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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Camp Pride 2017 Receivers Report: Top Performers & Overview

The receivers at camps love it because it can provide them an outlet to make a spectacular catch or a route they'll never consider running in game.  It's important to evaluate a players fluidity regardless, but many things still can be evaluated such as burst off the line of scrimmage, first contact with defender - especially if jammed at line of scrimmage, breaks from cuts, and then hands / body control when catching the ball.

Coaches MVP and Top 12 Overviews
Overall Top Performers by position
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Facebook Album, Live Pictures

Muskegon Catholic Central 2020 WR "ATH" Cameron Martinez came into the camp with two offers and was unstoppable in the D8 state championship game playing QB for the Crusaders.  He was selected by coaches as one of the top 12 overall performers of the camp.  Martinez is a great athlete who is still learning and at times indecisive with his timing, but it still didn't matter as defensivebacks just couldn't contain him.  Martinez wanted to gauge himself vs. the best talent in the state and should left knowing that he'll be one of the best 2020 prospects in the state.  If his performance was at any college this summer, he would have been offered before he left.

Walled Lake Western 2018 WR Justin Thomas in our opinion was snubbed from the top 12, but we understand it's only 12 so with that said Thomas was extremely efficient.  We seen him a week earlier and it was more of the same complete dominance, Thomas is a very strong route runner and creates separation at times like he's the only one on the field.  Thomas was also making a few tough catches and displaying he can respond to physical DB's.

West Bloomfield 2018 WR Taj Mustapha has seen quite a spike in his recruitment in recent months as coaches start to realize what they would be getting with a great athlete like Mustapha.  They'll be getting a big-bodied receiver who can move great.  Mustapha has the body become a massive vertical threat as well in clutch situations as he'll: 1. be able to get open 2. catch and use body to possess the ball without much chance of it being knocked away.  Would say more and more offers should be coming in shortly.

Lansing Sexton 2018 Slot Cody Blankenburg just drives defenders insane with his shifty and electric speed.  Blankenburg when timed right with his quarterback is an automatic completion unless he gets an equally as good DB on him or they commit a penalty to disrupt his route.  When you leave a defender visibly frustrated like Blankenburg does, its a major factor in games - knowing you're in someones head and they do things out of character that hurt their team.

Detroit King 2018 Slot/DB Jaeveyon Morton is a spectacular athlete and left no doubt about that during the year and Camp Pride.  Morton is just so fast, elusive, and strong that few players are able to keep up with him.  In Camp Pride he constantly fought through physical DB's and created separation like it was another play on his impressive highlight reel.  Morton received offers soon after his highlight film was released and there's much more to come.

Avondale 2018 WR Nick Whiteside was near unstoppable in 1 on 1's and caught several tough passes in the process.  Whiteside works his short routes good and has other intangibles to be a vertical threat.  Whiteside was definitely one those players where other media kept asking, "who is that?"

Oak Park 2018 WR Gary Gayle is a dangerous slot option who has speed to burn on DB's and physical traits to get through linebackers.  Gayle was another who was very close to unstoppable and runs very good routes to create separation.

Walled Lake Western 2020 WR Abdur-Rahman Yaseen was a dangerous target that will only improve as he has great size and fluidity already for being just a Freshman.  He's a strong route runner now, which is also a scary thought for opposing players as his skills will only improve in the next 3 years.

Wyandotte Roosevelt 2019 WR Kendrick Stanley is a big bodied and fast receiver who uses body well to catch passes in traffic.  We've been impressed with Stanley this off-season and now as a junior should have even more impact for his team.

Maple City Glen Lake 2019 TE/DE Drew Peterson is definitely someone to look out for in the future at 6'3" 190 lbs.  Peterson moves well and is still going to get bigger, stronger, and faster these next 2 years.

Cranbrook-Kingswood 2019 WR Kobi Russell has very good length and athleticism and made the most out of a few allotted reps.  Russell will be a 4-year varsity starter and looks to be every bit a big play threat.

West Bloomfield 2020 WR/DB Christian Fitzpatrick holds 2 early offers, but he hasn't stopped working and improving.  Fitzpatrick has an amazing support cast of his brother, Desmond who is a WR at Louisville and his Dad, Greg is a very good receiver coach. Right now for Christian it's piecing together as much as he can to build for what will be 3 strong seasons on Varsity.

River Rouge 2018 TE Lee Payton has gotten bigger and faster which is great for River Rouge and college coaches, but terrible news for opponents.  Payton has an ability to line up as a receiver and not skip a beat.  Payton is definitely the top tight end in Michigan and beyond.

Detroit King 2020 WR Rashawn Williams entered camp with 2 Division 1 offers and was injured as a Freshman so it was great to see perform well at Camp Pride.  You would have never guessed Williams was a Freshman or was injured as he has good talent already and it was on display.

Redford Thurston 2018 WR/OLB Erik Gibson is a quick and big bodied player who at 6'2" 190 lbs has great size and would be recruited at both WR and OLB.  At Camp Pride he performed at receiver and gets open with ease and has the size to fight through defenders.

Oak Park 2019 WR Malcomb Baker shifty and speedy slot who has reliable hands to attack defenses. Also has enough physical traits at young age to fight through physical coverage and didn't lose many reps at Camp Pride.

Romeo 2018 WR/DB Nate Goralski is a slotback in Romeo's wing offense.  At Camp Pride he worked at receiver and runs routes well plus has very good hands.

Romulus 2018 Slot Pierre Brown speedy receiver who uses his speed and cuts to burn defenders constantly.

Cedar Springs 2018 TE/DE Brandon Kramer is a good sized TE who moves very well for size and has good pair of hands.  Has good physical traits which allowed him to have a good performance.

Walled Lake Western 2021 WR Justin Gabriel had another strong camp performance as he continued to display good abilities.  Gabriel is another who does a lot of things right now that are improving each experience he has like this.

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