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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DaQuan Pace - 2013 DB

In 2011 the Cass Tech Technicians became the first ever Detroit Public School League team to win the Division 1 state title.  Cass Tech would have little problems taking out Catholic Central in the final game.  The class of 2012 for Cass Tech would send around a dozen players to college football programs.  The class of 2013 is aiming to follow the lead of their older classmates this season.  One of Cass Tech's key returning players from this past season is DB/WR, DaQuan Pace who was able to speak about this past season and also share his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Position (s): CB/WR
Height & Weight: 5'9 165
First Game Started: First game started was first game Junior year against Farmington Hills Harrison.
#1 Most Memorable Game: Most memorable game was state championship vs Catholic Central.
Pre-game Traditions: Pre game traditions are praying and thanking God for giving me the ability to perform well in the game. Listen to music, zoning everything out and preparing for battle.
Post-game Traditions: Post game traditions are going out with my teammates and/or going out to eat with my family.
Athlete you try building your game around: The athlete I try to build my game around is Asante Samuel because he has great feet and tremendous ball skills, which I feel is the best of my game.

The D - Zone - Since that win over Catholic Central, what have you been doing to prepare for the 2012 season?

DaQuan Pace - "Since the win over Catholic Central, I have been in the weight room heavy and doing 7on7 with Maximum Exposure."

The D - Zone - Looking back at the Catholic Central game, it was probably one of the most dominant games in MHSAA history. How was Cass Tech able to build and maintain the momentum throughout the game?

DaQuan Pace - "We knew we could beat them through the air so we took shots, and once we got the first one, they kept rolling in, and on defense we prepared all week stopping the run so we were ready."

The D - Zone - For you personally when did it really sink in, that you were state champions and experience the joy of it winning it all in the state's toughest Division?

DaQuan Pace - "It sunk in when the clock hit 00:00 and I looked into the stands and our fans were just going wild, and knowing that our hard work finally paid off."

The D - Zone - What was the biggest challenge Cass Tech faced last season on the route to Ford Field?

DaQuan Pace - "Our biggest challenge was rebounding off the losses we took, and staying together knowing that we can still accomplish our main goal."

The D - Zone - What were some goals that you set for yourself prior to the 2011 season?

DaQuan Pace - "Prior to the season I knew I was going to have a huge role in our title run, so I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to help us when a State Championship."

The D - Zone - Have you thought about any goals for this upcoming season?

DaQuan Pace - "For the upcoming season I just want to get better and keep working hard."

The D - Zone - Have you been able to attend any camps this offseason?

DaQuan Pace - "So far I've been to the Adidas Invitational camp, and the Adidas Combine in December, which I feel I did great in both."

The D - Zone - Any other big camps coming up in the upcoming months?

DaQuan Pace - "I'm going to the Nike Camp in Ohio in May, and Sound Mind Sound Body in June."

The D - Zone - You have an opportunity to play with some very good defenders on Cass Tech in the past, what are the advantages of having a lot of skill around you, during games and practices?

DaQuan Pace - "The guys before me gave me a bunch of competition and with the competition I got better and better, and to watch their techniques I felt was also helpful. Overall they gave me a lot of motivation to get better."

The D - Zone - What was the biggest improvement that you made last season?

DaQuan Pace - "The biggest improvement I made last season was getting stronger."

The D - Zone - What will it take for Cass Tech to get back to the Division 1 state championship in 2012?

DaQuan Pace - "To get back to the championship we just have to keep our team chemistry, and keep working."

The D - Zone - Looking ahead to the 2012 Schedule, although it's not released yet, whats the biggest game on the schedule and why?

DaQuan Pace - "The biggest game on our schedule is Brother Rice because last season in the first game we were defeated by a lot, so this time we want to start our season off the right way and get back to the title game."

The D - Zone - Who is Cass Tech's top rival and what does beating this team mean to you and the Cass Tech faithful?

DaQuan Pace - "This season our top rival is going to be Crockett because we were 0-2 against them last season and this season we want our redemption."

The D - Zone - How exciting is it to kickoff at the Prep Kickoff Classic (Big Day Prep Showdown) for the second year in a row and what does that opportunity of playing on that stage mean to you?

DaQuan Pace - "It's very exciting, and for the second year in a row it feels very good to be on this stage for the first game of the season."

The D - Zone - If a college football coach came up to your door and asked why he should have you on his team, what would you tell him?

DaQuan Pace - "I would tell him I have great feet along with great ball skills.  I'm physical and every team could use a cornerback with these abilities."

The D - Zone - How has the recruiting process been going for you so far?

DaQuan Pace - "The recruiting process has been very interesting. The schools I'm receiving interest in is: Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Cincinatti, and Iowa."

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