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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Camp Pride 2017 Quarterback Report: Top Performers & Overview

Jason Whittaker

Quarterbacks looking to throw against the states #1 prospect in the Class of 2018 Kalon Gervin as well as a handful of other good DB's including the overall defensive MVP Reggie Pearson and receivers, flocked to receive approval to attend Camp Pride.  QB was the only position that wasn't open to anyone to sign-up as players sent their film / information in to camp organizers, so it would be limited to who and how many quarterbacks attended the event.

It wasn't hard to find a handful of good returning quarterbacks as the Class of 2018 and younger are very deep and will have a handful of Division 1 signees when their signing day comes along.

Coaches MVP and Top 12 Overviews
Overall Top Performers by position
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Northwestern commit, Rockford 2018 QB Jason Whittaker is someone who would have continued his rise in the recruiting process as he has a prototype pocket QB figure if he didn't commit so early, but he found his fit and that's what matters.  Whittaker is bigger and stronger as a soon to be senior which allows him to make all the throws and look great in the process.

Detroit Central 2018 QB El-Julian Jordan was probably the most composed QB we've seen on the field.  Jordan has a tight spiral and has great touch on deep balls and fits it in tight spaces in intermediate / short routes.  Jordan started off at King before rebounding to Central where he led the Trailblazers into the playoffs and definitely one that schools will be interested in as a Senior.   Jordan's lone offer at this point is from Northwood.

Bloomfield Hills 2018 QB John Paddock led the Blackhawks to their first playoff appearance in school history, going 9-0 in the process.  Paddock has arguably one of the best QB films of anyone as you see a QB with a major arm who is making a lot of great throws and leading his receivers.  Paddock was named MVP of the Rising Stars Bus Tour over the summer which featured a massive amount of Division 1 offered players.

Divine Child 2018 QB Theo Day really should be a bigger name than what he's been at this point.  Day has ideal size for a pro style QB and a cannon for an arm.  Day holds 4 offers, but is still very the under the radar and film definitely points to someone who should be getting more attention.

Saint Mary's 2018 QB Caden Prieskorn was last seen throwing a touchdown pass to lift the Eaglets over Muskegon in the D3 title game.  Prieskorn has a lot of tools for a pro style QB; great height and very good deep ball thrower, his offense doesn't allow him to showcase too much as most his passes are off play action and have a receiver open downfield, but he does what he's told and that's what matters.

Southfield 2019 QB Sam Johnson III had a very strong day as we seen him for the first time since the season was underway.  SJ3 had a nice day throwing the ball as he had several great throws in 1 on 1's.

Lansing Catholic 2018 QB Mike Lynn has had no problems dominating Camp Pride for a 2nd straight year.  Everytime we see Lynn he is threading the needle and making other great throws to his receivers.  Lynn was another who was asked to be in the best of the best all day at Ohio State.

Stoney Creek 2019 QB Frank Potenza is definitely one to keep an eye out for the next few years as he's started as a Freshman at Stoney Creek.  Quick and compact release with a cannon for an arm.  If he meets the height criteria (6'1" now) for colleges it's more possibilities that will definitely follow.

Flushing 2018 QB Cal Endicott has your ideal height to become a big time recruit, at Ohio State's camp over the summer he was in best of the best all day.  Endicott has a pretty fast release for long arms.  Coaches will be evaluating his junior film hard as he's overdue for more recognition at this point.

Waterford Mott 2018 QB David McCullum holds an early offer from Louisville and showed bits and pieces of what is to come.  Camps like this don't really favor dual-threat QB's, but McCullum has a cannon arm which is apparent and has a lot of tools for a college to develop.

Saginaw Nouvel 2018 QB Tate Hausbeck had maybe the best breakout performance of any QB, as he was dialed in from the start and looked very solid and in control of everything he did all afternoon.  It's definitely a performance to improve on over over off-season.

Cranbrook-Kingswood 2018 QB Trevor McConnell split time as a Junior, but performed at a high level when he did play.  McConnell possesses good football IQ and seemed in sync putting the ball in locations his receivers could make plays on the ball and defenders couldn't.

Detroit King 2019 QB Dequan Finn is a very well rounded dual-threat QB, he has good size already for a Sophomore and very good mobility which will be apparent more as he takes over King as a Junior and Senior.

Glen Lake 2018 QB Cade Peterson was seen performing well in the Division 6 state title game.  Peterson and a few teammates came down from Maple City which is between the Dunes and Traverse City.  Peterson despite putting strong passing numbers is a good runner, as he had over 600 rushing yards in both his junior and sophomore seasons.

Millington 2018 QB Bryce Bearss had a great day throwing the ball as has a good arm that was accurate and constantly getting the ball to receivers.  He finished in the best of the best group.

Chippewa Valley 2019 QB Tommy Schuster is one who does well in camps, but still better in pads. Schuster gets the ball out quick and has a strong arm, Schuster will be a 3 year varsity quarterback for Chippewa Valley when he graduates.

Other Quarterbacks who we seen and look forward to seeing more of despite being in the best of the best or not include; Godwin Heights 2018 QB Susu DavenportLapeer 2019 QB Brady AppleRomulus 2018 QB Dylan ZagulaRedford Thurston 2018 QB Zach Crofford,  Oxford 2018 QB Parker Fleming, Bay City Central 2019 QB Brian Elder, Livonia Clarenceville 2019 QB Terrence EalyMontague 2018 QB/SS Cameron Tanner2018 QB Kade PetersSeaholm 2019 QB/LB Gray Kinnie, Bridgeport 2018 QB Charles Garrett, and Swan Valley 2019 QB Alex Fries

We've seen Lake Orion 2020 QB Blaze Lauer and Grand Rapids Christian 2020 QB Eason Hardouin several times now and were back at Camp Pride for 2nd straight year, they're definitely growing good and will be piecing a lot of experiences together these next 3 years.  De La Salle 2020 QB Anthony Stepnitz has done well vs. kids age and got one of his biggest challenges to-date on Saturday, will be interesting to see his progression as well these next 3 years.

Other QB's such as; Ann Arbor Pioneer 2021 QB Conor Easthope, Lake Orion 2021 QB Dom Bruno, Hartland 2021 QB Zach Trainor, and Wyandotte Roosevelt 2021 Jalin Pitchford got their feet wet in a major setting for the first time.

As young kids coming into an event such as Camp Pride with 170 combined offers among participants it's important they learn what it's like to adapt to the energy level or observe how older players do.  With such highly regarded players who were in these kids shoes just 3-4 years ago, there needs to be 1 important takeaway them or another participant who didn't get the reps they normally get vs. kids their age, so they can apply it to a future camp.  That could be; fighting for reps - no big time camp tells kids they're evaluating heavily to wait in line, often times a little scuffle occurs, where 2 players want the rep so badly they need a coach to decide, determination is obviously a good trait that has no limits. If a QB or WR wants to go vs. a DB commit of the school, why would you wait in line if it's his only rep he takes? That's the reality of college camps, effort will go a long way.  Fighting for reps is a very realistic and important thing in camps. At the time it looks like everyone should get their turn, but it would be far better for players to adapt and apply their experience in the future. Obviously kids should take coaching in well, if a QB coach at a camp in college tells you to do something, he's seeing if you're coachable - they don't care what your coaches taught you, it's what you can do for them, so if coaches or players at a camp provided a tip, see if it benefits you and at least have an open mind.  You'll need it when the QB coach at the camp tells you to do something and you're alongside an equally talented kid next to you, he does what the coach says and you don't - more times than not it's the other kid who gets more attention and in a lot of cases, the offer.

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