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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Legacy 7 on 7 Regular Season Wrap-up and State Finals Preview

John Paddock leads QB's in all stat categories

The Legacy 7 on 7 Football League wrapped its final week of the regular season before heading into a championship tournament this upcoming weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the 4th week of the season as the top of the pack got stronger and the other contenders flashed their consistencies and inconsistencies.

The Legacy 7 on 7 Football League will crown their 3rd State Champion in the last 3 years on Saturday.  Legacy Football is ran by Justin Cessante who makes sure the ship is sailing in the right direction, which it definitely is.  The state of participating in off-season development for football in Michigan is far behind other sports and completely has no ties to other sports in-season, so players can be dual-sport athletes and in some cases 4-sport athletes.  The Legacy Center provides an outlet for them to improve in the off-season with activities such as this, would it really be better for a kids health to sit and brainlessly stare at his TV or phone?

The league allowed all players as part of their fees to take ACT/SAT classes hosted by Total Student Athlete's Mike Kostoff during the season.  Legacy also had a partnership in a radio channel, the Coach Hop Show throughout the season and Sports in the D video service. Other highlights include recruiting consultation by long-term writer, Dave Berk and allowed for independent media such as, The D Zone and other recruiting writers, such as Allen Trieu of to perform their tasks.

The day will start off at 12 pm with the National Anthem, Team Awards, etc, before each team gets one game and then it's single elimination.  The single elimination should begin between 2:30 and 3 pm as there are 20 teams participating in the league, so once those 10 games are done, things will get intense as it's lose and go home.

Before we go in-depth we thank the following 5 players for their time for these major interviews that have received a lot of attention and shares across our social media outlets.

Also we thank everyone who has gotten their free The D Zone backdrop picture which we use to identify players as well as college coaches who are able to easily identify prospects at their camp and other recruit events because a kid took 5-10 seconds to get his picture taken.  We thank everyone who has allowed this to be possible.

Feature Interview / Story with: Divine Child 2018 QB Theo Day
- Day recently committed to Michigan State University and is the most impressive QB prospect we've seen in at least several years.
Feature Interview / Story with: Muskegon Catholic Central 2020 WR/S "ATH" Cameron Martinez
- Young and talented Division 8 player who received offer from Central Michigan before being in high school.  A top performer in league and Camp Pride.
Feature Interview / Story with: West Bloomfield 2020 WR/DB Christian Fitzpatrick
- Another young player who received offer before playing in high school.  Has a great football family, his Dad - Greg, running WR Nation and brother Desmond at Louisville
Feature Interview / Story with: Saint Mary's 2018 QB Caden Prieskorn
- Prieskorn led St. Mary's to a win over Muskegon in the Division 3 title in 2016 with a touchdown pass with 4 seconds remaining.  What more you need to know besides he has 1 more year left?
Feature Interview / Story with: Saginaw 2018 OLB/DE NeVen Simington
- A bright spot in Saginaw, which has been decimated by the economy and hard-times in recent years, he's the first Saginaw player to be offered since 2010.

BOLDED - Represents a 2018 or younger player to keep eyes out for who in our unbiased perspective is top player on his team.

Theo Day - Divine Child

Legacy Navy which is consolidated team of top kids all over from the Legacy Program are the defending champions and a week after losing their spark on offense, Lansing Sexton 2018 Slot Cody Blankenburg were back to pure form.  Divine Child 2018 QB Theo Day won another weekly team MVP award for his phenomenal play at the QB position.  Day recently committed to Michigan State is arguably the best football player in the league and will be a key reason why Navy will repeat as Champions, if they do.  Lansing Catholic 2018 QB Mike Lynn and Saline 2018 QB Jason McGovern have near identical stats and both have 10 touchdowns thrown, but McGovern has a few more competitions which totaled his completion percentage to 77% which is the highest in the league.  Fowlerville 2017 WR Braden Shrader leads the team with 28 catches for 9 touchdowns and not far behind him also top 10 in the league is Brighton 2018 WR Rudy Ramirez with 23 catches and 10 touchdowns which is tied for #1 overall in the league.

Defensively Navy is solid all-around as well with Detroit Catholic Central 2018 LB Isaac Darkangelo who holds a few early D2 offers.  Darkangelo moves well for his size in space.  Country Day 2018 DB Isaiah Johnson is a big play waiting to happen as well.  A long, lengthy, and fluid defensive back in every regard, when in tune is very tough to pick on.  Livonia Franklin 2018 DB/WR Keion Harris is another strong DB with a balanced skill-set and knack for the ball.  Pinckney 2018 CB/WR Nick Cain won week 4 defensive honors.

Theodore Johnson - Holy Names, ONT

Bridging the Gap A out of Canada is 11-1 and won the title 2 years ago.  They have a host of playmakers who lost last year in the quarterfinals on the last play, so expect them back.  Mike Beale of Herman was the teams week 4 MVP on offense and Mike Herzog of Holy Names on defense.

Darrius Adkins - Detroit Central

Legacy Black East was a bottom team in 2016, but a year later is a totally different story.  Walled Lake Northern 2020 WR Ethan Hradil had a big week 4 with offensive honors with consistent big plays and was full of energy - through 4 weeks is placed in the top 15 of league receivers with 20 receptions.  Detroit Central 2018 DB Leotis Briggs was week 4 defensive MVP.  Overall, Detroit Central 2018 Slot D.J. Adkins is the spark of the team who is tied for a league high 31 receptions and also has 7 touchdowns.  Legacy Black East's Lake Orion 2018 Slot/CB Jon Haggitt isn't far behind Hradil 19 catches and also 3 touchdowns.

Justin Thomas - Walled Lake Western

WR Nation has the most active quarterback in the league in Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock.  Paddock along with Walled Lake Western 2019 QB Sam Johnson III lead WR Nation, but through 4 weeks, Paddock has amassed over 100 passing attempts which is 30% higher than the #2 QB who has 71.  Paddock has a 68% passing completion percentage with a league high 18 touchdowns with 1 just interception. Paddock's top target is Walled Lake Western 2018 WR Justin Thomas who despite not having inflated stats like other receivers, doesn't play as much as his team rotates all players at once, one week we counted over 15 different players on the team get reps at receiver, so despite just 17 catches for 4 touchdowns Thomas has to be in discussion along with Paddock for entire league MVP. EDIT:  We found what appears to be a typo as numerous sources has said Thomas has at least 10 touchdowns, even that he had 4 in 1 game.  Thomas has a phenomenal back shoulder diving catch in the endzone that he cleanly put both feet down for a touchdown this week which very few if any players in the league would make.  Novi 2018 WR/CB Traveon Maddox is a freak athlete with plenty of upside.  He's tearing it up on the hardwood and that has slowed down his recruiting process, but is starting to get his name out.  Allen Park 2018 WR/FS Austin Dietz is a lengthy player who won defensive MVP honors and seems a better fit defensively as he moves well in space from the Safety position.  West Bloomfield 2020 WR/DB Christian Fitzpatrick has 4 catches for 2 touchdowns, but has been utilized in a LB role due to how well he moves.

Brady Vis - South Christian

Legacy Kalamazoo made a deep run last year and with a senior heavy roster, should be back in position for it again.  South Christian 2017 WR Brady Vis who is signed with Concordia, Ann Arbor was week 4 offensive MVP and leads the team overall with 20 receptions and 7 touchdowns.  If you put the ball around him, more times than not he'll haul in a reception.  Tri-unity 2017 WR/DB Braydon Sherrod has also been dominant on both sides of the ball with 16 catches for 6 touchdowns.  To us he's a realistic possibility for league MVP.   South Christian 2018 S/WR Fletcher Hulst wrapped up weekly defensive honors and his teammate, South Christian 2017 WR/CB Tariq Williams is also a key piece to the team.

Patrick Tesho - Royal Oak

Michigan Next Level had a controversial finish and did last year late in the season as well.  They'll look to put it behind them, as they did last year as they eventually reached the semi-finals.  Next Level has two nice QB's in; Saint Mary's 2018 QB Caden Prieskorn and Cranbrook-Kingswood 2018 QB Trevor McConnell.  Prieskorn might also be the biggest player on the team, is a big play threat in 3rd down / red zone situations.  He caught a jump with ease in the end zone in 1 game Saturday.   Royal Oak 2018 S/RB Patrick Tesho rules the secondary as he's a quick, fluid slider, and reactive Safety who can routinely make big plays / be a ball-hawk Safety.  Melvindale 2020 WR/CB David Carter had a nice day catching the ball earning offensive honors and Loyola 2018 CB Jimmie Chappell had a huge day on defensive with a big time interception that showcased his closing speed and a Safety as well.

Next Level along with Legacy White, Legacy East Red, Legacy Detroit, and Michigan Elite B all hold 7-5 records and can't be counted out.

Abraham Jaafar - Fordson

Legacy White is headlined by Fordson 2019 ATH Abraham Jaafar, who is a young, but phenomenal athlete who will be utilized in the Slot and RB in offense with explosiveness and a great deal of shiftiness.  He took home defensive honors this week as hasn't played any DB up until this off-season, but has made great strides defensively.  Offensively Brighton 2018 TE Justin Klaus brought home offensive MVP honors.  Wyandotte Roosevelt 2018 QB Richie Miller leads at QB with 62% completion percentage and 9 touchdowns, in week 1 he had 5 touchdowns.

Zach Scott - Clarkston

Legacy East Red was in a similar position last year, before they turned it on late and eventually fell to Navy in the finals.   Lake Orion 2019 WR Brandon Robinson brought home MVP honors in week 4 and North Farmington 2020 WR/DB Myles Gresham had defensive MVP honors.  Clarkston 2019 LB/WR Max Nicklin has emerged as a big-play threat for Red, as he continuously makes big plays.  Legacy Red has a few talented LB's, but perhaps none are more versatile in their roles than Clarkston 2018 OLB/TE Zach Scott, who moves very well in his role.  Clarkston 2018 WR/DB Mike Fluegel is another great athlete and has shown he can constantly make big plays.  We're looking forward to seeing him close out the season. Seaholm 2018 WR/S Nick Lang is a nice player with a few physical tools and good instincts. He plays at a very high level which often indicates a playmaker.

Reggie Pearson - River Rouge

Legacy Detroit is loaded with talent and stacked with River Rouge talent.  River Rouge 2018 DE Lee Payton had week 4 offensive MVP honors as the versatile skill player can line up at receiver and not skip a beat, making him one of the best TE's anywhere you look.  Payton's teammate, River Rouge 2019 WR/CB Corry Thomas is #5 overall in the league with 25 catches and has 3 touchdowns as he possesses blistering speed. Thomas will continue to develop into a highly sought after defensive back in the long term.  Detroit King 2019 WR/DB Rayshawn Williams had a big day defensively with honors, as the King speedster is all over the place and has good size to move around.  River Rouge 2018 S Reggie Pearson who is committed to Wisconsin is top 20 in the league with 15 catches and 5 touchdowns.  He had a big game winning catch in week 2. Seaholm 2019 QB Gray Kinnie has been one of the biggest pleasant surprises in the league this year, as he is top 10 among QB's with a 66% completion percentage and 9 touchdowns.

El-Julian Jordan - Detroit Central

Michigan Elite B surprisingly has outdone their A team, but is hardily shocking as Michigan Elite is well regarded and gets their guys right.  Wyandotte Roosevelt 2018 WR Andrew Murasky had MVP honors as the receiver constantly made plays along with good passes from Detroit Central 2018 QB El-Julian Jordan.  Seaholm 2018 WR/DB Vaish Siddapureddy took home defensive honors as the Maples versatile athlete does a little bit of everything right, making himself a valuable piece to his squad.

Just two 6-6 teams, but their records point to Legacy Saginaw Maroon and Legacy Green West being much better than 6-6 indicates.

Ovauntay Vickers - Carrollton

Legacy Saginaw Maroon had 5 losses occur in the final minute of their games.  Saginaw Nouvel 2018 QB Tate Hausbeck has caught fire in the league with the 2nd most touchdowns of 15.  He has 68% completion percentage, his 48 completions are 3rd most in the league.  His top target varies as they have 3 studs in; Carrollton 2018 WR/DB Ovauntay Vickers, Northern Michigan signee - Saginaw MLS 2017 WR/DB Casey Williams, and Mount Pleasant 2018 WR/DB Jayden Perry, who had week 4 offensive honors.  Legacy Maroon QB, Hemlock 2018 QB Kade Peters is tied for third most touchdowns with 10. EDIT:  We've been informed by several sources that Peters actually had 13 touchdowns.  Saginaw MLS 2017 WR/DB Casey Williams is #3 overall in the league with 27 catches for 8 touchdowns.  Mount Pleasant 2018 WR/DB Jayden Perry has 13 catches for 3 touchdowns to round out the Maroon attack.  Carrollton 2018 WR/DB Ovauntay Vickers earned week 4 defensive honors has 6 catches and 2 touchdowns through the year.  Vickers is a big bodied, big playmaker who will come up clutch and showed this year his big play ability.  Saginaw 2018 OLB/DE NeVen Simington obviously is one to watch as well as he's a freak in coverage for his size, he holds a Central Michigan offer.

Cam Martinez - Muskegon Catholic Central

Legacy West White has two of the top quarterbacks in the league in Northwester commit - Rockford 2018 QB Jason Whittaker and Muskegon 2018 QB Ladarius Jefferson.  The two spread the ball around and Jefferson has lined up at TE/WR to take snaps too to add to the offensive attack.  South Christian's Quentin Henry took home MVP honors in week 4 and has 21 catches for the season.  Coopersville 2017 LB Jake Domanski had MVP honors defensively as the LB moves well and covers space good.  The Green defense works much better with a healthy Muskegon Catholic Central 2020 ATH Cameron Martinez in it.  The Freshman moves very well and covers ground quickly in his Safety position.

5-7 teams:

Josh Czarnota - Fenton

Legacy Flint - Offensive MVP was Fenton 2018 QB Josh Czarnota who is tied #3 overall with 10 touchdown passes, his top receiver has been Flint Powers 2019 LB/WR Joe Zorn who is tied with #1 overall with 10 total touchdown receptions.  Also adding to tally of great QB play on Flint is Flushing 2018 QB Cal Endicott who has 8 touchdowns thrown.  Defensive honors for the week were won by Flint Powers 2018 LB/SS Julian Wiggins.  Flint Carman-Ainsworth 2019 WR/CB De'Shawn Gibson has had a great year as well as he has great hands and been relied upon to make difficult plays.

Bridging the Gap B upset their A team earlier in the year, so can't be overlooked despite record.  Dylan Earnish of Herman was offensive MVP and Aaron Masoquoi also from Herman had the defensive MVP.

4-8 teams:

Susu Davenport - Godwin Heights

Legacy West Green - Offensive MVP in week 4 was West Catholic 2018 WR/DB Zaavon Scott and Defensive MVP in week 4 - Coopersville Devin Smith.  Godwin Heights 2018 Susu Davenport has the 2nd most completions in the league with 49 along with 7 touchdowns.  Thornapple Kellogg 2021 TE/DE Jake DeJong arose as a big play threat this year for the Green team.  He's entering high school next year and definitely one to remember.  Orchard View 2018 RB "ATH" Jayden Day is explosive playmarker for Legacy Green, looking for a big senior season from him.

Karl Brooks - Lansing Sexton

Legacy Lansing - Offensive MVP in week 4 was Fowlerville's Andrew McFadden and Defensive MVP was Carson Daniels of Brooklyn Columbia Central.  Legacy Lansing's top target with will be Lansing Sexton 2018 WR/OLB Karl Brooks and defensively Lumen Christi's 2018 CB/RB Sebastian Toland has been near impossible to throw on.

3-6 team:*
Kendrick Stanley - Wyandotte Roosevelt

We're not sure how Michigan Elite's A team wound up with just 9 games, but that's what the information we're presented with lists.  Detroit King 2018 WR/DB/LB Erik Gibson won the weekly honors on offense as he is a constant big play threat and utilizes his body well.  Defensively the award went to Wyandotte Roosevelt 2018 WR Kendrick Stanley who also played defense to earn the honors.  We like Stanley a lot on the offensive side of the ball, as he's a big receiver and moves very well.  He's constantly making life difficult for opposing defenders as few can match his speed and physicality. Walled Lake Western 2020 WR Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen is definitely another 2020 kid to keep close tabs on as he's grown extremely well in both height, maturity, and overall skill. He started as a Freshman for WLW as they reached the D2 finals. Keep an eye out for him as he'll turn a bad throw into a great catch.

2-10 team:

Carter Grove - Midland

Legacy Saginaw Maroon is young and overall inexperienced so you wouldn't expect them to be near the top, but if this team stays together for another 2 years, the results will be scary. Midland 2019 WR/FS Carter Grove is a phenomenal young talent, who put himself on the map this year and anyone with a working brain will be watching him closely as a Junior and Season in the Fall. For week 4 the top offensive player award went to Frankenmuth's Nick Hartman.  Defensively their top player again was Chesaning 2019 WR/DB Brady Frasier who may have won the the award every week and it's for good reason, as he has good physical tools, ball skills, and moves!

1-11 teams:

Brock Horne - Romeo

Legacy Macomb has faced inconsistencies all season, but two have really stood out and will surely be team overall MVP's when awards for teams are announced on Saturday.  Romeo 2019 LB/RB Brock Horne has been very tough for opposing quarterbacks to deal with as he has 6'2" height and moves well at 211 lbs so QB's have been reluctant to throw over top of him as he covers so much air and ground at the MLB position that very few others in his position can do.  Offensively Fraser 2018 WR Kenneath Redd has been the bright spot offensively as he's the spark of the offense as both a short short route runner and vertically.  Redd has good physical tools and good hands to constantly make plays and move the chains, he has 22 catches for the season.  Chippewa Valley 2018 WR/TE Jon'Naize Owens won week 4 MVP honors as he uses his size to his advantage and moves well.  Chippewa Valley 2019 RB/LB Kavin Williams had week 4 defensive MVP honors with a good day in coverage.

Logan Tobel - Hartland

Legacy Gray's only win will easily be the game where the play of the league occurred.  Ithaca 2021 QB Brady Hessbrook lofted a pass in the endzone and Hartland 2020 WR/DB Logan Tobel was not going to let it fall incomplete as he stretched out with 1-hand to make the catch.  The play made its round to ESPN Top 10 plays for the night at #9.  Tobel has been the only consistent bright spot for a young as he's near the top of standings in catches with 31 which is good for #2 overall.  Livonia Franklin 2020 QB Jacob Kelbert had week 4 offensive MVP honors and Detroit Catholic Central's defensive MVP was Troy McKee.

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