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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2 years later, where are the players Akron offered as they approach senior year?

Today we look back two years ago, when Akron made every headline in the state for their barrage of verbal scholarship offers to several players in the Class of 2018 and 2019 in Michigan.  Akron was the first school to offer 8th graders and numerous freshman at the time, so this has sent waves through the state and now were beginning to see the outcome.

Take a back at our staffs perspective at the time
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Walled Lake Western 2019 QB Sam Johnson III
- Johnson transfers his junior season into Walled Lake Western and holds 13 offers.  Johnson has performed at a high level we feel as freshman and a sophomore, leading his previous high school, Southfield A&T into the playoffs 2 years in a row.

Akron offer date: 5/4/2015
Most recent offer: 4/13/2017
Total offers: 13

Oak Park 2019 QB "ATH" Dwan Mathis
- Mathis was ready to settle down in the recruiting process as the athletic specimen committed to Big 12 school, Iowa State in February, 2017.  Mathis played all over the field as a sophomore; from splitting reps at QB and playing WR and DB.  Mathis is a total package.

Akron offer date: 5/6/2015
Most recent offer: 12/6/2016
Total offers: 6

Madison 2019 QB Austin Brown
- Austin Brown had an extremely impactful freshman and sophomore season at Catholic Central as he led them into the playoffs to fall eventual champs, Romeo in 2015 and then again in 2016, but unfortunately Brown was injured in the semi-final game.  Brown will attend his local school in 2017 with a chance to be a 4-year varsity starter and improve his recruiting stock and continue to win.

Akron offer date: 5/6/2015
Most recent offer: 6/16/2016
Total offers: 3

Cass Tech 2018 DB/WR Kalon Gervin
- Gervin is the no-brainer of Akron to offer at that point, as he's the state's #1 recruit entering his senior year and recently decommitted from Notre Dame with 41 offers to now choose between.  Akron was the first offer to younger players at the time, as they offered Gervin in April.

Akron offer date: 4/27/2015
Most recent offer: 5/5/2017
Total offers: 41

Farmington Hills Harrison 2018 LB/DE "ATH" Ovie Oghoufo
- Oghoufo seemed like one who would get big fast and if he did not, would be an absolute steal for a non power 5 college.  Fortunately for Ovie he camped at Notre Dame last June and was offered the day before the camp.  He returned for another camp in July and committed the day of the camp.  A few schools offered Oghoufo during his junior season, but would say he's a firmly committed recruit.

Akron offer date: 5/5/2015
Most recent offer: 4/29/2017
Total offers: 21

Oak Park 2018 OL Marquan McCall
- McCall was a name that was being thrown a lot in the spring of 2015.  Akron came up clutch with his first offer in May and the floodgates came crushing down 1 month later when the University of Michigan offered the freshman.  McCall has quietly gone about his business landing big offers as he rose to 22 offers before committing to Kentucky last night.

Akron offer date: 5/6/2015
Most recent offer: 4/27/2017
Total offers: 22

Oak Park 2018 DB Robert Daniel
- Daniel still hasn't experienced the peak in his recruitment that he deserves, but the DB at this point, if nothing crazy happens, will make one MAC school extremely happy and be one of their top incoming recruits.  Akron was the first of 9 MAC schools to offer Daniel.  Camp season should raise his stock, if it doesn't a MAC school will get a steal.

Akron offer date: 5/6/2015
Most recent offer: 4/7/2017
Total offers: 10

Cass Tech 2018 WR Brandon Gray
- Gray was the first member in the class to be offered when Bowling Green State offered in April, 2015.  Gray who played JV at Cass Tech in 2014, transferred that off-season to Southfield for the 2015 and 2016 seasons where he continued to amass offers.  He transferred this year back to Cass Tech.  Ohio offered the same day as Akron back in May, 2015.

Akron offer date: 5/6/2015
Most recent offer: 3/2/2017
Total offers: 15

East English Village Prep 2018 OL/DL Tyrone Sampson
- Sampson looked every bit a Division 1 prospect following his freshman season on varsity at EEVPA. Akron definitely did their due diligence in evaluations as he wasn't known at all at the time by many.  Sampson has since racked up several offers and is a sure-fire college ready center.  Many consider Sampson the best center recruit in the country and he committed to Syracuse in April, 2017.

Akron offer date: 5/7/2015
Most recent offer: 4/17/2017
Total offers: 14

Saginaw Arthur Hill 2018 OT Jimmy Bell
- Bell is one of the toughest recruits to gauge as he's a football and basketball recruit.  He entertains offers from both sports.  In this scenario, football is the path that every Division 1-FBS offered recruit we recall in the last 7 years has taken, but Bell seemingly will end that trend.  Unless Bell gets out to 1-day camps at colleges, it's tough to see a bigger school entering the picture because they don't know what he wants to do either!

Akron offer date: 5/12/2015
Most recent offer: 5/8/2017
Total offers: 4 (4 for basketball as well)

Detroit King 2018 CB/WR Jaeveyon Morton
- Morton we assume had a "left to hang and dry" feeling following an 18-month hiatus in between offers.  Morton released his junior film following King's D2 title win and the following Monday, Syracuse offered immediately.  Since then 15 schools from the; MAC, Big 10, Big 12 and ACC
have offered and with camp season, would say things are wide open for the dynamic Crusaders playmaker.

Akron offer date: 5/12/2015
Most recent offer: 5/4/2017
Total offers: 17

River Rouge 2018 SS Reggie Pearson
- Pearson committed to Wisconsin really early in his process when he committed in the first week of the football season in 2016.  2 SEC schools offered since he committed in, Arkansas and Vanderbilt.  A lot of schools missed a instinctive and hard hitting safety for one reason, his height! Pearson certainly showed signs his freshman year of being a Division 1 recruit.

Akron offer date: 5/12/2015
Most recent offer: 4/12/2017
Total offers: 12

Detroit Central 2018 RB/LB Brandon Cooper
- Cooper unfortunately hasn't been able to pick where he left off as a freshman.  He didn't play his sophomore year at King.  Had a good season at Madison in 2016 with 28 touches for just under 200 yards and had 80+ tackles as a LB with 10 sacks.  Cooper will be at Detroit Central for his senior season.  Central coaches informed us Akron is still recruiting Cooper.

Akron offer date: 5/12/2015
Most recent offer: N/A
Total offers: 1

Ann Arbor Pioneer 2017 LB/RB Antjuan Simmons
- Simmons was a sophomore at the time, which was still quite rare for a player his age to be offered, but Akron was the 4th to do it at the time.  Simmons turned into a sure-fire elite prospect a month later and during his junior season everyone knew Simmons.  Simmons eventually committed to Ohio State before decommitting and he would wind up signing with Michigan State University this past Winter.

Akron offer date: 5/6/2015
Most recent offer: 3/25/2016
Total offers: 42

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