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Monday, January 9, 2017

Bridgeport 2018 MLB/RB Marcel Colwye Player Profile and Interview


  • High School:
    • Bridgeport
  • Graduation Year:
    • 2018
  • Primary Position:
    • MLB
  • Secondary Position (s):
    • RB
  • Height:
    • 5'8"
  • Weight:
    • 230 lbs
  • Anticipated Major:
    • Automotive 
  • Experience:
    • 2 years of varsity, 1 year of Jv 
  • Stats:
    • First Year Varsity
      • Solo Tackles-40
      • Total Tackles-71
      • Tackles Per Game-7.9
      • Sacks-1.0
      • Sacks Per Game-0.1
      • Total Rushing Yards-61
    • Second Year Varsity
      • Solo Tackles-54
      • Total Tackles-86
      • Tackles Per Game-9.6
      • Sacks-2.0
      • Interceptions-1
      • Sacks Per Game-0.2
      • Total rushing yards-400
  • Colleges that you are interested in:
    • Ferris State 
    • Wayne State 
    • Siena Heights
    • Arkansas Pine Bluff
    • East Mississippi 
    • Adrian
  • Intangibles:
    • What separates me from everyone else on the field is that I'm determined to win. Anything I have to do to win I will do. Anything from switching positions to sucking it up when I am tired and still give an 110%. If I see any of my teammates drop their heads on a bad play I tell them to keep their head up and get it next play.
  • How I play the game:
    • I play the game of football smart. I am a very coachable player if someone is trying to coach me up when I do something wrong I am going to take their advice and run with it.
  • Outlook on High School Football and it's experiences
    • One thing I would like to look past is our bad record because the record of our team does not define us or our coaching staff. My number one goal is to atleast get looked at. I am going to work harder every day until someone notices my talent. 
  • Discuss the potential opportunity or the opportunity of playing on the next level
    • Playing football at the next level interest me because it's the first step to making it to the pros. I want to go pro so that I can take care of my family and move them to a better place. I would tell/ask a coach to just give me a chance to show people what I can do. 
  • Other accolades and/or awards or miscellaneous
    • 2nd team all conference 
    • Defensive player of the team
    • Twitter:  @Mcolwye

HUDL Highlights

  • N/A

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