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Friday, January 27, 2017

Michigan High School Football Transfer Explosion Kicks off 2017

As the semester ends, one of the biggest bulk transfers of Michigan High School players has occurred that we've noticed.  Several high profile transfers have left their previous school and are undertaking new journeys while there are several more that join a crowded field.

For the record, it's not our responsibility or problem kids and/or their families choose to move or transfer.  We understand everyone wants to be a judge of someone else and their life, but we'll stick to calling things how they are - without adding personal judgement, etc.

Our only agenda is to promote the communities of Michigan and the individual accomplishments for these players.  For hundreds of the players in Michigan, The D Zone is their own publicity they get and if utilized is a huge boost of exposure.

Walled Lake Western 2019 QB Sam Johnson III is the headline news article in the state this week with this transfer, as he exits Southfield.  Johnson made headlines as an 8th grader when Akron offered him. Since that time Sam has earned 12 offers.

Madison 2019 QB Austin Brown made history at Catholic Central as he led them to the state finals in 2016 before an injury ended his season in their semi-final game.  Brown was also one of the players Akron offered as an 8th grader and he's been nothing shy of productive.  Brown's father is the AD at Madison and his brother will be an incoming Freshman.

Cass Tech 2018 WR Brandon Gray holds 13 offers and returns to Cass Tech where he played JV as a Freshman before leaving to Southfield.  Gray's offers in his Freshman - Sophomore off-season were based off his JV film which doesn't happen often.

Cass Tech 2018 DE Andre Carter holds 14 offers and comes from Southfield HS.

Cass Tech 2019 RB Lewis Nichols holds 2 offers and comes Southfield HS.

Cass Tech 2019 RB Marcellus Gaines is another who is overdue for his first offer, he'll come from Brother Rice who doesn't have a head coach at this point.

Cass Tech 2019 QB/FS "ATH" Jalen Graham led Country Day to the D4 final as a Sophomore.  Will be interesting to see if he remains a good high school quarterback or as a receiver.

Walled Lake Western 2019 DL/OL Spencer Brown changes school within his district as he previously attended Walled Lake Northern and is overdue for an offer.

De La Salle 2019 S/WR/LB Jacob Dobbs and 2018 DE/LB Nick Cominos are 2 of 3-4 Dakota players who will now be at De La Salle HS.

River Rouge 2018 DT/OG Darrell Williams holds 3 offers and comes from Robichaud HS.

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