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Monday, February 27, 2017

Southfield A&T 2020 RB/OLB Damond Hardwick Player Profile and Interview

  • High School:
    • Southfield A&T
  • Graduation Year:
    • 2020
  • Primary Position:
    • RB
  • Secondary Position (s):
    • OLB
  • Height:
    • 5'6"
  • Weight:
    • 135 lbs
  • Anticipated Major:
    • Undecided
  • Experience:
    • 1 year of freshman 
  • Stats:
    • Freshman stats
      • Offensive stats- 52 carries for 515 yards, 4 touchdowns.
      • Defensive stats- 42 tackles, I interception, 1 force fumble, 2 fumble recoveries.
  • Colleges that you are interested in:
    • University of Michigan 
    • Ohio State University 
    • Western Michigan 
    • University of Wisconsin
  • Intangibles:
    • I am very competitive, I make sure my team as well as myself know what we're doing on the field. I don't get down on myself if I mess up on a play because I know there's always next play.
  • How I play the game:
    • I am a smart player. I pay close attention to the offense and defense and how they line up.. I'm very aggressive and a hard hitter.. I'm also coachable and a quick learner as in terms of plays.
  • Outlook on High School Football and its experiences
    • Looking past on my first year of high school football I did pretty good. For my team I was named offensive player of the week for 3 weeks out of 9, and defensive player of the week 4 times out of 9. I plan to play all 4 years of high school and get offers from many colleges. Then Pursuing into college playing for the college i attend and then going to the NFL. 
  • Discuss the potential opportunity or the opportunity of playing on the next level
    • Playing on the next level interests me. I would want the coach to know that I'm coachable and can adjust easy. I also am willing to help any player whether it be plays or anything different.
  • Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous
    • Offensive player of the week for 3 weeks out of 9 
    • Defensive player of the week for 4 weeks out of 9
    • Twitter:  @D1Mond_

HUDL Highlights

  • Lake Forest camp - 6/10/2017

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