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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Deonte Campbell-Sims - 2015 DB

One of the future top players on the west side of Michigan will be Class of 2015, Athlete, Deonte Campbell-Sims out of Berrien Springs High School.  Campbell-Sims was able to share some insight on his football skills.

Postion: My Position is ATH but I will mainly play Safety next year
Height & Weight: I am 5.8 and I weigh 170 lbs
First Game Started: My first game I ever started was when I was in the 5th grade and I played Outside Linebacker.
#1 Most Memorable Game: My most memorable game was last year in 8th grade when I returned the ball from the 1 yard line for a touchdown.
Pre-game Traditions: I drink Whey Protein in the mornings then drink a ton of water in between classes.
Post-game Traditions: I Listen to music and have a conversation with my Dad on how I did and what I need to work on.
Athlete you try building your game around: I build my game around Tyrann Mathieu from LSU and Lamarcus Joyner from FSU because they are both explosive DB's and they are around my height.

The D - Zone - What have you been doing this off-season to prepare yourself for the 2012 season?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "I've been running routes and lifting weights during the offseason."

The D - Zone - What was one of the best skills that you developed last season?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "The best skills I've developed was my route running ability."

The D - Zone - What were some goals and milestones that you set in 2011?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "The goals I set was just to get better and that's what I did."

The D - Zone - What will you take away from last season and attempt to apply it to the 2012 season?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "I will try to be a smarter player on the field for next year."

The D - Zone - Have you thought about any goals that you would like to set for yourself for the 2012 season?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "My goal for next year is to get a BCS offer."

The D - Zone - What are your thoughts on playing for Berrien Springs?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "Playing for Berrien Springs is a great learning experience because the school gives the football players a chance to work hard during the offseason."

The D - Zone - What will be your thoughts when you begin to play on Varsity and has been your reactions, thinking about it?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "When I play varsity I will feel that I am getting closer to getting my first BCS offer."

The D - Zone - Have you had a chance to attend any camps so far this Spring?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "The only combine I went to was the Michigan Elite combine."

The D - Zone - Are there any camps that you are looking forward to this Spring and Summer?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "I am going to the Western Michigan and Michigan State football camp this summer."

The D - Zone - What is a big game on your schedule that you have circled and why?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "The big game I have circled is my game against Coloma because they are our rivals."

The D - Zone - How important is it beating Coloma and what does beating Coloma mean to you, your teammates, and fans?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "If we beat Coloma that would mean so much to our fans and coaches."

The D - Zone - If I had a college coach sent to you and he asked why he should have you on his team, what you tell him?

Deonte Campbell-Sims - "A college coach should have me on his team because I am an extremely hard worker on and off the field."

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