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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Austin Doan - 2013 OL

In recent season's the Romeo Bulldogs have earned their reputation as a big and physical football team who have utilized their running game to win many games.  The Bulldogs have had several of the state's top runningbacks the past few years in Ben Brown and Ryan Burkard.  A huge reason for their success though, is due to an offensive line that has abilities to dominate defensive opponents.  The past two seasons one of the Bulldogs starting lineman is Austin Doan.  Doan will be entering his Senior season this year and recently has been offered by Central Michigan University.

Postion (s): RT, OC, DT, and NG.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 265

First Game Started: My first game started was against Troy High School which was game 1, my Sophomore year.

#1 Most Memorable Game: My most memorable game was against Troy Athens in game one of the playoffs that lasted five overtimes which we won 34-31.

Pre-game Traditions: Eat three home made subs and then go to the school and listen to music when getting ready for the game.

Post-game traditions: After the game, I go to a teammates house and have some food and watch our game from the following week on our local T.V. station.

Athlete you try build your game around: Jake Long because he one of the best in the game at tackle.

The D - Zone - What have you been doing this off-season to prepare yourself for the 2012 season?

Austin Doan - "To get ready for the season we went in the morning for team speed training during school. Been working out at athletic republic once a week and lifting at the school 3-4 times a week. For the summer we have team workouts three times a week for two hours a day. I have been going to camps and getting better at every camp by working on things. My goal is to get better every day."

The D - Zone - What was one of the best skills that you developed last season?

Austin Doan - "One of the best skills I developed last season was leadership from the seniors and all the things they did. The ability to get off a block and go up to the next level and block the linebackers more effectively."

The D - Zone - What were some goals and milestones that you set in 2011?

Austin Doan - "Goals that I set for 2011 were becoming All-County and yes I did accomplish it by becoming 1st team All-County. Another goal was to get noticed by colleges to be able to play at the next level and I did accomplish this because I received an offer from Central Michigan and more colleges are interested."

The D - Zone - What will you take away from last season and attempt to apply it to the 2012 season?

Austin Doan - "The thing that I would try to apply to this season from last season would be block to the whistle every play and never give up on any play. The game is won at the line of scrimmage. Getting my team fired up to play and get them ready for every game."

The D - Zone - Have you thought about any goals that you would like to set for yourself for the 2012 season?

Austin Doan - "The goals that I would like to set in 2012 is to become All-State, All-Metro East, All-County, and All-Conference. Help lead my team to a MAC Red championship, District, Regional, and State Championship."

The D - Zone - How do you feel you can impact a game?

Austin Doan - "I feel that I can impact the game by blocking my guy to the whistle every play and never give up on a play no matter how tired I am from playing in the game. Making holes for my running back to run through to create a big play and make my quarterback comfortable at all times."

The D - Zone - What separates you from other's who play the same position as you?

Austin Doan - "The thing that separates me from other players at my position are that no matter how hard the play or challenge is. I will try my hardest every play and not give up and give my best effort all the time."

The D - Zone - Romeo was able to string together 7 straight wins together last season, why was the team clicking during that span?

Austin Doan - "Last season during the seven game win streak the team was able to do that because we got closer as a team and everyone was on the same page at practice. Everyone tried there hardest everyday and we studied film so that we knew what the other time would do in certain situations."

The D - Zone - Romeo is known for it's defense, in 2011 Romeo only allowed 149 points which is the least amount since 2008. Why was the defense able to allow so little points and what must be done to carry that hard-nosed defense into the 2012 season?

Austin Doan - "Romeo's defense has been so successful because everyone is committed to get better everyday and the coaches are really good and know what they are talking about when it comes down to our defense. To carry it into the season my teammates have to give the same amount of effort to get better."

The D - Zone - In recent years, Troy has become a minor rival to Romeo, as the trash talking was heavy was season and the games are nice and tight, what's feeling for this Troy game, amongst Bulldog players and fans?

Austin Doan - "Troy is a good football team and will be good competition for us. Everyone is ready for the first football game against Troy and we cannot wait to play them. The community is giving us a lot of support as always."

The D - Zone - Have you had a chance to attend any camps so far this Spring?

Austin Doan - "Yes I have attended the Midwest Elite Big Man Camp and was selected for the best of the best. Was selected Best of the Best at the Midwest Elite Exposure Camp and made first team offense from this camp. I also went to Toledo's camp, Central Michigan's camp, Michigan State's camp and all of them were great and had good exposure."

The D - Zone - Are there any camps that you are looking forward to this Spring and Summer?

Austin Doan - "I am registered to go to the Ball State camp on Friday 6/22. I looked forward to all the camps that I am going and have gone to."

The D - Zone - What is a big game on your schedule that you have circled and why?

Austin Doan - "A big game on our schedule is against Utica Eisenhower because it is our homecoming game, the last three times we have played them have been at their place and the last time they came to our place we beat them and I am excited to have them come back to our place."

The D - Zone - Who is the rival on your schedule? How important is it beating this team and what does beating this team mean to you, your teammates, and fans?

Austin Doan - "The biggest rivals on our schedule would be Utica Eisenhower. The reason it is important is because we have lost to them the last three times we have have played them. It would mean a lot because they are our biggest rivals and everyone would be glad to beat them and it would be the biggest victory during the regular season."

The D - Zone - If I had a college coach sent to you and he asked why he should have you on his team, what you tell him?

Austin Doan - "I would tell the coach that he should have me on his team because I will always give my best effect every play and everyday. I will always play to the whistle and never give up on a play. I am a good leader and will get my team ready for the game as best as I can. I will study film so I have a better understanding for the other team."

The D - Zone - How has the recruiting process been going so far for you?

Austin Doan - "The recruiting process is going very well. I have received an offer from Central Michigan, Ball State is interested and will offer if I do well at camp, Toledo is also showning interest, Michigan State is showing interest in me. I've received an offer from Ferris State, Siena Heights and Concordia, and a lot of D2 and D3 schools are showing interest in me."

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