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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Camp Pride 2017 Defensive Lineman Report: Top Performers & Overview

Camp Pride is known for being known as a pit stop for DE's within Michigan before they become big time recruits.  Just a week after Camp Pride 2 DE's have received their first offers and join Cedric Lattimore and Deron Irving-Bey as little known players who attended before their first scholarships were earned.  Nearly a week following Camp Pride 2 of the top 12 overall performers, NeVen Simington and Ronnie Buford received their first offers from MAC programs, which we'll cover and more below.

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Divine Child 2018 DE Aidan Hutchinson entered the camp with 10 offers and left asking the question, why not more?  Hutchinson entered Camp Pride with nothing to prove, but a camp with so much competition is obviously a great tune up to keep technique and mind in a great position in the off-season before camp season.  Hutchinson at 6'6" 242 lbs with his movement leaves OL trembling. Hutchinson utilizes his strength, leverage well, quick burst off the line, great hands, and overall IQ to dominate.  Like we said, Hutchinson should be getting more offers, he's the most college ready DE out of high school we have ever seen in Michigan since Will Gholston.

Chelsea 2018 DE Ronnie Buford used very good athleticism and his other intangibles such as speed and burst off line to earn a spot in the overall top 12.  Despite Buford losing his lone rep in 1 on 1's which he was outmuscled, it results in him leaving knowing he needs to bulk up more, which is a point of a camp, to identify what can be improved.  Buford through the day used his athletic body and well utilized hands to fight through offensive lineman.  Nearly a week and a half following Camp Pride, Buford received his first offer from Northern Illinois.  NIU will be the first of what should be many more.

Saginaw 2018 OLB/DE NeVen Simington a coaches son, will bring Saginaw back into the spotlight after years of being out of the football spotlight.  Simington is a force to be reckoned with as he has a great body frame that is currently able to fit an OLB or an DE in the future.  For the present he can be utilized as both and worked as a DE and impressed.  Simington breezed through his lone 1 on 1 rep utilizing a quick break off the line and by the time he got past the OL it was the practice dummy that seconds later was knocked.  Simington received his first offer later in the week of Camp Pride from Central Michigan.

Cass Tech 2018 DT Eric Smith is one of the most unselfish players for Cass Tech during their incredible 14-0 and Division 1 State Championship season in 2016.  Smith mostly clogs up the middle allowing his teammates to pick up better stats, while getting his moments were fewer - Smith did play an instrumental role for Cass Tech.  At Camp Pride there's no need to worry about running plays and it was Smith playing for himself and getting past his offensive line counterpart.  Smith displayed tremendous physical tools and footwork to win his reps.  Smith will begin to receive Division 1 offers, as he is one of the best Defensive Tackle / Nose Guard returning in the state.

East English Village 2018 DE/LB Desjuan Johnson entered Camp Pride completely unknown, but clawed his way through essentially a gauntlet to be a top 12 overall performer.  Johnson at 6'3" 225 lbs now is built like a gladiator or something because he looks much leaner and passed the eye test, so it's scary to see what a collegiate weight program will do to tone him up more.  Johnson when having a hand on the turf was super tough to stop as he has tremendous first movements and blew past his counterpart.  Given his intangibles we just mentioned, would be tough for any college looking to improve their defense to pass on Johnson.

Southfield 2018 DE Andre Carter entered the camp with the most offers among defensive lineman with 13 and left little doubt that he was one of the top dogs.  Carter at 6'4" 230 lbs is a 3-sport athlete and a freak.  Opposing coaches have publicly dreaded their experiences planning for him during games and following the game too.  Carter's peak in recruiting hasn't come yet, so expect to hear much more on Carter these next few months.

Ypsilanti 2019 DT/OG Markus Bevier will probably reap the benefits at Camp Pride more than anyone as he entered camp as a little known player who had good seasons his first 2 years, but it's gone unnoticed.  Camp Pride allowed us and others to validate that Bevier wasn't just a good contributor, but that he deserves much more recognition and more.  Bevier has the physical tools in place and a motor that didn't stop.  Bevier beat Tyrone Sampson in a 1 on 1 rep and honestly we never saw Sampson lose a rep, he's a phenomenal talent.  Bevier is definitely one to look out for and that's bad news for SEC White opponents, but hey they've already known about him for 2 years now!

Walled Lake Northern 2019 DE/OT Spencer Brown at 6'6" 237 lbs is definitely one who has a lot of tools and the genetics to become a big time recruit.  Brown concluded his first year of varsity so he's still growing both as a player and physically in his body.  Brown has really good footwork and hands that allows for him getting past opponents with ease.  Like we said Brown isn't done growing so he could be a DE or OT prospect at this point next year, kind of too early to tell with so much potential that is being exerted this off-season.

Eisenhower 2018 DE/OLB/TE Henry Janeway was a key reason why Eisenhower's defense was so dominant as a Junior.  Janeway possesses tremendous versatility as he moved around in schemes as an OLB.  Janeway at 6'4" 190 lbs has bulked up a few pounds this off-season and will definitely be adding more to fill up his frame which has kept colleges from completely falling in love with Janeway.  Janeway has a relentless motor and other good tools that allow him to get around opponents easy.  Janeway will attract plenty of attention as he played his best in games such as Cass Tech and Southfield.

Robichaud 2018 NG/OG Darrell Williams holds a few offers on the defensive side of the ball as that's definitely where Williams future will be.  Williams has good physical tools and is quick on his feet and it caused problems his junior year and at Camp Pride for opponents.  Williams has a lot of tools to be attract colleges and is a player opponents need to be weary of.

Cranbrook-Kingswood 2018 DE/LB Chris Smith won his 1 on 1 rep to start the best of the best for lineman, as all the things that make him a great DE were on display; quick feet, burst off line, hands, and motor/speed. Smith can be used at both LB and DE in high school, but it's beginning to look more and more like DE for the future.

River Rouge 2018 DT Julius Lee will return to be a contributor for the Panthers either in the interior or exterior of their defense.  Either one, Lee will be up to the task as he has the physical traits and some good foot work to get to the ball with will.  Lee at 6'4" 320 lbs is definitely someone who passes the eye test and we look forward to see what the future holds in the next year for Lee.

River Rouge 2018 DT Ja'veon Coleman is another who passes the eye test at 6'3" 285 lbs that can control the line of scrimmage.  Coleman moves well for his size causing trouble for opposing interior offensive lineman.

River Rouge 2018 OLB/DE Christian Harris is very young for being a junior at 15, so he's still very raw, but displayed some tools that can be built on over the off-season.  We expect him to be more bulked up this time next year so definitely going to be a sleeper.

Fenton 2019 DE Hunter Crenshaw will start at Fenton in 2017 after 2 years at Powers.  Crenshaw has good size and moves well for it.  He's athletic and quick, bulking up more and more.  Fenton will be drawing a lot of eyes with a pretty stacked roster and Crenshaw can play DE and OT.

Fordson 2019 DL Mouhamad Mehdi figures to be a key anchor of Fordson's defense his junior year.  Mehdi has good balance and strength, he can make an impact where ever he is needed on defense.

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