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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The D Zone 2017 Pre-Season, Class of 2018 Recruiting Rankings, #1-5

The D Zone staff on this report consisted of; Branden Hunter, Evan Paputa, and Jeff Corrion compiled a list of players we felt were worthy to be named the top 5 prospects in the Class of 2018 following their junior seasons and before camp season kicks off in 2017 with a massive Camp Pride on January 7th, 2017.  Once our lists were finalized we made our suggestions for; #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5.  There were times when we had no issues with each other and then things became more intense.  We look forward to seeing most, if not all of the players at Camp Pride and more in the future, as all 5 hold theirselves in great regards on and off of the field.

1. Cass Tech 2018 CB Kalon Gervin
Overview:  The D Zone's #1 prospect following the season is Cass Tech 2018 CB Kalon Gervin who has been a major contributor since his Freshman season for a deep Cass Tech defense.  Gervin's most recent offer was from Florida, but also holds offers from; California, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Penn State, Tennessee, West Virginia, and 20 other offers for a total of 28.

Jeff Corrion - "To me a very balanced CB, who has moved around through his first 3 seasons, overcoming a lot of adversity to constantly remain a key piece in a loaded defense every year.  As a Junior, you could make a strong case that Gervin was the teams best defensiveback (Which included: Donovan Johnson, Jaylen Kelly-Powell, Will Reid, and Donovan Peoples-Jones) as teams rarely bothered throwing his way, else Gervin was making a play on the ball."

Evan Paputa - "Gervin is a physical corner that enjoys contact. He jams well at the line of scrimmage and runs well with receivers."

Branden Hunter - "Bigger and more physical than your typical Cass Tech cornerback, at about 6-0, Gervin was rarely tested this past season. And when he was, he deflected 14 passes and intercepted one. He also has track speed."

2. Divine Child 2018 DE/LT Aidan Hutchinson
Overview:  Hutchinson's first offer was from LSU, which as you would expect brought a lot of eyes to him.  Hutchinson's recruiting process has not been the same since as he now holds 10 offers including; Boston College, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin. Hutchinson anchored the Lines of one the best teams in school history that upset Loyola to win the division in week 9 and reach the D3 semi-finals.

Jeff Corrion - "Any time you're 6'6" and 235 lbs a lot of eyes will look your way, but when you have the work ethic and blood that Hutchinson has (Son of former 1992 All-American, Chris Hutchinson who played at the University of Michigan) there's a reason he has experienced a lot of success on the field.  Hutchinson displays tremendous point of contact with defenders and possesses a game-changing pass rushing / tackling abilities."

Evan Paputa - "Hutchinson hits like a defensive lineman, but runs like a hybrid linebacker. Coming from the edge, he is good at getting into the backfield."

Branden Hunter - "Son of former Michigan standout Chris Hutchinson, Aiden has prototypical size for a strong-side defensive end, and hits like one. He is very athletic for a player his size and position."

3. Farmington Hills Harrison 2018 OLB/DE "ATH" Ovie Oghoufo
Overview:  The Notre Dame commit is a jack of all traits for the Harrison Hawks.  Oghoufo possesses game-changing abilities on both sides of the ball.  On defense, Oghoufo is just as dominant as a down lineman at DE or as an OLB and then he doesn't skip a beat on offense as a receiver.  Oghoufo committed to Notre Dame over 19 other schools.

Jeff Corrion - "At this point in time, it appears the best fit on the next level for Oghoufo is OLB, as his 6'3" 210 lbs-ish size is an ideal fit, but he very well could develop into a DE. What makes Oghoufo so special is athletism to allow us to have these debates of where he'll dominate at in the future."

Evan Paputa - "Oghoufo is an ultra-athletic outside linebacker that moves really well from sideline to sideline. He has above average coverage skills that are safety-esque."

Branden Hunter - "From first glance, Oghoufo does not look like a linebacker. He still has a slim build, but is a sideline to sideline player, and will come up and hit you. As athletic as a linebacker you will see,"

4. East English Village 2018 OC/DT Tyrone Sampson
Overview:  Sampson is regarded as one of the best offensive centers in his graduating class and film is an easy explanation why.  Sampson's recruiting process was fueled by an Akron offer after his Freshman season in a period that sent shockwaves across the country as in the time frame, Akron offered several underclassman players and a few kids who were in middle school at the time.

Jeff Corrion - "Big, strong, physical, and quick-footed lineman who has dominated in everything he has done since being in high school.  Sampson is a lineman who film demonstrates can control the line of scrimmage, especially the interior."

Evan Paputa - "It doesn't take long to notice what makes Sampson so good. His combination of size and strength is perfectly complimented by above average athleticism."

Branden Hunter - "I have rarely seen Sampson lose an offensive rep in a game or at a camp. He's a wide lineman, and as powerful and strong as they come. Once he gets his hands on you, your day is done."

5. River Rouge 2018 SS Reggie Pearson
Overview:  The Wisconsin commit brings a lot to the table from the Safety position.  Pearson as a Sophomore and Junior has been very close to lights out, as the Panthers have reached to new heights with Pearson being the starting SS.  Pearson committed following his first game of the season in 2016 over 9 other offers at the time and was offered by Arkansas a week later.

Jeff Corrion - "Coaches and other media may be looking into Pearson's 5'11" height a bit too much that his kept his name quieter than it should be.  Pearson flies around the field, especially sideline-to-sideline.  Pearson also has a nice build and is very physical, he doesn't lose much of a beat in coverage either as he has good ball skills."

Evan Paputa - "Pearson has excellent hands and ball skills. Every motion he makes flows and just looks natural."

Branden Hunter - "Pearson may not be the biggest safety, but he is the biggest hitter in the state. His coverage skills have vastly improved over the years, and Pearson is also a standout in the classroom."

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