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Monday, March 4, 2013

Detroit King 2014 Avonte Maddox talks football and baseball

By writer Branden Hunter:   Last time I spoke with Detroit King junior Avonte Maddox back in September,he was just beginning his first season as a varsity football player. Now the 5-9,160-pound Maddox is a rising star on the recruiting scene and has offers from Toledo,Eastern Michigan and Ball State.

"It was surprising because we had just got done winning our basketball game, and my coach was like congratulations, and I was like thanks. He then said on your first offer, and I was excited",said Maddox on receiving his first offer. Several MAC and Big Ten schools are showing interest in Maddox for his big playmaking ability and 4.3-forty speed.

Because of his size and ability to score every time he touches the ball, Maddox would be best fit for a spread type offense, similiar to that of Oregon,or West Virginia. Ironically he is a huge fan of former West Virginia wideout Tavon Austin, who is similiar in stature, and ability. "The spread is better fit for me because I like to be in the open field and make plays from catching the ball", Maddox says.

Football isn't only sport he excels in at King either. He is currently on the boys varsity basketball team, and also plays baseball. Maddox says he wants to continue to play baseball in college and that may be a factor in whichever program he chooses. "I've asked schools if they would let me play both, and they said yes, I just have to be really good in both sports because of the scholarship".

Being a two sport athlete can be challenging,but Maddox says he plans to try to do both football, and baseball this spring. Whichever schools he pledges too will be getting a star on the field and the diamond, and more importantly, a great kid.

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