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Monday, January 9, 2017

Lamphere 2019 K/P/LB/OG Neenos Gorgis Player Profile and Interview

  • High School:
    • Lamphere
  • Graduation Year:
    • 2019
  • Primary Position:
    • K
  • Secondary Position (s):
    • P, LB, and OG
  • Height:
    • 5'11"
  • Weight:
    • 180 lbs
  • Anticipated Major:
    • Business
  • Experience:
    • 1 year of Jv
  • Stats:
    • 45 tackles, 3 pass breakups, 3 sacks
  • Colleges that you are interested in:
    • Central Michigan
    • Western Michigan
    • Michigan
    • Michigan State
  • Intangibles:
    • What separates me from the field is my sportsmanship, my effort and my motivation. I try my hardest to do my best and exceed on the field and off. My main focus is being the best I can be and more.
  • How I play the game:
    • I play the game of football with my knowledge. I play it hard and no matter the competition I never stop trying.
  • Outlook on High School Football and it's experiences
    • High school has definitely been the best time of my life. Football has opened a new way to enjoy a competitive sport and it definitely has changed the way I look at sports.
  • Discuss the potential opportunity or the opportunity of playing on the next level
    • I would love to play football at the next level. It very well interests me and I would love to surround myself with people that try just as hard as I do to play the sport.
  • Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous
    • JV MVP
    • I can't wait to play football next year under our new head coach and motivated players. .
    • Twitter:  @neenos_gorgis

HUDL Highlights

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