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Monday, May 22, 2017

2nd Annual Macomb County Football Combine Top Performers and Highlights

South Lake / Mount Union graduate, B.J. Mitchell addresses participants

On Tuesday the Macomb Area Conference high school, L'Anse Creuse North hosted the 2nd annual Macomb Conference football combine/showcase.   The event brought in 200 soon to be seniors for a pre-camp season experience.  Overall a dozen colleges were represented with around 40 total coaches including head coaches from; Saginaw Valley State, Siena Heights, and Lawrence Tech.

L'Anse Creuse North 2018 OLB/S Myles McHaney was the biggest name in advance that was participating in the event.  McHaney holds an offer from Central Michigan and would be a next level OLB or Safety depending on his growth as he moves great on his feet and ball skills/coverage to be recruited at either.  Schools who recruit him an Linebacker don't need to look far to see how well he covers as he was a DB in his junior film.

Fitzgerald 2018 DE Giovanni Kizer was the biggest breakout in attendance as the 6'6" 225 pounder stood out from the word, go.  Kizer on 2nd look was a beast for Fitzgerald as a junior with 18 tackles for loss and 3 sacks.  Kizer has a ton intangibles to build around and the frame to add more weight.  Kizer is coached by former Penn State DE, C.J Olaniyan so you know he's learning good.

L'Anse Creuse North 2018 QB Blake Daniels has had a quiet off-season so far, but is still looking for his first offer.  Daniels should have left a lasting impression on each coaching staff there if a Division 1 school doesn't come after him.  Daniels has the size and grew into his body to round out his dual threat abilities.

Fraser 2018 WR Kenneath Redd was one of the more active receivers during the event as he was constantly fighting for reps and was by far the most consistent at the position.  Redd created separation nonstop and caught everything within his reach.

Richmond 2018 DE Colton McKiernan is 6'5" 210 lbs so his size alone creates buzz, but he performed well in everything he did to grab and keep eyes on him.  McKiernan is also a stud wrestler so we fully expect him to get a lot of attention for both sports.

Utica 2018 WR/CB Kavon Higdon could be recruited on both sides of the ball as the shifty and athletic playmaker selected to play offense during the camp.  Higdon displayed his explosive burst as well getting space between defenders and hauled in an impressive leaping catch during 1 on 1's.

Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski had a few nice routes and is sure handed.  Goralski had a route at one point during the camp that drew the loudest "ooh and aah" from participants.

De La Salle 2018 SS/OLB Brendan Madigan picked up his first Division 1-FCS equivalent offer from Columbia the week prior and showcased to the local schools his range in coverage and ball skills.

Fraser 2018 RB Chris Brown is a slot / RB combo so during the event he was able to catch the ball out of backfield well and make defenders miss or run past them as they were unbalanced.

Fraser 2018 WR/FS Noah Walker had little problems getting open and creating separation all day.  Lined up as CB in 1 on 1's when really a Safety and utilized length / speed to make up for lack of CB technique.

De La Salle 2018 RB Cordell Tannyhill Jr. is your every down type runningback so an event like this allows for bits and pieces to be shown.  Tannyhill was sharp in drills.

Chippewa Valley 2018 LB Brian Schieweck can also work at Safety, but has grown more into the linebacker role this off-season.  Schieweck performed well on 1 on 1's as opponents can problems with his physical attributes.

Warren Woods Tower 2018 CB/WR Jajuan Lovejoy broke away from the pack of defensive backs as he displayed good physical and cover skills.

De La Salle 2018 DB/LB Jordan Smith was a consistent defensive presence who went between coverage as a DB and LB.  Smith stood out quickly and had a good performance throughout.

L'Anse Creuse North 2018 K Bryan Plegue was bombing field goals from 40-50 yards out around coaches during the middle of the event.  He's one who we definitely figure will get looked at as a recruit.

Dakota 2018 OL Patrick Donovan is a towering lineman who should drawn attention from every school there.  Size and skill wise Donovan is there, so it's surprising things have been quiet for the Cougars lineman.

Utica 2018 OT Colin Motloch and his partner in crime Utica 2018 RT/DT Logan Wessel provide the size and muscle during the fall and both carried it over to the off-season.  Both should be recruited and both have the tools to transition to the interior OL as well.

De La Salle 2018 TE Cameron Crosby has great size for the position and moves good, but has remained under the radar despite being a pretty well known name.  An FCS or D2 school will be getting a very reliable traditional tight end.

Roseville 2018 DB/Slot Christion Calloway drew a lot of praise as well during the event.  One of a few standouts from what's appearing like a rejuvenated Roseville program.

Roseville 2018 DE/TE Mojave LittleJohn tested very well for his size among his position and was a standout in 1 on 1's.

L'Anse Creuse North 2018 LB/RB Jake Tocco was the first participant in registration and displayed good work in the drills and good performance in 1 on 1's.

De La Salle 2018 DE Nick Cominos versatile defensive lineman who could develop into a DT as well.  Had a 4.58 shuttle and received praise from the coaches in drills.

Fastest WR/DB's:
#1 tied:  Utica 2018 WR/CB Kavon Higdon - 4.43
#1 tied:  Dakota 2018 WR/DB Kelley Jeron - 4.43
#2:  Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski - 4.45
#3 tied:  Fraser 2018 WR Kenneath Redd - 4.48
#3 tied:  East Detroit 2018 WR/QB Tyrue Everett - 4.48
#4:  L'Anse Creuse North 2018 WR/RB Juan Lockhart - 4.51
#5:  Clintondale 2018 DB/WR Seth Maisano - 4.55

Fastest Agility WR/DB's:
#1:  L'Anse Creuse North 2018 WR/RB Juan Lockhart - 3.77
#2:  Dakota 2018 WR/DB Kelley Jeron - 4.08
#3:  Sterling Heights Stevenson 2018 WR Mike Mikha - 4.13
#4 tied:  Romeo 2018 WR/CB Nate Goralski - 4.19
#4 tied:  Warren Woods Tower 2018 WR/DB Xzavius Allen - 4.19
#5:  Clintondale 2018 WR/DB Deonte Higgins - 4.22

Fastest Lineman:
#1:  Fitzgerald 2018 DE Giovanni Kizer - 4.79
#2:  Roseville 2018 DE/TE Mojave LittleJohn - 4.83
#3:  Chippewa Valley 2018 DE John Edwards - 4.92
#4 tied:  Richmond 2018 DE Colton McKiernan - 4.95
#4 tied:  Warren Woods Tower 2018 DL/LB Donovan Wilson - 4.95
#5:  L'Anse Creuse North 2018 DL/LB Noah Karpinski - 4.97

Fastest Agility Lineman:
#1:  Sterling Heights Stevenson 2018 OL/DL Devin Zalovaka - 4.37
#2:  De La Salle 2018 DE Nick Cominos - 4.58
#3:  Fitzgerald 2018 DE Giovanni Kizer - 4.57
#4:  L'Anse Creuse North 2018 DL/LB Noah Karpinski - 4.63
#5:  Roseville 2018 DE/TE Mojave LittleJohn - 4.69

Fastest RB/LB/TE:
#1:  Sterling Heights Stevenson 2018 RB/WR Niko Ramsey - 4.48
#2:  Anchor Bay 2018 RB/DB Jake Paul - 4.49
#3:  East Detroit 2018 RB/WR Dajshawn Ferguson - 4.5
#4:  Henry Ford II 2018 RB/DB Kyle DiFillipi - 4.55
#5:  Sterling Heights 2018 RB/LB Jayven Phillips - 4.57

Fastest Agility RB/LB/TE:
#1:  Henry Ford II 2018 TE/DL Luke Heide - 4.21
#2:  L'Anse Creuse North 2018 RB/LB Darrius Turner - 4.28
#3:  Henry Ford II 2018 RB/DB Kyle DiFillipi - 4.29
#4:  L'Anse Creuse North 2018 OLB/S Myles McHaney - 4.32
#5:  Chippewa Valley 2018 LB Brian Schieweck - 4.33

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