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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Byron 2012 Football Preview

2012 ScheduleSchedule
School Mascot Name: Eagles
2011 Record: 7-3
Division: Genesee Area Conference - Blue
2012's Expected Division for Playoffs: Division 6
Record Last 10 seasons: 48-46

Coach: Dave Richardson
Coaching Experience12th year as head varsity coach in Byron and 11 years as a junior varsity coach in Byron
Coaching StaffMatt Nastally – Assistant Coach and Byron Shartzer – Defensive Coordinator

Key Returners:

Hunter Taylor (Captain) - Senior
-5’11” 220 pounds
Hunter will play his 3rd year on the varsity this season. He is one of our best athletes on the
team. He will make the move from defensive end to middle linebacker. Hunter will also anchor the offensive

Seth Olrich (Captain) Senior
-5’8” 185 pounds
-This is Seth’s third year on the varsity. He will make the move from outside linebacker to
safety on defense and offensively he will play multiple positions from running back to slot receiver.

Jordon Coffee – Senior
-5’10” 165 pounds
-This is Jordon’s third season on the varsity. He started as our slot receiver last year and as a
corner on defense. Jordon is the fastest player that I have ever coached. He returns to the team as our second leading receiver (655 yards). Jordon has worked very hard in the off season and will challenge for the starting quarterback position. Jordon will be one of the most dynamic players in our conference and the area this fall on both sides of the ball.

Alex Caron - Senior
-6’1:” 175 pounds.
-Alex will play his third year on the varsity this season. He will be one of our main targets on
offense to throw to and will play corner back on defense. Alex will be counted on to step up and take a leadership role and be a dominate player in our league.

Sawyer Fultz – Senior
-6’1” 175 pounds
-Sawyer will see his first action as a game player for Byron this fall due to transferring, but his
senior leadership and knowledge of football he will make an immediate impact on our program. Sawyer will also challenge for the starting quarterback position and as a slot receiver. He is a great route runner and will catch anything that is thrown in his direction. Sawyer will also be an impact player in our defensive secondary.

Jacob Guile - Senior
-5’9” 230 pounds
-Jacob will play his second year on the varsity. He will be our center on offensive and play the 3
technique defensive tackle. Jacob is one of the strongest players in our program.

Adam Wilsdon – Senior
-6’0” 195 pounds
- Adam will start at defensive end where he played every down last year and he will challenge
for one of our slot receiver positions on offense. Adam is a tireless worker in the weight room.

Nathan Philburn – Junior
-6’2” 195 pounds
-Nathan will be playing his 2nd year on the varsity as our right outside linebacker. He is a
tremendous athlete and will work offensively at one of the slot receiver positions. His size and aggressive style of play will make him a force on the defensive side of the ball.

Joel Lanning – Junior
6’2” 235 pounds
-Joel played every snap last season as our left tackle and will be asked to contribute more on the
defensive side of the ball as a defensive tackle or defensive end. Joel has worked extremely hard in the off season to improve his strength and speed.

Dustin Blom – Junior (captain)
-6’1” 215 pounds
Dustin was our main ball carrier last season with 695 yards rushing. He will be asked to be more
involved in our passing game along with his ability to run the ball. Dustin increased his weight in the offseason while improving his speed. He will be the second fastest player on our team. Dustin will also be involved on the defensive side of the ball as a defensive end or outside linebacker.

Jacob Sakowiak – Senior
-5’11” 220 pounds
- After starting late last season and finishing the season as our starting outside linebacker Jake
will be asked to get involved in the offense more this season. He has a great ability to catch the ball and coupled with his size and speed will create problems for defenses to defend.

Andrew Wiggins – Junior
-5’8” 160 pounds
-This will be Andrew’s second year on the varsity. He will be our outside threat as a receiver.
Andrew has the ability to catch the ball and be an elusive runner with the ball after he catches it. He runs great routes and is a tireless worker in the weight room. His bench press max has improved (255 pounds) over the offseason to the point that he will be hard to bring down when he catches the ball.

Daniel Stolhn
-6’2” 205 pounds
-Daniel will make his biggest contribution to our team this fall in the defensive backfield. His
ability to run and his size could make him one of the best corner backs in our conference. Daniel will also be a contributor to all our special teams.

Seth Hillaker – Senior
-6’1” 175 pounds
-Seth will be in the mix for our starting safety position and as a wide receiver. His ability to
jump and his toughness will make him a valuable asset to our team.

Key Newcomers:

Hunter Dalianus-Turner
-6’1” 195 pounds.
-Hunter is new to our program and has set the example for hard work in the weight room. He
will make an immediate impact on the defensive line as a defensive end or tackle where he can utilize his speed and also on the offensive line where his strength and agility will be a great addition to our program.

Dustin Hendershot
-5’11” 225 pounds
-Dustin has put in the work in the offseason to give him the chance to be player on the offensive
line. His increase in speed and quickness along with his toughness will help him be an immediate contributor to our offensive line.

Nathan Foster – Sophomore Running back/outside linebacker
Wyatt Beard – sophomore receiver/defensive safety
Charlie Gieger-Smith – sophomore offensive/defensive lineman.

Key Losses: Gavin Shepard – Captain – Receiver (965 yards receiving), Taylor Lehner – Captain – Offensive Lineman/Def. Lineman, and AJ Morely – Quarterback (2400 yards passing).

Season OutlookThis group has committed to improving in the weight room. This will be the strongest team that I can remember. With the experience that we have on the team this year and the work that the players have put in this off season this group has laid the ground work to challenge for the league championship.

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