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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trenton 2018 RB/CB Will Mrla Player Profile and Interview

  • High School:
    • Trenton
  • Graduation Year:
    • 2018
  • Primary Position:
    • RB
  • Secondary Position (s):
    • CB and SB
  • Height:
    • 5'8"
  • Weight:
    • 165 lbs
  • Anticipated Major:
    • Undecided
  • Experience:
    • 1 year of freshmen, 1 year of JV, 1 year of Varsity (on varsity for playoffs JV year)
  • Stats:
    • Freshmen- 4 touchdowns 
    • JV-  10 touchdowns, 900 yards rushing 
    • Varsity- 1 rushing touchdown on 8 carries for 40 yards, 8 receptions 45 yards, 4 tackles with 1 sack, 200 kick return yards
  • Colleges that you are interested in:
    • Albion
    • Concordia, Ann Arbor 
    • Wayne State
    • Grand Valley State
    • Siena Heights
  • Intangibles:
    • I am a smart football player and have been playing football since I was 8 years old so I am very familiar with the game and use my mind as a weapon on the field. I use my speed and quickness to my advantage and I am able to make cuts on the fly quickly. I am a tough player because I am not the biggest guy but I will never let that affect me. I hit the whole hard and run hard with the ball and always try to go north and south. I try to be the best blocking back that I can be also. I can also play receiver and run routes and make catches as I was in the slot a lot this past season. I also can kick return and I can get yards by never slowing down to dance with defenders I make my cuts while sprinting and always keep moving. I will always give 110% while I am on the field. I will always work hard and continue to try to improve as a player.
  • How I play the game:
    • I play football smart and I always go 110% while on the field and will work very hard in the offseason and in practice to improve on the field. I try to be a very coachable player and listen to my coaches. I play fast and try my best to fly around the field while still being under control and being smart. I read blocks and read defenses and recognize coverages and try to use my mind to help me in football. I play tough and try to never lay on the field and I will always get up after getting hit. I am not afraid to run at kids who are bigger than me and will  take on any adversity that is thrown at me.
  • Outlook on High School Football and it's experiences
    • My high school football experience has been great. High School football has taught me life lessons that I will never forget and it teaches you how to have someone's back and is a brotherhood. I have wanted to play high school football ever since I could remember and it's great that I get to live out my dream. In the future I hope to play college football and earn all league honors. But mostly I hope to make the playoffs my senior year and make a run in the playoffs and prove that we are a good football team and improve as a player and teammate.
  • Discuss the potential opportunity or the opportunity of playing on the next level
    • I am very interested in playing football at the college level. It has always been my dream and I will work as hard as I can to reach this dream. All I have ever wanted to do is play football and I can't wait to prove myself this season. I would want a college coach to know that even though I am not the biggest or strongest player, I will work the hardest and never quit and continuously give my best effort in whatever I do. 
  • Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous
    • Twitter:  @Will_Mrla 

HUDL Highlights

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