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Friday, January 20, 2017

Camp Pride 2017 Linebacker Report: Top Performers & Overview

Linebacker like runningback at camps isn't that easy to evaluate overall, instead drills and see how LB's move on 1 on 1's are more telling, but still don't entail the full picture.  Last year at Camp Pride Antjuan Simmons dominated, the camp wasn't able get a single linebacker recruit with the reputation Simmons had when he entered it, but several linebackers in attendance should see a major spike up in their recruitment.

Coaches MVP and Top 12 Overviews
Overall Top Performers by position
Periscope live footage
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Facebook Album, Live Pictures

Chippewa Valley 2019 OLB Marcel Lewis was selected by his teammates as their teams defensive player of the year as a Sophomore on varsity.  Lewis was looking to break into a wider range to showcase his skills and did just that.  The 6'2" 200 lbs OLB glides around when he moves and has good length.  Lewis was a no brainer as a standout and was selected by the coaches of 1 of 12 top overall performers for the camp.  Lewis was the only 2019 player selected in the top 12 and would have been the youngest if not for 2020 WR Cam Martinez.  Lewis' goal is for an SEC offer, so if any other school is looking to have a chance, the chance is now before Lewis blows up!

Cass Tech 2018 LB DeAndre Square was extremely dominant in all aspects of the camp.  Unfortunately Square was snubbed from a very crowded top 12 performers, because we thought he was up there with anyone.  Square possesses a rare ability to change an outcome of any given play as he can do everything a LB does well in run support, etc. but also can cover very well and moves exceptionally well from sideline-to-sideline.  Square had at least 2 passes broken up in 1 on 1's which normally favor the RB.  Square currently holds 10 offers, but that number will rise this off-season.

Gibraltar Carlson 2018 ILB/RB KamRon Austion despite holding 4 offers is very underrated, but made a strong case for all in attendance that those 4 offers and more are warranted. Austion at 5'11" 210 lbs is cut and dry an ideal ILB/MLB in high school and beyond as he does everything well from filling gaps to dropping back in coverage.  Austion has the physical tools in place as well.

Catholic Central 2018 RB/LB Isaac Darkangelo picked up an offer from Ferris State last week where his older brother, Anthony plays.  Isaac a bit bigger than his brother was at this point, so it will be interesting to see the different paths their recruiting processes take.  Darkangelo at 6'1" 230 lbs is going to likely develop into a killer MLB.  The instincts and identification of plays, etc. is there for Darkangelo now as we came away impressed with his junior highlights and play as a LB in the state finals, despite a loss.  At 6'1" now and his brother at 5'11" and seeing what Anthony did at Ferris State, should make a lot of colleges not make the same mistake twice.  Darkangelo had 144 tackles in 14 games as a Junior.

Cass Tech 2018 LB Dyontae Johnson is an athletic body with a frame that colleges will be loving to build off of for their team.  Johnson bulked up a bit over the off-season and became a pretty instrumental piece of Cass Tech's defense at the OLB position.  Johnson moves very well so it was tough for opposing blockers to keep up with him and he also drops back in coverage well.   Johnson's lone offer at this point is from Cincinnati.

Saint Mary's 2018 LB/RB "ATH" Kyren Cunningham is referred to as an "Athlete" since he can do so much well.  Cunningham emerged as a big running threat to compliment his teammate RaShawn Allen and sealed St. Mary's Division 3 championship with the game winning touchdown catch with 4 seconds remaining in the game.  As a LB though, plug all of those intangibles together and you have what should be a much more recruited LB.  How that hasn't happened yet, is shocking to say the least as Cunningham moves extremely well for his size and is very athletic.  He holds 2 offers as of now.

Romeo 2019 LB Brock Horne was a huge piece for Romeo as they looked to defend the D1 title from 2015 at the MLB position in 2016.  Horne brings a great deal of versatility to the table at the position as he has great size at  6'2" 210 lbs, but plays much bigger than that as he can fill gaps well and can also move around in coverage and sideline-to-sideline very well.  Considering he's a sophomore and does those things very well, it's scary to see what he does with more experience and maximized his speed.

Farmington Hills Harrison 2018 OLB/WR "ATH" Jerrin Harvey was a top performer mostly anywhere he has been this off-season and continued that trend at Camp Pride.  Harvey at 6'2" 190 lbs is able to compete on both sides of the ball at a very high level, as he lets his athletic abilities take over.  Harvey has done well in coverage in 1 on 1' so a college looking to bulk him up more if recruited at Linebacker will definitely fill up his frame and he won't skip a beat.

Yale 2019 LB Travis Miracle at 6'3" 225 now as a Sophomore has turned a lot of eyes for the Yale product which is northwest of Port Huron in the Thumb.  Yale moves well for his size and film shows a heavy hitter, so it was nice to see Miracle do well in drills and moving well in coverage.  Of course at 6'3" 225 lbs colleges always are thinking ahead of if DE may be a better fit.  Miracle attended a half dozen college 1 day camps last off-season, so coaches will definitely be evaluating him that aspect as well. Versatility is key in recruiting.

Okemos 2018 TE/LB Patrick Nugent will draw plenty of interest at 6'3" 219 lbs as Nugent has earned multiple accolades through the years in a tough CAAC Blue division.  Nugent moves well at the LB position and has the physical attributes to develop at either an inside or outside linebacker.  Nugent possesses a bit more versatility as he's a very good TE.

Millington 2018 OLB Briar Bearss did well at Camp Pride as we couldn't count a lost rep for the mid-Michigan standout who is looking for much more college interest.  Bearss definitely possesses the physical attributes that allow him to do extremely well in season and for colleges to build off his physicalness as well.

Livonia Franklin 2018 LB/TE Jacob Mass has produced a great amount already in his Sophomore and Junior seasons on Varsity.  At 6'4" 195 lbs Mass moves well and isn't lanky, which to us means his frame is there to get much bigger and become a massive force in whichever direction Franklin heads with the KLAA breaking apart.

Chippewa Valley 2018 LB Brian Schieweck is a relentless force for the Big Reds.  Schieweck doesn't blow you away with the measurables, but instead moves well and has good reaction / IQ.  Schieweck is a determined individual who will lead by example on and off of the field and is definitely priming himself for a big senior season.

Walled Lake Northern 2018 LB/FB Marco Savone is another who won't be wowing anyone with his size, but has polished up his skills while in high school to become a better overall player.  Savone was solid in 1 on 1's relying on technique to make up for his size.

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