for their reaction to Monday's approval of having an early national signing day period.  There seems to be a lot of confusion among prospects of all levels that we hope the NCAA addresses.  Some recruiting processes will be extremely trimmed as offers they hold may expire at the first signing day period, so it will be important that someone who has answers, say what the answers are ahead of the extra signing day period on December 20-22nd, 2017.

Announcement:  Early Signing Day approved for 2017

Some things we have been able to gather is:
  • 72 hour signing period on December 20th to 22nd, 2017
  • It starts this upcoming year - one highly recruited player did not know that.
  • Division 1 FBS only
  • The first Wednesday of February will remain how it's been and just whoever did not sign in December will sign in February.

Players were asked to comment on how the new ruling effects their recruiting process:

Cass Tech 2018 LB DeAndre Square - "I like the early singing day period because it just gives me a earlier time to sign my LOI because I plan to graduate early."

Belleville 2018 CB/WR Davion Williams - "I think that's a good deal for kids who wanna enroll early into college that's pretty dope to me.  I'll probably be the one signing in December!"

Bloomfield Hills 2018 DE/TE Jack Sape - "I think that the signing day in December will be great because the kids who are ready to commit can finally make it official and start working with that team sooner than they could have in any other years."

Westland John Glenn 2019 OL/DL Keegan Vaughan - "I think that it's a great opportunity for guys who are getting recruited pretty heavy at a young age to get on campus for an official visit to get a chance to meet the coaches and personally talk to the players and get a feel of how the team will be. I think that it's great that this change is being made. You are thinking about spending 4 years and shaping your life after you leave that university, for me I want that place to be a place that I love and want to spend 4-5 years of my life there."

Southfield A&T 2019 FS/RB Marcus Fuqua - "I think it will help because if i choose to sign during the December signing period, it would relieve a lot of stress in January because it would already be over and done with."

Southfield A&T 2018 OLB Christian Rush - "I think it impacts me well because it'll get more coaches to look at me quicker because I have good exposure already."

River Rouge 2018 SS Reggie Pearson - "I think its great for early enrollees like myself who knows what University I'm going too."

Carrollton 2018 WR/CB Ovauntay Vickers - "Well the national signing day period affects my recruiting process because now I have more time to make a decision on a school and if I'm locked on one school I can sign and be relieved of the whole process."

South Christian 2019 TE Spencer Holstege - "It doesn't have much impact at all to be honest. Depending on how I feel down the road in a couple years will determine it a little more for me."

Millington 2018 OLB Briar Bearss - "I think it will greatly benefit those 1 offer kids who get their dreams yanked from them when a new staff gets hired in January."

West Bloomfield 2018 WR/FS A.J Abbott - "It doesn't really affect my decision at all, when I'm ready to commit, I will make that decision and my goal is to be able to sign by December."

Goodrich 2018 LB/RB Drake Toms - "The new signing day period excites me because it's possible to formally commit early. Now I can potentially sign earlier giving me a more motivation to get my name out to colleges. The earlier I sign with a team the earlier I can get to work!"

Ortonville Brandon 2019 WR/CB Devin Krause - "I believe that the new national signing day periods is a benefit to my recruiting process. it gives me more time to think about the college I sign with."

Fraser 2018 WR/CB Kenneath Redd Jr. - "Honestly I think it's a great idea it gives recruiter two opportunities to sign, Recruits will have the chance to see where others sign in advance of making their decision."

Cedar Springs 2018 TE/DE Brandon Kramer - "I feel like the new system is what we needed. If you look at it, most D1 schools have nearly 90% of their recruiting done before their recruits take the field for their senior season. With this new system, those D1 guys get their own day all to themselves. They earned it. On the flip side, those players who aren't given the chance to play at the top level -the recruits going D2, NAIA, D3- get their own day in February along with some extra time to work towards more offers. I'm excited to see how this new system plays out. It's going to be a learning experience for everyone that should bring improvements to the classes coming up after mine."

Flint Carman-Ainsworth 2019 WR/CB Jakobe' Blount - "I feel like it brings more opportunities and chances to recruits and will give them a longer time to decide their decision."

Fraser 2018 OT/DT Conner Gajewski - "I think its a great concept, the people who know where they're going/committing already can sign in December, and then the athletes who aren't for sure or are waiting for other offers can sign in February, overall takes stress off of the players."

Richmond 2018 QB Chase Churchill - "I believe there is good and bad to the new signing day period. I believe that it'll give kids who can early enroll to their respected school can get a head start in the program they are committing to. But I also believe with the amount of de-commits there are today, what if one recruit signs during the first signing day period but then wants to de-commit?"

Watervliet 2018 DE/RB Bryant Kieft - "With the new early signing date I feel like the recruiting process is speeding up and schools are pushing to get information to and from athletes sooner before final decisions are being made."

Fenton 2020 RB Ricky Giltrop - "I feel it's one of the first rules put in place that actually benefits us recruits. It opens up opportunity to be seen and talk to coaches ahead of time."

Flint Carman-Ainsworth 2018 QB/WR/FS Marshall Brooks - "It does impact your recruiting process because when you commit, you lose interest from other colleges, but I feel as when you sign you should be 110% sure that you want to commit and sign with the college of your liking."

Davison 2018 RB Tariq Reid - "I think that's great for the recruits who already have their decisions made! Especially those who choose to enroll early. I still plan on signing in February so it shouldn't affect me."

Salem 2019 RB/LB Dez Dewberry - "If I get offered by the college that I plan on going to, then that would highly impact my decision to commit early."

Montrose 2018 OT Logan Rhyndress - "I believe that this new signing day will make colleges offer kids earlier then they have before. This will also give the kids an opportunity to sign early to their dream school. This additional signing is just a bonus for the athlete. It won't hurt them if they don't sign on that day. I am all for this early signing day."

Lapeer 2019 QB Brady Apple - "I like the idea of an early signing day.  If I'm lucky enough to get an offer to play college football, I'd rather get a jump start on my commitment and have a couple more months to get to know my future coaches and teammates.   Plus it will allow me to enjoy the end of my senior year and the winter sports season."

Seaholm 2018 WR/SS Vaishnav Siddapureddy - "It gives a much smaller window between the end of of my senior season to go on my officials and make a decision for my future. On the other hand, early signees could also make it easier to make a decision on where to take the officials."

Dakota 2018 DB/WR Kyle Mackey - "I feel it will help athletes get more opportunities because you will have two opportunities to sign and not get discouraged if you only have one chance to sign.  And don't sign with anyone you can still look for that, "second chance"

Ann Arbor Pioneer 2021 QB Conor Easthope - "It doesn't effect me but it could in the future. I think it is good for athletes to get it out of the way and not have to worry about it so they can concentrate on finishing off the school year and getting good grades."

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