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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nate Bossory - 2013 QB

The class of 2013 in Michigan is loaded with talented and skilled quarterbacks.  One of the top quarterbacks in the class is Nate Bossory of Chelsea.  Bossory put up big time numbers while playing at Manchester the past two seasons.  Bossory will now lineup with Berkley Edwards in the Chelsea backfield, which clearly will make Chelsea the favorite to win the Southeastern Conference - White.  Bossory was able to take sometime to share his thoughts about his Senior season.

Position (s): QB

Height & Weight: 6'4'' 225

First Game Started: First game Sophomore year (Clinton)

#1 Most Memorable Game: Most memorable game was at East Jackson. We were down by 12 points with 5 minutes to go. First drive we went 80 yards to score. Mainly pass plays. Next drive we went 65 yards with like 1:30 to go converting multiple 4th downs. I changed plays throughout the drive and on fourth down. The play before we scored, we were going up to the line to spike the ball and stop the clock, but I saw my best receiver with the DB 20 yards off hand on his hips. I threw it to him and he got 20 yards then got out of bounds. It was really special because my dad was on the sideline as a coach. The defense did great getting the ball back to the offense late in the game.  The line blocked good late in the game and our Sophomore running back had a big 3 yard first down run.

Pre-game Traditions: At Manchester we usually had team dinner. I don't know what we do at Chelsea. But I usually listen to MGK and kick it.

Post-game Traditions: Hang out with my brother Tyler Stennett. I won't be able to this year though because he is graduating and going to play at Adrian College.

Athlete you try building your game around: I try to build my game around Tom Brady and Payton Manning. But I believe how Walter Payton acted on and off the field is a great person to look to as a role model.

The D - Zone - Well first off, the big news for you over the offseason is the transfer from Manchester to Chelsea, could you talk a little bit about the move and now the benefits of playing at Chelsea?

Nate Bossory - "Chelsea is a great program and I am happy to be part of it. Coach Bush has a habit of getting kids to the next level and preparing them for it. He is a coach that will work with me whenever I want. I am also playing with some good kids. Also, Chelsea is a great place for academics."

The D - Zone
 - Coming into Chelsea how have you been able to develop chemistry with your new teammates?

Nate Bossory - "Coming to Chelsea I am just trying to be one of the guys and fit in. I have thrown with a couple of them. But, as of now I have only been there 3 weeks so we will continue to grow. I look forward to working with those guys. They are great people to play football and go to school with."

The D - Zone
 - This season you will have Berkley Edwards in the backfield with you, what are some benefits with having one of the most explosive runningbacks in the country beside you?

Nate Bossory - "All that needs to be said is go check out his highlight on Youtube. But, it is going to be great. Not only will I be able to swing the ball out to him and hit him downfield. The threat of his running game will open up our teams pass. You can throw a screen pass to him and he can take it 90 yards. He's that explosive. Chelsea also has some good receivers.  Colton Platt and Kyle Kosek are two kids who are in my grade returning. I have thrown with Colton and he has great ball skills and speed. I have also thrown with Kyle a little bit. But, we will start throwing more soon, its good because he is my neighbor. He is also an olympic skier. When team over emphasizes Berkley, these are two kids who can burn you."

The D - Zone
 - During this offseason what are things that you have been working on, to get better at?

Nate Bossory - "I have been working on all aspects of my game. I have continued to work on my footwork and agility. I know I have the tools, I am trying to be more consistent with accuracy, footwork, ect. I start classroom with my coach when I get back from Spring Break."

The D - Zone
 - What about on the camp circuit this Spring, how has that gone so far and what are some big events coming up?

Nate Bossory - "This spring I have been to Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Iowa, MSU, and BGSU so far. I head out to Princeton this weekend. But, this summer will be packed. I am going to go to a lot of camps."

The D - Zone
 - After having big seasons the past two seasons, what must you do to have a big Senior season?

Nate Bossory - "To have another big season I just need to trust my coach. I have the weapons on offense, receivers and running backs. The line is also good."

The D - Zone
 - Have you set any goals for the 2012 season?

Nate Bossory - "WIN."

The D - Zone
 - How will it be playing against opponents in the Southeastern Conference - White that you really have not played against during the season?

Nate Bossory - "The competition in the SEC is better so I will have to be on my game all the time. But I am also playing on a good team so that should help."

The D - Zone
 - What's the news on recruiting so far?

Nate Bossory - "Right now I am on the everyday grind of recruiting. I am just trying to enjoy high school and get settled in Chelsea. There is a lot of interest being shown. Teams want to see me throw and will be stopping in this spring. I love playing the game and I am confident I will be playing where I want at the next level."

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