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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interview with Michigan Collegiate Women's Basketball Coach Ricardo Brown

Name: Coach Ricardo Brown

School: Michigan Collegiate 

Sean Daniels / The D - Zone - With girls basketball being underrated as a coach do you feel any pressure to help put girls basketball on the map?

Ricardo Brown - " Most definitely, being involved in girls basketball, coaching at a small school you want to put the best product on the court not just to represent Michigan Collegiate but Michigan High School basketball as a whole."


Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  What made you want to coach girls basketball and not the men’s side of high school hoops?

Ricardo Brown - "I started off wanting to coach boys but opportunity lied in coaching girls and I will probably stay on this side. Girls take pride in learning the game and becoming better while boys sometime feel as though they know everything and try to duplicate the NBA more-so than learn the game and become better."


Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  At any time do you wish that your girls could throw alley oops or flush down a dunk?

Ricardo Brown - "Of course, if they could that would make me a popular man within girls basketball. It would bring mass attention to the school as well as bringing more excitement to women's basketball, and eventually a girl from my tutelage will be able to dunk."

Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  What is your goal as a girls basketball coach?

Ricardo Brown - "As far as this year goes, my goal is to beat our rival Chandler Park Academy on January 4th and win our conference also, winning districts and regional’s. Long term however, I want to create a winning attitude for all girls that play at Michigan Collegiate and instill tools that can help these young ladies throughout their life."

Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  As Bob Hurley Sr., famed head coach of St. Anthony’s mens basketball in New Jersey, has elected to stay at the high school level is your goal or do you have ambition to move to the higher levels if possible?

Ricardo Brown - "As of now I plan on being Michigan Collegiate’s girls varsity head coach and coaching these girls to become the best they can be. Eventually, if opportunity knocks I would love to coach on the next level as would any coach."

Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  Favorite Basketball Moment? 

Ricardo Brown - "Michael Jordan Flu game, he showed that all ailments and obstacles shouldn’t defer you from helping your team get a win and playing to the best of your capabilities."

Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  Favorite Female Player? 

Ricardo Brown - "Angel McCoughtry, she plays with a fire and a passion to win, she gives all out aggression and effort. Her motor never stops and that’s something I want to instill in the girls that play here for Michigan Collegiate."

Sean Daniels / The D - Zone -  Favorite Women’s Basketball Moment? 

Ricardo Brown - "Teresa Weatherspoon’s half court buzzer beater in the 1999 WNBA Finals against the Houston Rockets to win game 2."

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