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Monday, March 6, 2017

Feature Interview / Story with: West Bloomfield 2020 WR/DB Christian Fitzpatrick

West Bloomfield 2020 WR/DB Christian Fitzpatrick burst onto everyone's radar before playing a snap of high school football.  Fitzpatrick who was on his first visit as a high school student to Louisville when the Cardinals shocked Christian with his first offer back in August 2016.  Christian's older brother, Desmond Fitzpatrick signed and enrolled at Louisville in 2016, so the connection and familiarity was already in place as the younger Fitzpatrick has visited numerous times as a family member while in middle school.  Illinois later offered Fitzpatrick in November after his Freshman/JV season ended.

Fitzpatrick plays on WR Nation's 7 on 7 which was formed by his father, Greg Fitzpatrick as a program to sharpen skills of wide receivers.  The 7 on 7 itself is played in the Legacy 7 on 7 League and with a host of receivers such as Christian Fitzpatrick have rose to the top of the standings, as just the previous week they upset the defending champions, Legacy Navy.  Fitzpatrick discussed his experience thus far in the Legacy 7 on 7 League, "the experience has been really nice, especially since it's my first year of playing 7 on 7. So being out here, it being really organized and stuff. It's a good experience."

Fitzpatrick wasn't just handed the keys to a varsity starting spot, let alone even on varsity as a Freshman.  West Bloomfield plays in a very deep and competitive OAA Red division and is a Division 1 playoff team, so it's not always a great idea to put a Freshman in a tough hole.  Fitzpatrick shared his reflection of his first year of high school on Freshman and JV, "my first year of high school was a good experience with West Bloomfield. We did very good during the season.  I was playing receiver and a lot of Safety. I could tell our varsity is a lot of passing, so I'm looking forward to that next year."

West Bloomfield has earned a reputation for being one of the most tight knit programs in the state in recent years and that trend will continue with a new wave of players coming up in the system that work well together and respect each other.  Fitzpatrick discussed his off-season routine with his team, "we have some off-season stuff for our football team, just getting to know my quarterback - Byrce Veasley, he's real cool, a good leader so just being around him a bit has been a good experience."

Fitzpatrick will also have an incredible talent to line up next to in practice and in games in 2017 with 2018 WR Taj Mustapha. Fitzpatrick analyzed playing with Mustapha, "just following him in a lot of drills and especially this off-season in receiver drills he'll show me everything. It's good to know he's around."

Christian won't get to play any high school ball with his older brother, Desmond but that doesn't mean he wasn't admiring and learning from his older brother, as he now applies his past experiences, "it's been really cool, seeing how everything goes, seeing how Desmond's work ethic has been to see where he's at and just to try to follow everything he's done. It's been very hard, but I've been trying to get to it."

Christian Fitzpatrick gets to be in a very unique situation as most players his age aren't even near earning an offer, let alone college interest.  Fitzpatrick described his feelings once Louisville came through with his first offer, "it was surprising, I was excited because I never really saw it coming, just knowing that hard work really paid off, but I have to keep working to actually go to the school. It's just really exciting."

Fitzpatrick expanded on one key point, which he said himself, "I have to keep working to actually go to the school." Fitzpatrick clearly understands he has a long way to go, "none of the offers really means a lot until my junior year.  I just have to be good enough my junior and senior year to sign with a team and I have to work hard for every off-season to get to these goals."

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