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Michigan Department of Civil Rights Aims to Exterminate Native Americans from Michigan's Society

Well before high schools existed in Michigan, and before the French sailed the Great Lakes, the state was inhabited by Native Americans.  

As the United States expanded in the 19th century, the government used its power to push many Native Americans off of their land. Uprooted tribes left their homes and left behind their way of life, which consisted of survival through hunting and fishing, as well as a spiritual connection to the land. Those who did live among white settlers were treated poorly and subjected to such injustices as forced cultural assimilation and unfair trading practices. 

Despite attacks on the culture, Native Americans persevered and passed on physical and spiritual traditions to the younger generations. Those actions have resulted in a strong and proud Native American presence today in Michigan.

Recently the Michigan Department of Civil Rights decided that it wants Native American mascots and images removed from the state’s schools. To try and accomplish this, the MDCR has filed a suit with the United States Department of Education, naming 35 schools. It argues that mascot names such as Warriors, Redskins, Indians or Chiefs, along with accompanying images and logos, perpetuate a negative stereotype that ultimately hurts the academic performance of Native American students.

Now the Warriors and other Native American mascots "bully students." According to the MDCR in 2013.

A section of the suit reads, "Continued use of American Indian mascots, names, nicknames, logos, slogans, chants and/or other imagery by each of the schools named in the complaint creates a hostile environment and denies equal rights to all current and future American Indian students.”

Upon reading the MDCR claim, we agree that racism exists, as does stereotyping of Native Americans. However, the department is misguided in thinking there is any connection to a school’s logo or mascot. Any such problems are the result of ignorance, which stems from centuries of jokes and past portrayals of Native Americans as untamed, violent savages. To try and erase that ignorance, resources should be dedicated to properly educating students about Native American culture, not fighting to change a mascot.

Here at The D Zone we decided to conduct our own poll, using Twitter, to find out whether anyone has, or has knowledge of, someone left at a disadvantage due to the use of a Native American mascot. The question was sent to more than 9,000 users, with the promise of anonymity for anyone who responded. We waited, but the only replies we received were from others who are also unhappy that the MDCR has filed the suit. 

Many Native American tribes have gone on record as saying that they are honored by the use of Native American mascots. Speaking to the online news site Mlive.com recently, Frank Cloutier, public relations director for the Chippewa Indian Tribe, commented on the use of the Warriors name by Bay City Western High School, which is one of the schools named in the suit.

"Something like the Western Warriors is a very general, straight-forward depiction of our people," Cloutier told Mlive.com "It looks at us as very proud and strong-willed people. I don't see anything wrong with Western using it. They are good Warriors."

This past week Mlive.com also addressed the issue by hosting an online chat, with an MDCR representative available to answer questions. The discussion was nearly a one-sided event, as most users commenting were not in support of removing Native American mascots or images from schools. 

Throughout the chat, no evidence was given to support the MDCR claim that a connection exists between the uses of Native American imagery and poor academic performance by Native American students.

One point the MDCR representative tried to make was that the use of Native American mascots by one school could still be a problem for other schools. The example given was that of a Native American teen sitting in the stands at a sporting event and being forced to hear chants like “Kill the Indians” or “Scalp the Warriors.” 

In response to this, one Mlive.com user said, “This is the best example yet of your organization's ignorance. This simply does not happen, period. I'm embarrassed for your department and I truly hope that its budget will be redirected to pay for road maintenance in the near future. Disgusting."

Even if something like this were to occur, it once again should involve education as a solution. Either way, schools should be teaching students, fans, parents and even administrators what is appropriate in the bleachers and what is not. Switching a logo will certainly not eliminate bad behavior.

During the Mlive.com chat, the MDCR representative also pointed out that the suit does call for an exception in places where a school district and local tribe could agree on a name or logo acceptable to the tribe. The MDCR representative said this aspect of the plan has been frequently overlooked.  

Well, if the MDCR is serious about allowing this, why is that particular segment written in ambiguous language and not mentioned until near the end of the complaint, and near the end of the Feb. 8 press release, as well. Actions like this make it appear that either the MDCR doesn’t have its ducks in a row or that its motives are questionable. 

The confusion surrounding the issue only continued when we suggested, during the chat, that time be set aside to educate students about Native American culture. The MDCR representative pointed to the existence of Native American Heritage Month as a means of education. However, the representative wasn’t even sure what month is designated as Native American Heritage Month (it’s November). Aside from the lack of knowledge, this is also indicative of the fact that Native American Heritage Month gets very little attention, subsequently doing little for education and proving that more needs to be done. 

Overall, we were certainly left scratching our heads after the Mlive.com chat. It left us even more confused, and even more skeptical, when it comes to the MDCR and the filing of the suit.

Aside from the cultural aspects, another angle to consider is the monetary burden schools would have face by having to change mascots. At a time where budget cuts have become the norm, school districts would be using funds to correct something that was never a problem. We feel that if MDCR does win its case, it should at least cover each school’s expenses associated with changing mascots.  

If the MDCR is successful, it’s scary to think what would be targeted next. Would cities, street names or landmarks with Native American names be subject to a forced change? What about school mascots and logos that depict other cultures, such as the Irish, would that be under attack, as well? 

At the college level, actions have varied when it comes to Native American mascots. In 2005 the NCAA banned the use of mascots that it considers “hostile or abusive” toward Native Americans, naming 18 schools in the process. The NCAA went as far as threatening sanctions against the University of North Dakota if the school didn’t drop the name the Fighting Sioux by the deadline given. However, not only do the Sioux people of the Spirit Lake tribe support the use of the name, they have battled the NCAA in court, trying to keep the name for UND. 

Here in our state, we have seen Eastern Michigan University voluntarily change its Huron mascot about 20 years ago to the Eagles. At Central Michigan University, the school’s leadership and the local Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe have worked together to form a mutual relationship that ensures the Chippewas’ logo will remain tall and proud. That partnership has brought nothing but respect from both sides when it comes to the use of the Chippewas’ name. 

Recently we received an email from a reader named Ian, who lives in Jackson. We’ve included some of his comments below because we feel they represent the passion and anger that has been stirred in many Michigan residents since the NDCR announced the filing of its suit.

“Do they want to see what kind of effects (Native American mascots) have? How about pride? Has the Michigan Civil Rights Department ever been to a University of North Dakota hockey game or athletic event? What do all the students yell at the end of the national anthem? “…And the home of the SIOUX!!!!!.” That’s true pride of what that university is able to represent on a national forum. That university had the tribe’s permission (to use the name)…they even (held) a religious ceremony over 40 years ago with 2 of the local tribes giving UND its blessing to (use the name).”

“Much like what the NCAA did, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights clearly has an ulterior motive here. It’s a PC move, period. They can claim it’s not about being offensive, or that it’s truly about the negative effect it has on children, but it’s really about nothing but power and control. What is the state going to do if a high school/district refuses? Then the department will show their true colors."

To close, we see the MDCR suit as an injustice against the Native American people, rather than an action that would help them. The MDCR would only be taking away a tradition that honors Native Americans. The names would be stripped from schools such as Port Huron or Birmingham Brother Rice, which honor the names with courage and bravery of their own.  

Honestly it’s frustrating that we are even debating this, a debate that is sadly taking place after the MDCR filed its suit. We hope that the MDCR eventually listens to the people, primarily Native Americans, and realizes its priorities are not in order. Removing the names and imagery of a proud people is certainly not a step forward for anyone and would be a big mistake.


East English Village Prep 2016 RB Nate Boleware

In the new age of high school recruiting,it's never too early to get scouted by a school,attend camps or even recieve offers. Nowadays kids are getting offers from high major programs,and haven't even stepped inside of a high school. The lastest to have done so is 2017 Louisiana prospect Dylan Moses,who at 14 is 6'1",215 pounds and holds two SEC offers from LSU and Alabama.

These type of phenoms are becoming more common now and Detroit East English might have one of their own in freshman running back Nate Boleware. Boleware is only 5'5",156 pounds,but plays bigger than listed,such as a Darren Sproles or Dennis Norfleet does. Overshadowed by the great production of teammate Desmond King,who signed with Iowa,Boleware rushed for over 1,000 yards himself and made it difficult for opposing defenses to handle two dynamic backs.

King will leave for college this fall,and that leaves Boleware as the go to option in East English Village's backfield. He may not be a household name yet,but in a few years he has the potential to special with his speed and quickness. Boleware talks to me about the pros and cons of being a smaller back,early recruiting,and what he learned from a player like Desmond King.


Positions(s): RB/SS Height: 5'5" Weight: 156
First high school football game ever played: "Against Oak Park first game last season".
Most memorable high school game ever played: "Against St.Clair in the state playoffs,I had 3 touchdowns and rushed for 250 yards".
Pre-game rituals: "I pray in front of the fans,and they get loud when I'm done".
Athlete you model your game after: "De'Anthony Thomas".

Branden Hunter - As a smaller back what are some advantages and disadvantages that you have out on the field?

Nate Boleware - "Some advantages are that i'm small,so they can't see me through the holes. I'm a little quicker and awareness is better. Some disadvantages are that they are bigger and stronger and know the game more than I do".

BH - How has playing alongside Desmond King helped your game?

NB - "It made me worl harder,and it made me better as a player looking up to great seniors in practice and competing everyday. Desmond worked with me everyday and got stronger,faster,and better as a football player on the field".

BH - Talk about how your coach Rod Oden has influenced your young career.

NB - "He is a great coach. He told me he doesn;t care how small you are,as long as your a student athlete you can play. he play. He gave me a big chance to play as a freshman,and he's my teacher. He will be a great mentor for me and it's good that he's in my life".

BH - You are only a freshman,but have you received  any college interest after a prodcutive year?

NB - "Yes from Ball State,Ferris State and Michigan keeps in contact with my dad and they tell my cousin a lot,and that i'm the future of 2016".

BH - East English Village has lost a lot of it's seniors from theis past team,so besides yourself who should we be looking out for in 2013?

NB - "My other running back Malik Lewis,Armone Posey,Rico Lewis,Anton Curtis,and me mainly. I'm going to be working hard this off season with my big cousins Khalid and Khalil Hill. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win this season".

BH - Talk about how exciting both games against rival King were last season,including that 51-48 thriller in the PSL title game.

NB - "They were a great experience for my high school football career,and both games were great".

BH - What skills do you want to improve on this off season to be better in 2013?

NB - "My speed,a liitle better footwork,awareness,leadership and get bigger and stronger, But most importantly be a student athlete".

BH - Who woud you say the toughest player you ever had to face was and why?

NB - "It'd be between my former teammate Avonte Maddox from King and the two running backs form Orchard Lake St.Mary's".

Follow me on Twitter: @JustCallmeBhunt

West Michigan Class of 2014 Position Rankings

This is the list of the Top 5 at each position in the West Michigan region.

*NOTE: This list includes High Schools in the areas from North Muskegon, south to the Michigan/Indiana border, west from Lake Michigan, and east to Portland. 

*NOTE: These will be updated as the High School football season kicks off. These are preseason rankings. If you would like to contact me on somebody I may have missed or somebody who is ranked too high or too low, I would love to hear from you, email me: harigdzone@gmail.com however, this is based on watching film on these players, and what I've seen in person from a few players.

Thank you and enjoy!
  1. Chance Stewart – Sturgis
  2. Nick Swore – Northpointe Christian
  3. Deshaun Thrower – Muskegon
  4. Tanner Allison – Portland
  5. Dan Welke – Marshall


  1. Jake Bush – Comstock Park
  2. Andy Corey – West Catholic
  3. Marcus Lambert – Zeeland West
  4. Spencer Viening – Zeeland East
  5. Marcus Matthews – Forest Hills Northern
  6. Doug Freeman - Buchanan


  1. Drake Harris – Grand Rapids Christian
  2. Kyle Steigenga – Holland Christian
  3. Isaac Boes – Holland Christian
  4. Jeff Houston – Lowell
  5. Asantay Brown – Mona Shores


  1. Tommy Doles – Grand Rapids Christian
  2. Travis Steenwyk – South Christian
  3. Austin Labus – Portage Northern
  4. Nick Padla – Berrien Springs
  5. Malik King – Muskegon


  1. DaRohn Scott – Grand Rapids Christian
  2. Andrew Blok – Saugatuck
  3. Jeremy Stygstra – Grand Rapids Christian
  4. Kenneth Finley – Muskegon
  5. Jacob Howe - Forest Hills Northern


  1. Mitch Stanitzek – West Catholic
  2. Brent Showers – Rockford
  3. Will Hunt – Muskegon
  4. Dayton Wierenga – Allendale
  5. Dylan Madigan – Hopkins


  1. John Hall – Muskegon
  2. Kyler Shurlow – Lowell
  3. Dwayne Barfield – Grand Rapids Christian
  4. Marquon Sargent – Mona Shores
  5. Kennedy Akins – Ottawa Hills

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The Michigan High School Football Watchlist for the Class of 2014

The Michigan High School Football watchlist consists of all the players in Michigan who have displayed their talent on the football field through their first three years of high school football.   Feel free to check out their handwritten bio/profile.  If you seek to have one too, please e-mail us at TheDZone586@gmail.com.  This list is sorted by high school name.  This page will be updated with new players periodically so please comment below with a highlight video / stats or e-mail us and we'll be sure to take a look.

Nick Matich #55 of Clarkston will be lead of the state's top Defensive Line in 2013.

Drake Harris #1 of GR Christian looks to cap off his HS career on an even higher note in 2013.

  • Chris Greca - Grass Lake - OL/DL
  • Caleb Sabo - Grass Lake - RB
  • Seth Radabaugh - Grass Lake - DL
  • Jake Swander - Grayling - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Tyler McClanahan - Grayling - WR
  • Danny McCarty - Grosse Ile - DB
  • Ramone Stewart - Grosse Ile - DL
  • Tod Long Jr. - Grosse Pointe North - RB
  • Michael Bylski - Grosse Pointe North - OL/DL
  • Jordan Spratt - Grosse Pointe South - WR
  • Josh Gray - Grosse Pointe South - DB
  • Bennett Jackson - Grosse Pointe South - LB/TE
  • Ross Williams - Groves - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Luke Sinnaeve - Gwinn - RB/WR/DB  (Signed or Committed)
  • Eli Kraft - Harbor Beach - QB/DB
  • David Walker - Harbor Springs - TE/DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Zach Testolin - Harper Creek - DE
  • Jeremy Abbott - Harper Woods - WR
  • Lorenzo Collins - Harrison (Farmington Hills) - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Kyle Seychel - Hartland - K/P (Signed or Committed)
  • Austin Pierce - Hartland - RB
  • Viktor Gegic - Henry Ford II - LB
  • Alex Gauronskas - Henry Ford II - RB
  • Edward Chan - Henry Ford II - RB/DB
  • Na'Kin Scott - Highland Park - LB
  • Andrew Wilcox - Hillsdale - WR/LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Nate Boardman - Hillsdale - DT
  • Zach Hill - Holland - WR
  • Kyle Steigenga - Holland Christian - WR
  • Isaac Boes - Holland Christian - WR
  • Colin Jones - Holt - DE
  • Ty Glover - Holt - RB
  • Eric Potter - Holt - QB
  • Alex White - Homer - QB
  • Kyle Winchell - Homer - WR
  • Dylan Madigan - Hopkins - LB
  • Jake Sanchez - Howell - WR
  • Evan Akins - Hudsonville - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Alex Briones - Ishpeming - LB/QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Travis Smith - Ithaca - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Logan Hessbrook - Ithaca - WR/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Rickey King - Ithaca - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Josh Hafner - Ithaca - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Devon Barrett - Jackson Lumen Christi - RB
  • Elijah Sandore - Jefferson - RB/DB
  • Luke Diekevers - Jenison - WR
  • Chris Scheffer - John Glenn (Westland) - QB
  • Devon Spaulding - John Glenn (Westland) - WR/RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jordon Brandon - John Glenn (Westland) - LB
  • Coty Barnett - Jonesville - OL/DL
  • Aaron Cleveland - Jonesville - HB/CB
  • Eric Tracey - Kalkaska - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Zach Evans - Kenowa Hills - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Jake Krueger - Kent City - QB
  • Carl Fuller - King - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Avonte Maddox - King - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Jalen Embry - King - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Dayvon Austin - King - LB
  • Omari McCauley - King - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Braxton Driscoll - King - WR
  • Chase Diehl - L'Anse Creuse - OL
  • Andrew Courtemanche - L'Anse Creuse - K/P
  • Sean Koski - L'Anse Creuse North - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Deiontae Nicholas - L'Anse Creuse North - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Drew Marion - Lake City - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Nathan Holt - Lake City - WR
  • Logan Readdy - Lake Fenton - OL
  • Neil Allor - Lake Fenton - RB/DB
  • Alex Schwartz - Lake Fenton - DE
  • Corey Ester - Lake Orion - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Connor Grant - Lake Orion - LB/QB
  • Zak Arnold - Lake Orion - WR
  • Chris Leigh - Lake Orion - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Brennan Rourke - Lake Orion - LB/DE 
  • Dominick Giovinazzo - Lake Orion - RB
  • Dvonte Owens - Lake Shore (St. Clair Shores) - WR
  • Ryan Kelly - Lakeland - OT (Signed or Committed)
  • Josh Bushu - Lakeshore (Stevensville) - WR
  • Shawn Lindsey - Lakeview - WR
  • Matt Marasco - (Saint Clair Shores) Lakeview - DL/OL
  • Miguel Quintanilla - (Saint Clair Shores) Lakeview - OC
  • Peter Atkins - Lansing Catholic Central - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Brad Ruddock - Lansing Catholic Central - OL
  • Kyle Rachwal - Lapeer East - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Alex Kaminski - Lowell - OL
  • Kyler Shurlow - Lowell - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jeff Houston - Lowell - WR
  • Ka'John Armstrong - Loyola - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Ian McNeil - Loyola - LB
  • Chris Davis - Loyola - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Charles Mosley - Loyola - LB
  • Keith Graves - Loyola - WR/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Allan Taylor - Loyola - FB
  • Darrell McEntire - Loyola - WR/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • KC Pinkett- Loyola -  RB
  • Garrett Schaller - Loyola - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jake Large - Ludington - QB/WR
  • Jake Kacynski - Ludington - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Trevor Mason - Lutheran High North - LB/RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Kyle Baldwin - Madison - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Tristen Fleet - Mancelona - DT (Signed or Committed)
  • Jim Kurasz - Manchester - RB
  • Kevin Fitzsimmons - Marine City - OL
  • Pete Patsalis - Marine City - WR/DB  
  • Brad Schaub - Marlette - QB
  • Dan Welke - Marshall - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Josh Smith - Marysville - QB
  • Kyle Hedden - Mattawan - RB
  • Devon Harris - Menominee - QB/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • KleSean Clark - Melvindale - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Malik Boynton - Melvindale - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Jason Doyle - Melvindale - QB
  • Ben Konarski - Melvindale - LB
  • Kevin Darden - Melvindale ABT - RB
  • Derek Zagon - Mendon - LB
  • Kyle Weswell - Mendon - OLB/TE
  • Austin Glazier - Merrill - QB
  • Dylan Zaborowski - Michigan Center - QB/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Drew Dowding - Michigan Center - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Presley Kellogg - Michigan Center - OL/DL
  • Larry Bell - Michigan Collegiate - RB
  • Chris Calderone - Michigan Collegiate - OL
  • Brian Jones - Michigan Collegiate - WR
  • Arimus McKenny - Michigan Collegiate - DT
  • Michael Alexander - Midland - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Robert Kanitz - Milan - DB
  • Max Blackburn - Milan - LB
  • Colin Meachum - Millington - OL
  • Bryson Devers - Mio-Au Sable - RB
  • Brad Rhoads - Mio-Au Sable - QB
  • Asantay Brown - Mona Shores - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Logan Smith - Mona Shores - WR/TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Marquon Sargent - Mona Shores - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Evan Wilson - Monroe - DT
  • Josh Czarniowski - Monroe Saint Mary CC - RB
  • Chris Carroll - Montague - RB/DB
  • Riley Warren - Montrose - QB
  • Jimmie Hodge - Montrose - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Malik Taylor - Montrose - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Dakota Jelinek - Montrose - OT 
  • Tyler Doyle - Montrose - LB
  • Antoneio McMillion - Montrose - WR
  • Anthony Cicalo - Montrose - LB
  • Ryan Egan - Montrose - OT (Signed or Committed)
  • Michael Hienze - Morenci - RB
  • Isaiah Collins - Mount Morris - RB
  • Michael Tweh - Mount Pleasant - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Erik Belco - Mount Pleasant - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Randolph Sillmon - Mumford - OL/DL
  • Kenneth Finley - Muskegon - DT (Signed or Committed)
  • Malik King - Muskegon - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Deshaun Thrower - Muskegon - QB
  • Will Hunt - Muskegon - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • John Hall - Muskegon - DB
  • Justin Foster - Muskegon - WR
  • Alex Lewandoski - Muskegon Catholic Central - RB/FS (Signed or Committed)
  • Ian Tyler - Muskegon Catholic Central - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Tavon Jackson - Muskegon Heights - QB
  • Tyler LaJoie - Negaunee - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Zane Radloff - Negaunee - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Hunter Sipperly - Newaygo - DE
  • Justin Busch - New Boston Huron - LB
  • Amari Coleman - New Lothrop - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Jake Vancleave - New Lothrop - WR
  • Josh Wendling - New Lothrop - CB
  • Taylor Krupp - New Lothrop - LB
  • Jacob Young - North Branch - QB
  • Doug Stikeleather - North Branch - RB
  • Chauncey Bridges - North Farmington - RB/ATH (Signed or Committed)
  • Ryan Gannon - North Muskegon - DL
  • Sean Conway - Northville - WR
  • Joe Hewlett - Northville - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Dimitri Angelas - Northville - OG (Signed or Committed)
  • Jermaih Johnson - Notre Dame Prep - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Brenden Newvine - Notre Dame Prep - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Aiden Cullen - Notre Dame Prep - LB
  • Jeff Baker - Novi - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Drew Jackson - Oak Park - WR
  • Austin Wright - Oakridge - QB
  • Dan Shoop - Oakridge - RB
  • Alec Stevens - Ogemaw Heights - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Devin Griffus - Ogemaw Heights - RB/ATH
  • Chase McGill - Olivet - LB
  • Shane Loney - Olivet - TB
  • Jordan Sinclair - Olivet - DE
  • Matt Tollini - Onaway - QB/LB
  • Jalen Watts-Jackson - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jeff Robinson - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - RB 
  • Jeremy Schram - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - G/C  (Signed or Committed)
  • Christopher Crump - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - RB
  • Darian Turner - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - OG/DT
  • Julian Jones - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - DL
  • Austin Petrucci - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - LB
  • Nathan Conrad - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - TE/DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Ken Arnold - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - RB  (Signed or Committed)
  • Mark Zanders - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - SS/RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Spencer Hurst - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - K/P (Signed or Committed)
  • Demere Ramey - Orchard View - DL
  • Brandon Franks - Oscoda - LB/OL
  • Kennedy Akins - Ottawa Hills - CB
  • Rodney Davis - Ottawa Hills - DB
  • Noah Burnham - Our Lady of the Lakes - LB
  • Spencer Howell - Our Lady of the Lakes - K (Signed or Committed)
  • Brandon Keen - Our Lady of the Lakes - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Mitch Tilley - Oxford - WR/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Ben Line - Oxford - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Cody Roop - Oxford - OC/DL
  • Owen Bachusz - Oxford - TE/LB
  • Richard Martin - Oxford - OL
  • Philip Lapinski - Parkway Christian - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Cole Kasperowicz - Parkway Christian - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Nick Halaas - Parkway Christian - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Ryan Conklin - Parma Western - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Tim Wielinga - Paw Paw - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Bobby Yarbrough - Paw Paw - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Caleb Hall - Paw Paw - LB
  • Jake Grimes - Pennfield - QB
  • Josh Golkiewicz - Petersburg Summerfield - RB
  • Shea Whitmore - Petoskey - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Lane Simon - Pewamo-Westphalia - WR/S
  • Kyle Nurenberg - Pewamo-Westphalia - QB/DB
  • Ross Wolniakowski - Pewamo-Westphalia - FB
  • Buck West - Pinckney - QB
  • Bradley Koenig - Pioneer - LB
  • Jake Kroeker - Pioneer - TE
  • Derrick Rossell - Plymouth - RB
  • AJ Convertino - Plymouth - QB
  • Jake Lackey - Plymouth - OT (Signed or Committed)
  • Malik Edwards - Port Huron - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Hunter Lassiter - Portage Central - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Austin Labus - Portage Northern - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Riley Bell - Portage Northern - DB
  • Lorenzo Ivens - Portage Northern - K (Signed or Committed)
  • Tanner Alison - Portland - QB
  • Auston Brandt - Portland - WR
  • Jacob Kimmel - Portland - RB
  • Jimmy Strock - Quincy - FB
  • Damon Fuller - Redford Thurston - DL
  • Chad Samuels - Reed City - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Cody Peyok - Reese - DB
  • Archie Naert - Reese - TE/DL
  • Marcus Merrill - Remus Chippewa Hills - LB
  • Jake McKiernan - Richmond - LB
  • Ryan Boyd - Richmond - QB
  • Dustin Leach - Richmond - RB
  • Havert Beal - River Rouge - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Keland Reeder - River Rouge - DB
  • Lajuan McAdoo - River Rouge - TE
  • Justin Patterson - River Rouge - RB
  • Robert Lewis - River Rouge - OLB
  • Tristan Pritchett - River Rouge - OL
  • Charles Brooks - River Rouge - DE
  • Jake Walsh - Riverview - LB
  • Josh Smith - Riverview - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Marcus Samuels - Riverview - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Aaron Thompson - Robichaud - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Shwan Shadaia - Rochester - DL
  • Shane Shadaia - Rochester - OLB
  • Matt Sokol - Rochester Adams - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Brent Showers - Rockford - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Randy Garvin - Rockford - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Blake Williams - Romeo - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • DaVonte Malcolm - Romulus - DB/WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Mike Hall - Romulus - WR/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Brett Jobin - Roscommon - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • John Miller - Roscommon - QB
  • Dustin Neyer - Sacred Heart Academy - WR
  • Alex Kenrick - Salem - K (Signed or Committed)
  • Drake Jordan - Salem - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Michael Hoover - Salem - WR/TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Nic Sawyer - Saline - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • John Smutny - Saline - DL (Signed or Committed)
  • Quinton Vidaurri  - Saline - CB (Signed or Committed)
  • Griffin Wooley - Saline - RB
  • Nader El-Awar - Saline - WR 
  • Dominic DiMelis - Saline - DL
  • Ryan Tice - Saline - K 
  • Max Recknagel - Saline - OT (Signed or Committed)
  • Steve Roberts - Saginaw - LB
  • Blake Carmichael - Saginaw Heritage - LB
  • Ryan Sullivan - Saginaw Nouvel - RB
  • Tyler Jacqmain - Saginaw Nouvel - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Griffin Weigl - Saginaw Nouvel - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Tyler Hendricks - Saginaw Nouvel - WR
  • Garrett Graham - Saginaw Nouvel - QB
  • Alex Dils - Saginaw Swan Valley - LB
  • Ben Finzel - Saginaw Swan Valley - FB
  • Tim Iltis - Saginaw Valley Lutheran - DE
  • Logan Gatza - Saginaw Valley Lutheran - QB/DB
  • Joe Koscielski - Saugatuck - RB/LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Andrew Blok - Saugatuck - DT
  • Karl Marback - Seaholm - DL (Signed or Committed)
  • Chris Hill - Seaholm - OLB 
  • Aaron Ware - Seaholm - CB
  • Dylan Kannan - Seaholm - SS (Signed or Committed)
  • Andrew Barton - Seaholm - FS
  • Brandon Altman - Seaholm - QB
  • Dominic Sierpien - Seaholm - RB
  • Brandon Stressman - Shepherd - QB
  • David Boomsma - South Christian - LB
  • Todd Postma - South Christian - LB/OL
  • Travis Steenwyk - South Christian - OL
  • Jalen Dingle - South Lake - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Raylan Hill - South Lake - LB
  • Alex O'Brien - South Lyon East - DB
  • Wade Morris - South Lyon East - WR
  • Evan Leary - South Lyon East - DL/LB
  • Lucas Marconcin - South Lyon East - DE
  • Jalen Brady - Southfield - QB
  • Malik McDowell - Southfield - DE  (Signed or Committed)
  • Lawrence Marshall - Southfield - DE   (Signed or Committed)
  • Chris Williams - Southfield - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Jordan Billingslea - Southfield - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Chukwuma Okorafor - Southfield - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Jordan Cry - Southfield - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Carterris Carter - Southfield - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Raquan Carter - Southfield - WR  (Signed or Committed)

  • Lawrence Marshall #12 of Southfield will be a part of another dominant DL in the OAA in 2013.

  • Adrian Church - Southfield-Lathrup - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • TreMario Bivens - Southfield-Lathrup - OL
  • Julian McGee - Southfield-Lathrup - OL
  • Raymone Burton - Southfield-Lathrup - LB 
  • Brandon Ostrowski - Southgate Anderson - RB/DB
  • Christian Pangborn - Sparta - S/QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Josh Westers - Sparta - CB
  • Ryan Rogers - Sparta - DE/TE
  • Beau Dunneback - Sparta - CB/WR
  • Thomas Cheslek - Sparta - MLB
  • Braden LaTour - Sparta - OL
  • Daniel Bryan - Springport - QB
  • Kyle Frizzell - Springport - WR  (Signed or Committed)
  • Clay Walderzak - Standish-Sterling - TE/DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Bo Meldrum - St. Clair - RB
  • Blake Meldrum - St. Clair - RB
  • Tyler Snyder - St. Ignace LaSalle - QB
  • Tim Havens - St. Johns - RB
  • Mason Shinrock - St. Joseph - WR
  • Billy Bonanno - Stevenson (Livonia) - WR
  • Devin Kelly - Stevenson (Livonia) - LB
  • Sultan Faronbi - Stevenson (Sterling Heights) - LB
  • Dustin Carlin - Stevenson (Sterling Heights) - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • DJ Sutton - Stevenson (Sterling Heights) - OL
  • Lucas Showerman - Stockbridge - WR
  • Zach Runciman - Stockbridge - WR/DB
  • Kaleb Grammer - Stockbridge - QB/DB
  • Sean Scullen - Stoney Creek - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Justin Allor - Stoney Creek - QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jack Van Almen - Stoney Creek - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • David Kerr - Stoney Creek - DE/OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Chance Stewart - Sturgis - QB  (Signed or Committed)
  • Matt Phillips - Sturgis - LB
  • Jesse Brown - Summit Academy - RB
  • Dennis Hedke - Summit Academy - DB
  • Grant Yaklin - Swartz Creek - OL/LS
  • Jacob Littles - Swartz Creek - WR
  • Kevin Weiler - Swartz Creek - OL/DL
  • Preston Pelham - Tecumseh - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Devin Moore - Tecumseh - LB
  • Cris Dorobantu - Tecumseh - DL (Signed or Committed)
  • Nick Cowen - Tecumseh - QB
  • Connor Smith - Three Rivers - OL/DL (Signed or Committed)
  • Mitchell Wynkoop - Traverse City Central - DL
  • Jake Gorter - Traverse City Central - K
  • Byron Bullough - Traverse City St. Francis - LB  (Signed or Committed)
  • Eric Coggon - Traverse City St. Francis - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Jake Khoury - Traverse City St. Francis - DT (Signed or Committed)
  • Adam Armour - Traverse City St. Francis - LB  (Signed or Committed)
  • Jack Brodeur - Traverse City St. Francis - LB
  • Connor Hayes - Traverse City West - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Brett Micallef - Trenton - OL/DL (Signed or Committed)
  • Chase Abraham - Trenton - OLB/RB
  • Davis Strobridge - Troy - LB
  • Damian Howard-Doney - Troy - OL
  • Danny Wunderlich - Troy - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Jay Darish - Troy - QB
  • Lucas Bezerra - Troy Athens - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Craig Bazin II - Troy Athens - RB/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Andrew Robinson - Troy Athens - OL/LS (Signed or Committed)
  • Jake York - Troy Athens - OL/DL
  • Jake Nelson - Troy Athens - QB
  • Ryan Rockensuess - Troy Athens - OT
  • Luke Spinek - Troy Athens - DL
  • Donavin Rubens - Truman - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Devonte McGregor - Truman - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • D'ante Barrow - Truman - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Brendan Ballard - Unionville-Sebewaing - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Dillon Dixon - University of Detroit Jesuit - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Tyler Cuckovich - University of Detroit Jesuit - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Jacari Faulkner - University of Detroit Jesuit - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Paris Bennett - University of Detroit Jesuit - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Mitchell Von Zittwitz - Utica - TE (Signed or Committed)
  • Sam Goepper - Utica -  WR/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jack Flater - Utica - QB
  • Austin Jakubik - Utica - WR/DB
  • Christian Benavidez - Vestaburg - LB
  • Kevin Kwapis - Walled Lake Central - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Exhidil Prekaj - Walled Lake Central -  RB/LB
  • Logan Birnie - Walled Lake Northern - OL
  • Ben Forhan - Walled Lake Northern - DE
  • Chase Burton - Walled Lake Northern - QB
  • PJ Kern - Walled Lake Northern - RB
  • Aaron Chretien - Walled Lake Northern - OLB (Signed or Committed)
  • Kyle Bambard - Walled Lake Western - K/QB (Signed or Committed)
  • Troy Thomas - Walled Lake Western - DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Alex Joss - Walled Lake Western - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Leon Richardson - Walled Lake Western - OL (Signed or Committed)
  • Jon Simmons - Walled Lake Western - OLB
  • Ethan Vieaux - Walled Lake Western - FS
  • Brandon Mitchell - Warren Lincoln - DT
  • Angello Proulx - Warren Mott - DB/WR
  • Deshawn Burley - Warren Mott - DB
  • Daveon Dorsey - Warren Mott - RB
  • JC Caldwell - Waterford Mott - WR/DB
  • RJ Rudel - Watervliet - LB
  • Luke Traver - Watervliet - QB/DB
  • Brighton Unaegbu - West Bloomfield - WR
  • Mitch Stanitzek - West Catholic - LB/DE (Signed or Committed)
  • Andy Corey - West Catholic - RB/DB (Signed or Committed)
  • Terrence White - Western International - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Tommy Sanchez - Westside Christian - DB
  • Brian Henderson - Westside Christian - QB/WR 
  • Charles Brooks - Westside Christian -  DE/TE 
  • Aaron Brooks - Westside Christian -  LB/RB 
  • Derrick Brocks - Westside Christian - DB 
  • D'Angelo Walker - Westside Christian - DB 
  • Jens Gillings - Whittemore-Prescott - QB
  • Kyle Matejko - Wyandotte Roosevelt - DE
  • Brandon Sowards - Wyandotte Roosevelt - WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Jacob Simpson - Wyandotte Roosevelt - K
  • Damon Singleton - Wyandotte Roosevelt - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Derek Brown - Yale - OL
  • Jaavaid Love - Ypsilanti - RB
  • Daouda Sylla - Ypsilanti - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jacob Simmons - Ypsilanti - WR
  • Cedric Addie - Ypsilanti Lincoln - DB (Signed or Committed)
  • EJ Shaah - Ypsilanti Lincoln - LB (Signed or Committed)
  • Dalauren Roberson - Ypsilanti Lincoln - RB/WR (Signed or Committed)
  • Devin McCallister - Ypsilanti Lincoln - OL
  • Spencer Viening - Zeeland East - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Seth Nyberg - Zeeland East - DB
  • Marcus Lambert - Zeeland West - RB (Signed or Committed)
  • Jordan Lambert - Zeeland West - QB
  • Jordan Van Dort - Zeeland West - TE
  • Zach Poppema - Zeeland West - DE
  • Danny Bauder - Zeeland West - RB/CB (Signed or Committed)
  • Chris Ashford - Zeeland West - MLB/OT 
  • Cole Hession - Zeeland West - OLB 
  • Grant Postma - Zeeland West - DB

Michigan High School Players in the NBA for 2012-13 Season

If there is anyone who graduated from a Michigan high school and we are missing, comment below.

  1. Al Horford - Grand Ledge - Atlanta - 5 years
  2. Jordan Crawford - Detroit's Communication and Media Arts - Boston - 2 years
  3. Chris Kaman - Tri-unity Christian - Dallas - 9 years
  4. Wilson Chandler - Benton Harbor - Denver - 5 years
  5. Draymond Green - Saginaw - Golden State - Rookie
  6. Willie Green - Cooley - Los Angeles Clippers - 9 years
  7. Shane Battier - Country Day - Miami - 11 years
  8. Devin Searcy - Romulus - Philadelphia - Rookie
  9. Jason Richardson - Saginaw Arthur Hill - Philadelphia - 11 years

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canton Prevails In Kensington Championship; Beats Westland John Glenn In Three Overtimes

         Evan Paputa/P-CEP Perspective/The D Zone

Canton celebrates a Kensginton 
Conference Championship
after a 77-76 win over
John Glenn

Stakes were high Friday night as Westland John Glenn hosted Canton in the KLAA’s Kensington Conference Championship game. Canton’s ‘fist’ outlasted John Glenn after three overtimes to advance to the KLAA Association Championship 77-76. It is the Chiefs first Conference Championship since the 2006-2007 season. 
“The ‘Fist’ is playing together as one big unit. No matter what’s going on, we never quit,” Ryan Planey describes.

It was a constant battle, according to Canton head coach Jimmy Reddy, with three starters fouling out before the third overtime was finished.

Jordan Nobles fouled out in the first overtime, Greg Williams in the second, and Josh Mayberry in the third.

“We played without our best guys for a long time. It seemed like we were without [Jordan] Nobles forever,” Canton head Coach Jimmy Reddy said. “But the bottom line is that the guys that came off the bench showed lots of toughness, poise, and perseverance. Our ‘Next Guy In’ philosophy worked tonight.”

Davon Taylor made a left handed reverse layup with eight seconds left in the third overtime to put Canton up 77-76.

“I didn’t think that I would even get the ball,” Taylor said. “I was thinking about maybe getting an offensive rebound and put-back.”

The first two meetings between the two KLAA South rivals were similar, with the road teams winning. John Glenn beating Canton 53-48 on January 4th and Canton winning 55-50 on January 25th.

“Winning twice on the road here is big,” Reddy said. “Getting to hoist the Conference Championship trophy makes it that much more special.”

Reddy credits Scott Gring as the “rock” in a game that had so much adversity.

“Scott [Gring] held us together tonight through thick and thin. He played 40 of 44 minutes. That’s what we need out of a three-year varsity player.”

Gring hit a buzzer beater Tuesday night against South Lyon in a similar situation where the Chiefs were forced to push the ball the length of the floor with under 10 seconds.

Reddy decided not to use a time-out in either situation.

“We let the guys play. Just like in the South Lyon game. We had a time-out in both games but we just let them play,” Reddy said. “Tonight we made one more play than they did.”

Deshawndre Black’s three point attempt barely drew iron and rimmed out as time expired.

Canton led by 17 with 1:30 left in the 3rd quarter. John Glenn would go on a 21-3 run from then until 2:30 left in the 4th starting with two threes to cut the deficit to 11 (49-38) going in to the 4th.

“We did a poor job defensively in that stretch where they came back on us and we fouled them to give them a lot of free-throws,” Reddy said. “We got away from what was working going inside-out. We shot a lot of three’s. We could have finished the game earlier if we made our free throws.”

The Rockets took their first lead since the 2nd quarter on a Mike Edwards (five points) jumper from the right corner with 3:40 left in the 4th quarter.

Oakland University signee Nic Daniels creates matchup problems every time he steps on the floor. When it mattered most, Matt McKoy defended Daniels and kept him from winning the game at the end of regulation.

“I anticipated what he was going to do, and I stayed in my stance and forced overtime,” McKoy said of his defensive stop on Daniels in the closing seconds of the 4th quarter.

Daniels was at the free throw line for two shots with his Rockets trailing by a point in the first overtime. He split them to send it to a second overtime.

The game looked to be over when Daniels hit a lay-in with only two seconds to go in the second overtime. After a loose ball last touched by John Glenn, Canton had one last chance to extend the game.

Gring, who hit the buzzer beater in the Kensington semi-finals Tuesday night, inbounded to a wide open Planey who made a layup to force a third overtime.

“They [John Glenn defenders] yelled switch, but luckily they didn’t,” Planey said.
Reddy praised his guys who forced a third overtime.

“When we needed to score on a baseline out of bounds play, we executed it, Planey was wide open.”

In the third overtime, John Glenn led 76-72 with under a minute to play.

Planey then hit a clutch pull-up three pointer with contact to cut the Rocket lead down to one.

“You gotta play big in a situation like that because you don’t get many opportunities,” Planey said of the play. “We played our best basketball when there was adversity.”

After Glenn played keep away from the Chiefs, Black had a chance to end the game with two free throws with 17 seconds to go. But two misses opened the door for Canton.

“Coach Young does a great job for them. I learned so much when I played for him in high school,” Reddy said.

John Glenn (16-3) had two player score 20+ points. Daniels led all scorers with 29 points, while his teammate Isaac Everette scored 23. Black chipped in with 11.

For the Chiefs, Planey and Nobles led the way with 19 points apiece. Following them was Williams with 12 and Mayberry had 11. Gring had eight and Taylor (4-8 free throws) had six.

Canton (14-5) will travel to and play Grand Blanc Tuesday February 26 for the KLAA Association Championship. Grand Blanc is undefeated at 20-0 after they beat Waterford Mott for the Lakes Championship 54-45.
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