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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lucas Cherocci - 2013 LB

In 2012 the Brother Rice Warriors will be returning one of the most versatile players in the area in Lucas Cherocci.  Cherocci has played over five positions already and could play up to six positions in 2012.  When a player is able to sacrifice himself for his team and is willing to play numerous positions during a game and a season, it usually pays dividends later in the season.  For Brother Rice last season, they would win the state championship, besides for Devin Church being the headline of the team, the Warriors were much more than Church down the stretch and especially the Harrison and Lowell games.  Cherocci was able to talk about his past experiences and look ahead to the future.

Position (s): Middle Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, and Nose Guard. I'm also going be playing some fullback next year.
Height & Weight: 6'0 and 1/2 218
First Game Started: Martin Luther King my junior year. First game of the season.
#1 Most Memorable Game: Well of course winning the state championship, its a feeling you may only feel once.
Pre-game Traditions: Clear mind, and get in the mindset to kill. I listen to music that I can relate to and motivates me, and most importantly I pray.
Post-game Traditions: Win or lose, I go grub it up and go to sleep.
Athlete you try building your game around: I try to play like Ray Lewis or Clay Matthews they're animals, leaders, and people you won't want to mess with and are a little crazy.

The D - Zone - How long did it take after that final whistle after dismantling Lowell, for the title to sink in?

Lucas Cherocci - "When we won, you were just in shock and awe like what just happened. Then when they handed us the championship trophy it really sunk in that we were truly champions."

The D - Zone - When were you able to sort of put the Championship celebrations behind and begin to focus on the upcoming season?

Lucas Cherocci - "Honestly for me, the next day I was back at it preparing for next season. You really have no time to waste. The offseason fly's by."

The D - Zone - If Brother Rice is to repeat as Division 2 State Champions, what are the keys to success for that to occur?

Lucas Cherocci - "The keys to another championship, is preparation. Preparation is the key to success. We have to be ready to take every team on one game at a time. Every game is important. But most importantly we need to be a family because no one can beat a family / team solidarity."

The D - Zone - You play nearly all of the defensive positions, how are you able to focus on your assignments and responsibilities and have success at the same time?

Lucas Cherocci - "I am a very quick learner. And as I learned and played more positions, I just had to focus on what I had to do that game to be successful but most importantly for the team to be successful."

The D - Zone - By playing the positions, there are a lot of things to learn but if you had to choose, what are some things that you have been trying heavily to focus on during this offseason?

Lucas Cherocci - "In the offseason I'm really focusing on all points of my game. I've been focusing a lot on my speed and agility, strength of course but also my explosiveness. I've also been working on my pass coverage and reads. I'm just trying to perfect my game to have the best upcoming season I can. Also having two older brothers play college football really helps out a lot, they give me a lot of direction and guidance on things."

The D - Zone - What are some goals you set or want to set for the upcoming season?

Lucas Cherocci - "I have many goals for the upcoming season. I have team goals such as repeating the state title for the first time in Brother Rice history and winning the Catholic League championship. I also have many personal goals and dreams for the next upcoming season but I like to keep those to myself. I'm just shooting for the stars and going for a great senior season."

The D - Zone - There were rumors that Fracassa nearly retired this offseason, many would assume this upcoming season is his final season. If it was, how would you like to send out Fracassa, besides winning the state championship? 

Lucas Cherocci - "If this is Coaches last season, then I'd be honored to be his last team he coaches for at Brother Rice and to be one of the captains of that team. We'll send him out with a season one will not forget. We'll make history for him. Whether or not if this is coaches last season or not, Coach has been like a grandfather to me and will always be in my life."

The D - Zone - What does it mean to you being able to play Cass Tech at Wayne State and how do you handle, probably the most hyped game all time in Michigan High School Football history? (Division 1 state champ vs Division 2 state champ in week 1)

Lucas Cherocci - "Everything you said there is true, and its an honor to be apart of. Cass Tech will be a game to remember, and will be one hard fought game. Both teams bring great talent to the field. But when preparing for it, you have to push that all aside. And prepare for it like every game. In this case push aside all the hype and just play whistle to whistle with everything we have in us."

The D - Zone - What in your opinion will be the biggest Catholic League Central game?

Lucas Cherocci - "That's a tough one because honestly Catholic Central, St. Marys, and De la Salle are always tough game. We lost to all them by one or two points last year. I think all three of the games will be huge games to look forward to this season. Our division is one of the toughest divisions in the state."

The D - Zone - If someone did not know exactly what football was and the importance of positions/characteristics of a player, how would you describe yourself to them?

Lucas Cherocci - "Football is a game of teamwork, and every player is a piece to that puzzle. For me, football describes a large part of my life but besides that I am a very hard worker, I'm determined and when I set my mind to something I don't stop until I get it. I am a leader but I don't lead by my words per say but by my actions and what I do. I want to set examples for little kids and be a good influences on them. I'm not the type of person to follow the crowd, I kinda set my self apart and do my own thing. I am a very driven person, I know what I want and go after it non-stop, full blast."

The D - Zone - Finally, how has recruiting been going for you, thus far?

Lucas Cherocci - "I'm talking with a lot of different schools right now, who are showing great interest in me. Schools from the south, the east coast, and the tri-state area. I am hoping to pick up my first division 1 offer very soon. Its been a dream and a goal of mine since I was 6 years old to be playing big time college football and its a great feeling to see it start to become reality."

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