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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Javon Haines - 2013 WR

One of the top players in the whole Capital Area Activities Conference in 2012 is going to be East Lansing's WR, DB, and PR Javon Haines.  The East Lansing playmaker was able to talk about this upcoming season as his Trojans look to replicate last year's success.  East Lansing went 9-3 last season, being eliminated by Mount Pleasant.

Position (s): WR PR DB

Height & Weight: 6'1 and 184

First Game Started
: Against Haslett junior year it was first game of the season.

#1 Most Memorable Game
: Against St Johns when I had 2 tds coming off of an injury in the first half.

Pre-game Traditions
: I eat Subway before every game. And about an hour before kickoff I go to the north goal post and say a prayer.

Post-game Traditions
: I go to Applebees with my team, then I go home and watch the game because my grandpa records them.

Athlete you try building your game around
: Jeremy Maclin on offense.  He can do a lot, makes plays, when he went to Missouri, he went and got the ball wherever it was, and on defense Ed Reed.  Just being a ball hawk and being wherever the ball is on defense.

The D - Zone - What have you been doing this off-season to prepare yourself for the 2012 season?

Javon Haines - "The things I've been doing this off season is working extremely hard on finishing, no matter what it is. From working out, to running sprints. Because as a team we have to work on finishing and I have to work on finishing myself. I also watch A LOT of film on my own time 3 to 4 times a week."

The D - Zone - What was one of the best skills that you developed last season?

Javon Haines - "The best skill I developed was my quickness and my 2nd gear. This year I'm trying to get in the endzone every time I touch the ball and working on controlling my speed could really put me in the position to do that. I also developed being a team leader. Being a Senior on this team you have to be able to lead the team and I think I'm doing a great job this off season."

The D - Zone - What will you take away from last season and attempt to apply it to the 2012 season?

Javon Haines - "I'll take away how we came together, from team dinners, to go over each others houses and watching film. I think that played a huge part in our success last year."

The D - Zone How do you feel you can impact a game?

Javon Haines - "I make plays, and I think what makes me different from some other players is that I don't need the ball to make a play. Whether its from throwing blocks or making tackles I can do it. I'm just a play maker with and without the ball."

The D - Zone - What are you looking forward to as a Senior at East Lansing?

Javon Haines - "I'm looking forward to winning a state championship. I want the team to know that I'm prepared for anything, and that I can put the team on my back throughout the season."

The D - Zone - What were some memories you had growing up while watching East Lansing or other teams?

Javon Haines - "I played for a city league team called Kappa Express and we watched a lot of Lansing Sexton and Eastern. Every once and a while we'd go to an East Lansing game and I'd see Isaac Harper run around the field untouched sometimes and it was amazing. From that moment on I wanted to put on the Blue and White because I felt like they were a complete team and wanted to win as much as I do."

The D - Zone What is a big game on your schedule that you have circled and why?

Javon Haines - "Every game is a big game no matter how you think about it. Everyone is getting better, but there are 3 games I circled just because of all the trash talk and my friends are on the teams; Holt High School, Grand Ledge, and Lansing Everett. I've never beat Holt in football and Grand Ledge keeps saying that our win was lucky and they have the best team Grand Ledge has ever seen in a while, and Everett because although you can't tell by their record, they are a really good team. They have the most speed and athleticism on their team. So it should be fun playing them."

The D - Zone - Who is the rival on your schedule? How important is it beating this team and what does beating this team mean to you, your teammates, and fans?

Javon Haines - "Our rival is Haslett High School, we've beat them these past few years but the first game is always the toughest and a win against them would be a huge positive for our team and it'll give us confidence for the next game playing Chelsea."

The D - Zone - If I had a college coach sent to you and he asked why he should have you on his team, what you tell him?

Javon Haines - "I'd tell the coach that he has a playmaker who is always trying to learn the game. Willing to make any type of sacrifice for the good of the team and he's also getting a student athlete. Someone who you won't have problems off the field with."

The D - Zone - How has the recruiting process been going so far for you?

Javon Haines - "Its going good but very slow. I have no offers but I'm sure they should be coming in soon based off what I do my senior season. The schools that are looking at me are; Buffalo, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, Illinois, Syracuse, Ball State, Miami (Ohio), Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Notre Dame, and a few other D2 schools like Grand Valley, and Saginaw Valley. I really want to be a Spartan but if I don't get an offer from them, anywhere else is perfect with me. I just want a free education."

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