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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 9 Student Section Showdown 2016, Power Rankings

For rules on the contest, view them here

We have reviewed all submits that were sent to us through: #TheDZone #SSS on Twitter through 9 weeks. We have broken through the hashtags and have released a top 10 list, in order of schools who have submitted. Remember these are Power Rankings, so they are heavily judged on what we received this past week and not from submits in the past.

This competition is heavily influenced by which student sections follow the rules and demonstrate their school pride.  Please read the rules above on the link provided.

Remember these are based heavily off the current week and with WAR bonus points this week, anything can happen on any given Friday.

1. Stoney Creek

2. Eisenhower

3. Bedford

4. Chippewa Valley

5. Rochester Adams

6. Rochester

7. Romeo

8. West Bloomfield

9.  Gibraltar Carlson

10. DeWitt

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