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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nick Johnson - 2012 DE

The class of 2012 was loaded with talented football players.  One player who was unable to generate a lot of recruiting attention was Nick Johnson of South Lake.  The Defensive End, Linebacker, and Offensive Lineman may not of drawn college attention but that cannot be said about getting the attention of opponents.  In most games Johnson was double teamed and offensive coordinators had to of circled Johnson's name on the roster leading up to the game.  Johnson recently choose to play at College of the Desert in California where the coaches only allows players who have the potential to play Division 1 football to play on his team.  Nick Johnson was able to reflect on his new school as well as his days as a South Lake Cavalier.

Position (s): DE/LB
Height & Weight: Height: 6'2" Weight: 235
First Game Started: Freshman year (2008) Warren Lincoln
#1 Most Memorable Game: Winning our first game my Sophomore year after 19 straight loses against Warren Lincoln, 16-14!
Pre-game Traditions: Put my iPod in and walk around the field and mentally prepare myself. As well as watch film on the opponent and who I would be matched up against.
Post-game Traditions: Go out to eat after every game. Mainly Buffalo Wild Wings. Then right to sleep.
Athlete you try building your game around: DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs.

The D - Zone - You recently committed to College of the Desert what were the reasons for choosing the school in California?

Nick Johnson - "I had a lot of reasons for committing here. I felt they gave my the best opportunity to tune up my game and get ready for the next level. I also want to play in the Pac-12 and I knew it would be a very sleek opportunity to play there because I'm in Michigan, about 2,500 miles away from the closest Pac-12 school."

The D - Zone - This past week you were able to visit the school while on Spring Break, what were your thoughts on the school and the city?

Nick Johnson - "The school was great. It wasn't too big, yet wasn't too small. It was all located in one area so I wouldn't have to walk for miles! The city is great. There is so much to do and so much too see. A lot of places to go out and run and just always be outside because its always warm out there."

The D - Zone - Which position will you be playing at College of the Desert and what kind of expectations has the coach discussed with you?

Nick Johnson - "I will be playing defensive end at COD. I want to try outside linebacker too, but they run a 3-5-3 and I was only gunna try that in a 3-4 scheme. The coach has major expectations and wants me come in right away and compete. He wants me to go in on pass situations because he feels I have a great take off and will give linemen problems with my speed off the ball."

The D - Zone - How long do you plan to play at College of the Desert before going on to the next step?

Nick Johnson - "I hope to play for 2 years or less and transfer to a 4 year university. I can't waste all my time there because I will only have a maximum of 3 years after that to play anywhere else. So I have to come in right away and get to business!"

The D - Zone - What have you been up to since the lost to Chandler Park to prepare for college football?

Nick Johnson - "That Chandler Park lost was hard and was with me for a while, but I figured there wasn't anything I could do from that point on because it was my last year. So I've just been in the weight room non-stop. I also changed my diet up as well and added much more protein into it. I am planning on starting at D1 Sports thats owned by Ndamakong Suh and Tony Scheffler from the Lions as well in Bloomfield to take my game to a new level."

The D - Zone - What do you feel is a benefit of playing at College of the Desert rather than somewhere closer?

Nick Johnson - "I feel like out west and down south they take football much more serious then Michigan honestly, so going out to California and COD I will be playing against men just like who is hungry and ready to get a major offer from somewhere big! There will be competition everywhere especially going against the number 1 and 2 JUCO teams in California this year, it should be a dog fight."

The D - Zone - Having no D1 offers or much attention from in state colllege's, how hungry are you to prove a lot of people wrong while you are at College of the Desert?

Nick Johnson - "I feel like I have a lot to prove to not just everybody, but myself. I wanna see if I really have what it takes to make my dream come true. I attracted a lot of MAC and mid major schools, but I figured I wouldn't get any offers from them because it was kind of late in the game. I want to show them that I work harder then anyone and have what it takes to come out there and be an elite player."

The D - Zone - While at South Lake you guys were able to set a lot of schools records and only allowing 48 points last season, looking back at it what will you remember the most, whether it's a certain moment or games?

Nick Johnson - "Looking back at the games I feel we accomplished a lot of things and set the new bar for teams to try and beat our records. I am proud to be apart of every game that I played in for South Lake and Cav Nation because a lot of teams couldn't have the number 1 defense in the MAC for two years straight as well as bring a team from 0-9 their freshman year to 8-2 and a playoff contender every year now."

The D - Zone - What do you think the South Lake Cavaliers will be able to accomplish in the future and who are some underclassman who have some serious potential?

Nick Johnson - "The sky is the limit for them. If they take this new coach serious, they can do major things for sure. They are loaded with talent. They have Delshawn Dukes at linebacker who is the best linebacker I've seen by far and Jordon Culver who is a beast and unblockable on the D-line and also Jaylen Dingle who is an upcoming sophomore with loads of potential and finally Ghaylen Hammons who is a super athlete and can play any position."

The D - Zone - Finally, what kind of impact do you feel you left for the younger Cavaliers?

Nick Johnson - "I feel like I've showed them the right way to work hard. They all know how serious I take my weight lifting and how long I stay in there for so hopefully they will do the same. Also they know how important camps and combines are to help get exposure and compete against the very best and elite to see how they stack up and they really need to work on!"

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  1. I am proud to say Nick is my son! I support his dreams and I will miss him do much when he goes to COD!