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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jon Reschke - 2013 LB

It has been a good ride for Brother Rice junior linebacker Jon Reschke the past few months.  Back in November, Reschke led Brother Rice on defense as they shutdown Lowell in the Division 2 State Championship game and then in February, Reschke verbally committed to Michigan State University.  The Junior linebacker has already received heavy praise and most people will tell you he will be the best linebacker who ever played at Brother Rice.  Jon Reschke was able to take some time to talk about the commitment to the Spartans and about the upcoming 2012 season, as the Warriors aim to defend their division 1 state title.

Position (s): MLB/TE
Height & Weight: 6'2.5 228
First Game Started: Martin Luther King 2010 (Sophomore)
#1 Most Memorable Game: Catholic Central at Wayne State my Sophomore year or last years state championship against Lowell.
Pre-game Traditions: Go over the scouting report on our opponent and listen to music.
Post-game Traditions: Hang out with some players on the team depending on a win or a lose.
Athlete you try building your game around: Brian Urlacher

The D - Zone - Several weeks ago, you committed to Michigan State. What stood out the most about the Spartans?

Jon Reschke - "Michigan State has grown over the last 5 years with Coach Dantonio, he has done a great job with the program. The Spartans are a top 10 team in the country and personally I wouldn't play at any other school over Michigan State, I love the atmosphere up there and it is just a great place to continue my football career at."

The D - Zone - With East Lansing being not too far from your house, I assume you have visited there plenty of times, what do you like about the city and it being close to home?

Jon Reschke - "MSU being so close to home is great, it takes about an hour an fifteen minutes to get up there. I was up there Thursday for a spring practice."

The D - Zone - I see a lot about you and future Michigan quarterback Shane Morris being friends. How will it feel the first time you sack Shane Morris or the first time he makes a good play against you, while in college?

Jon Reschke - "Well me and Shane have always been good friends, we won an 8th grade championship back in middle school and we've stayed close ever since. Of course that Michigan game will be special playing against him but we're currently in a pretty good rivalry right now (Brother Rice vs De LaSalle). Playing Shane at the next level will be a lot of fun."

The D - Zone - Michigan State seems to be pretty quiet with in-state recruits this season, are you trying to get some uncommitted prospects to join in this class or is the staff trying to avoid the in-state kids and get kids from other states?

Jon Reschke - "Well right now, me and Gerald Holmes are the only two commits from Michigan, the coaches can't tell us who to go after but we can sort of get an idea of who the top guys are. There are a couple in-state guys but most of them are from Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or Illinois."

The D - Zone - How was celebrating the state title these past few months and when did you begin to prepare for the upcoming 2012 season?

Jon Reschke - "It was a great feeling winning the 2011 state championship, it feels great being able to wear a nice big ring on my finger. Honestly, I started preparing for the 2012 season quickly after the championship game. I jumped right into hockey the Monday after football had ended but football is my main sport and training was nearly impossible while playing hockey so I decided to stop playing hockey to work on my speed and 7 on 7 skills."

The D - Zone - Have you set any goals this offseason that you are working to achieve?

Jon Reschke - "Yes, of course my main goal is to repeat and win another state championship but some individual goals are to make the dream-team selection and hopefully get invited to an All-American bowl game."

The D - Zone - How was the Adidas camp this past week and what's another major event coming up soon, that you will be attending?

Jon Reschke - "The Adidas camp this weekend was a lot of fun, it felt good to get back at it, working on one on ones and competing with the top players around. The next major event coming up will be the Nike Training Camp down in Ohio. Hopefully which will lead to an invite to The Opening out in Oregon later this summer."

The D - Zone - What are going to be some big keys on defending the Division 2 title?

Jon Reschke - "I think that we need to focus on our first game against Cass Tech, from there we will play in the Catholic League which is the toughest league in the state. I believe this will prepare us for any team that we will see in the division 2 playoffs."

The D - Zone - I am not sure if you seen but I have Brother Rice at #2 in the preseason rankings versus Cass Tech. Coincidentally you will be playing the Technicians in the first week of the season, what does an opportunity to play on the biggest stage during the regular season?

Jon Reschke - "It's a great feeling being able to play the best competition there is. I wouldn't want to play any weak team during the year and we don't. Every team we play makes the playoffs, let alone makes a good run in the playoffs. Cass Tech is a great team, but so are we. It's going to be a war."

The D - Zone - What about playing a very good Cass Tech team, how exciting will it be to play the Division 1 champions? 

Jon Reschke - "It will be very exciting, it should be a game that I will never forget. The two top teams in the state going at it will always be a good one."

The D - Zone - This year the Catholic League Central will be tough again especially Catholic Central and Orchard Lake Saint Mary plus De La Salle and University of Detroit Jesuit. How difficult is going through those opponents then having to play them again to decide the league championship in the Prep Bowl?

Jon Reschke - "I love playing in the Catholic League, its one of the toughest leagues in the country and it really prepares us for the playoffs. Yes it is difficult, but at Brother Rice nothing is easy. We play a very tough schedule for a reason, we want to get better. Playing in the Catholic League is great."

The D - Zone - If you had to pick a single must win game for the 2012 season, whether it's a: rivalry, grudge match, or just a must win, which game would it be? 

Jon Reschke - "For me personally it would be the De LaSalle game, that is a game that I always play well in because I know all of the players on the team from St. Anne's. I haven't beat them yet on varsity so it's a must win game this year."

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