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Monday, December 10, 2012

Brandon Harding of Oak Park Commits to Ferris State

It has been a crazy process for Oak Park Senior WR, Brandon Harding.  Harding who was a very consistent target for Oak Park this season has verbally committed to Ferris State University.  Harding at one point had a Western Michigan offer but with Bill Cubit being fired it has left uncertainty. That uncertainty has washed away this past week when Harding was offered by Ferris State University.

Position (s): WR/FS
Height & Weight: 6'0 & 178
First Game Started: Loyola vs Oak Park (Week 1, 2011)
#1 Most Memorable Game: Loyola vs. Oak Park because that's the game where I caught the game winning touchdown.
Pre-game Traditions: Put music on, sit by myself where nobody is, prepare myself mentally, and then say a prayer before I put my uniform on.
Post-game Traditions: Whether we win or lose, I'll still try to keep the team to remained focused and come to practice ready for the next team. I'll also say a prayer after the game thanking God I wasn't hurt while playing.
Athlete you try building your game around: Braylon Edwards, he is like a big brother to me so I definitely base my game off of him. He has given me tips on how to become a better receiver many of times.

The D - Zone - How does it feel committing to Ferris State?

Brandon Harding - "It feels great, knowing that I'm able to go to college doing something that I LOVE to do."

The D - Zone - What stands out the most about Ferris State?

Brandon Harding - "What really stood out to me about Ferris State was the support that the football players receive by the fans as well as the coaches."

The D - Zone - What have you enjoyed the most while visiting the campus?

Brandon Harding - "The thing I most enjoyed about the visit was being around the football players, and being able to live the college life while I was there."

The D - Zone - What do the Ferris State coaches, like about the way you play?

Brandon Harding - "They like the way that I can go get the ball when it's in the air, they also like the way I block and my elusiveness."

The D - Zone - When the Ferris State coaches found out you committed, how was their excitement level and what did they say to you?

Brandon Harding - " They were very excited, they want me to come there and hopefully start. They told me I was one of the top receivers on their recruiting list."

The D - Zone - Are you familiar with any players on the Ferris State roster?

Brandon Harding - "I wasn't until I went there on the visit, and met everybody."

The D - Zone - Are there any other players that you are trying to bring with you to Ferris State?

Brandon Harding - "One of my High School teammates (WR) Brian Williams."

The D - Zone - How will playing in a tough conference, OAA White help you at Ferris State?

Brandon Harding - "It will just about be the same, many of the players in the OAA White are going to be in the same conference, specifically GVSU. I'll just have to prepare myself just as hard as I did in High School and we'll come out with the Victory."

The D - Zone - What is it like playing for Coach Greg Carter and what will you remember the most from him?

Brandon Harding - "Coach Carter is a GREAT Coach.. I've known him since I was 3 years old, from the St. Martin Deporres Days.  But he has taught me a lot, and he will always be somebody I can come to for help."

The D - Zone - What's in store for your future leading up to Signing Day?

Brandon Harding - "Just training, training, training.. Going to get to work with Justin Brantley (B-Fit Detroit) and go from there. Other Schools are contacting me, but as of now I'm staying with Ferris State."

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