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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

David Mann of Loy Norrix Commits to Ferris State

After getting major commits all across the skilled position board, Ferris State is starting to add more and more quality players for the Class of 2013.  To protect the skill position players, it requires quality and depth on the offensive line.  Ferris State did just that by getting offensive lineman, David Mann from Loy Norrix to join the Class of 2013.

Position (s): Left tackle
Height & Weight: 6'6" 260
First Game Started: First game of the 2011 season
#1 Most Memorable Game: Beating Kalamazoo Central my Senior year, 2012. We won 22-9 against our cross town rivals. It was the best feeling ever to best them. Especially since it was the second year in a row that we beat them on the varsity level.
Pre-game Traditions: Before every game I'd go eat the pre-game meal with the team and then I would go sit in the training room and put on my headphones. I would tune everyone else out for about an hour or two and then sometimes I would go in the locker room and slowly get dressed, piece by piece. In the process of getting dressed, I would come in and out of the training room and joke around with other athletes. I would also step outside and just look at the field, I consider it the calm before the storm.
Post-game Traditions: After every game I would go hang out with some teammates and sometimes a bunch of players and students would go to Applebee's and get some food. Other times I would just go home, and ice my body and then shower. I usually wasn't very social after we lost.
Athlete you try building your game around: I try to build my mentality and game after Jake Long. I used to always watch him play at Michigan and I thought he was such a great lineman.

The D Zone - How does it feel committing to Ferris State?

David Mann - "It feels amazing to finally commit! I just have this feeling like, "I DID IT!" I'm that much closer to reaching my dream of playing college football. But I also know that I have to continue working hard and getting bigger, faster, and stronger."

The D Zone - What stands out the most about Ferris State?

David Mann - "Ferris State just felt like the college for me. I visited campus and after the visit I thought, "this is the one!"

The D Zone - What have you enjoyed the most while visiting the campus?

David Mann  - "Getting to know the coaching staff and the program."

The D Zone - What do the Ferris State coaches like about the way you play?

David Mann - "They told me that I was a very coachable athlete and I had good footwork."

The D Zone - When the Ferris State coaches found out you committed, how was their excitement level and what did they say to you?

David Mann - "They seemed pretty excited and ready to get to work."

The D Zone - Are you familiar with any players on the Ferris State roster?

David Mann - "Not at the moment but I look forward to becoming a part of the brotherhood."

The D Zone - Have you had a chance to meet with anyone from the Class of 2013 and any players you are trying to pull with you to FSU?

David Mann - "Not really just saying, "hi" at visits."

The D Zone - What's in store for your future leading up to Signing Day?

David Mann - "Now it's time to work even harder and being in even better shape when I step on campus and begin my career as a bulldog. I'm very excited to get up to campus and start working. But I also know I have some time before that so I have to put in work on my own before then and that's what I'm doing."

The D Zone - Any closing comments you have?

David Mann - "I'd just like to say thank you to my family, my coaches, and my high school teammates for never giving up on me and continuing to help me out along the way. I owe the biggest thank you to my family for supporting me, I'm pretty sure my mom is excited to see all the money going in to the grocery bill for my food and money towards camps and training is finally paying off."

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