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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Camp Pride 2017 Position Report: Top Performers Overview

Despite a larger than expected turnout for Camp Pride 2017, the camp was ran as smooth as humanly possible by Camp Pride organizers and the Legacy Football staff.  Entering the camp over 170 offers were tallied among participants resulting in an extremely competitive camp that in just 3 hours couldn't showcase every single player so it was important for us to rewatch a lot of film from the camp and have discussions with the coaches following the event.

We 're not trying to rush any articles, we have more details to review.  Most media were no shows for the biggest camp we've seen in the winter months anywhere in the midwest.

Quarterback: Top Performers and Overview
Runningback: Top Performers and Overview
Receivers: Top Performers and Overview
Offensive Line: Top Performers and Overview
Defensive Line:  Top Performers & Overview
Linebacker:  Top Performers & Overview
Defensiveback:  Top Performers & Overview

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