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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jack Ford of Cadillac commits to Central Michigan

About a month ago, Cadillac's offensive and defensive lineman, Jack Ford verbally committed to the Central Michigan Chippewa's.  Ford was able to share his thoughts on committing to Central Michigan and some other topics.

Position (s): LT on offense and RT/RE on defense

: 6'6"

First Game Started
: Beginning of Junior season

#1 Most Memorable Game
: J.V. year vs. Manistee, scoop and score for the win.

Pre-game Traditions
: Just being really quiet and focused.

Post-game Traditions
: Mess around in the locker room with teammates.

Athlete you try building your game around
: Try to best that I can be.

The D - Zone - How does it feel being committed to Central Michigan University?

Jack Ford - "It feels awesome to be committed to Central Michigan, I love everything about it."

The D - Zone - When you received your first offer from Central Michigan, what went through your head after the coach informed you of the offer?

Jack Ford - "I was just extremely happy that my work had paid off and that I can play D1 football!"

The D - Zone - What stood out the most about Central Michigan?

Jack Ford - "The thing that stood out to me the most is just their attitude toward everything, its that we are going to work hard to achieve what we want kind of attitude."

The D - Zone - What have you enjoyed the most while visiting the campus?

Jack Ford - "Coach Cummings (my position coach) was by far the number one thing about Central, that I enjoyed there."

The D - Zone - What do the Central Michigan coaches, like about the way you play?

Jack Ford - "They said that they like how I give my all every single play and liked my work ethic as well."

The D - Zone - When Central Michigan coaches found out you committed, how was their excitement level and what did they say to you?

Jack Ford - "They were excited and they said that they are glad I'm a Chippewa and that they think I'm going to help the program a lot."

The D - Zone - Are you familiar with any players on the Chippewas roster?

Jack Ford - "Not really but I talked to Jake Olson and Eric Fisher during my visit there."

The D - Zone - What's in store for your future leading up to Signing Day?

Jack Ford - "A great senior season for Cadillac football, we want to get at least a regional title, that would be the schools first one!"

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