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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jhonny Williams - Berrien Springs - DE/TE - Class of 2014 Player Profile

  • High School:
    •  Berrien Springs
  • Graduation Year:
    •  2014
  • Primary Position:
    •  DE
  • Secondary Position (s):
    • TE, WR, and LB
  • Height:
    • 6'6"
  • Weight:
    • 230 lbs
  • #1 Most Memorable Game:
    • The Edwardsburg Eddies, our rivals, and a really good football team in our conference. Always a fun game. 
  • Pre-game Traditions:
    • I get up early before school starts, go run around the block a few times. Go to school, then after I'm watching film on the team were about to play, and eating the spaghetti team dinner. 
  • Post-game Traditions:
    • Icing if needed. Then a shower and watching film on the next opponent with a good meal, then sleeping. 
  • Athlete you try building your game around:
    • Jadeveon  Clowney 
  • Anticipated Major:
    • Business, psychology, criminology, or maybe mechanical engineering.
  • Experience:
    • 3 years on Varsity
  • Greatest High School Achievement:
    • I got all state high jump; with a jump of 6'4". While also receiving all state in the shot put; with a throw of 53"9. And first team all conference basketball for two years straight. 
  • Offseason Goal (s):
    • Win the state title for shot put and high jump. And get 1st team all state for basketball. 
  • Stats:
    • Unknown game stats by I do know a few:
      • 4:5 forty time.
      • 9.5 straight jump
      • 6'6"" 230 lbs
  • College Offers:
    • Toledo
    • Missouri
    • Ball State
    • San Diego State
  • Colleges that you are interested in:
    • Toledo, Mizzou, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan State, and USC
  • Colleges that have shown you interest:
    • Toledo, Michigan State, Ball State, and Mizzou
  • Intangibles:
    • 6'6", 230 pounds with long arms and being able to run a 4:5 for my forty time.
  • How I play the game:
    • Fast, hard, and completing my job on the football field exactly the way my coaches demand me to. 

The D Zone - How has recruiting been going so far for you this season?

Jhonny Williams - "I'm very late to the recruiting process due to lack of knowledge of how important it is. So I'm just now getting into it, and so far it's been great. From now on anything dealing with football is definitely a positive!"

What has been your biggest challenge in High School football so far?

Jhonny Williams - "I used to be 6'6" kid with basketball dreams, so I got into recruiting process later than I should have."

What has been the most memorable part of high school football?

Jhonny Williams - "So far it's all been great, but this is my senior season. I'm bigger, stronger and much  faster than I was a year ago. And the whole teams been putting in so much work. This season could be special. I feel the best memories are yet to come."

What have you been doing since football season ended?

Jhonny Williams - "Trying to gain weight and become a better football player."

What are keys to performing at your positions?

Jhonny Williams - "Height/weight, strength, explosiveness, toughness, and last but not least being coachable."

What are some personal goals you have set for this upcoming season?

Jhonny Williams - "As a senior I want to be a good leader. I want to lead and help my team to as many victories as possible."

If a college coach was interested in having you play on his team and asked you why he should accept you on his team, what would you tell him?

Jhonny Williams - "I'd tell him: Coach I'm willing to do whatever you and your staff want me to do. To the best of my ability, I'll do whatever it takes. I'm not cocky but I believe in myself. I will do anything it takes to make it!"

Which game stands out the most to you in the 2013 season? 

Jhonny Williams - "Edwardsburg, rival game!"

Who is the best player you lined up against on the field?

Jhonny Williams - "A Division 1 pulling guard, and also my teammate a friend Nick Padla."

Other comments or accolades, awards, etc.?

  • Pick me, I'll work hard, on the football field and the classroom. And I'll try my best to push my self so that I'm competing and eventually dominating at the Division 1 football level. You won't regret me.
  • All state high jump 
  • All state shot put
  • 1st team all conference basketball

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