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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clark Clancy - 2013 OL

During the 2010 season, Avondale would break numerous offensive records led by Junior quarterback, Mitch Robinson.  Starting as a Sophomore on the offensive line was Clark Clancy and since that point has solidified himself as one of the top offensive linemen in the state for the Class of 2013.  Clancy recently finished up his basketball season and was able to speak about some past experiences as well as his future.

Position (s): OT

Height & Weight: Height- 6'4". Weight-265

First Game Started: Game 1 of my Sophomore year at Warren Fitzgerald.

#1 Most Memorable Game: Playing Hazel Park in the playoffs on their home field. We had lost to Hazel Park in week 2 of the regular season and ended up playing them again in the first round of the playoffs. We won the game 59-58 after being down by 18 at one point in the second half. After the game the crowd rushed the field and we shocked a lot of people winning that game. 

Pre-game Traditions: We have chapel before each game for whoever on the team wants to come, after that we eat as a team and then I usually just listen to music and get ready for the game. 

Post-game Traditions: Most of the guys on the team always meet up at a local restaurant after a win or loss to talk about the game get some food. 

Athlete you try building your game around: My favorite tackle in the NFL is Jake Long and he is always getting better so I look up to him for that.

The D - Zone - What have you been up to prepare for the upcoming season since the loss to Lapeer East?

Clark Clancy - "The loss to Lapeer East was tough to handle, but we have moved on as a team and are just focused on getting ready for next year."

The D - Zone - In 2010 Avondale nearly scored twice as much points than in 2011, what went so well in 2010 that didn't work in 2011?

Clark Clancy - "In 2010 we had a much different team than we did last year. Our group of receivers in 2010 were incredible and last year we had to adjust to not playing with those guys."

The D - Zone - What will it take to get back to where the offense was in 2010?

Clark Clancy - "This year the offense will be very hard to stop whether it is run or pass. We will have a good run game which will lead to great things."

The D - Zone - What was an improvement you made from 2010 to 2011?

Clark Clancy - "In my game and improvement I made was in my run blocking and getting down field. Also having another year of experience always helps."

The D - Zone - What about an improvement for the upcoming season?

Clark Clancy - "With this being my Senior year I feel like everything that I have learned and worked on will all come together, I expect to have my best year yet."

The D - Zone - The OAA Blue seems to be wide open with absolutely no favorite in 2012, what must Avondale do, in order to win the OAA Blue?

Clark Clancy - "Almost every year at the start of the season there is no true favorite so we are used to that, but staying focused on what is important and always working hard will have us on top when it is all done."

The D - Zone - What has been the most challenging thing for you, while playing offensive line?

Clark Clancy - "We have a great group of coaches and guys to work with but I would say just adjusting to the different defenses on the fly because our offense is so complex."

The D - Zone - What separates the way you play offensive line from others?

Clark Clancy - "I have been told that I do a great job in getting down field and staying active. I take pride in my athleticism compared to others."

The D - Zone - A few weeks ago, you were offered by Akron, how does it feel to get that first offer from a MAC school?

Clark Clancy - "Getting that first offer from Akron was great! I am finally getting to see my dreams become reality, its awesome."

The D - Zone - Which other schools have been showing you interest and how has the recruiting process been so far?

Clark Clancy - "I have talked with a lot of the MAC schools like Buffalo, Bowling Green, Ball State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, and Toledo. Outside of the MAC I have talked with Syracuse and Cincinnati. I am excited to hit a lot of camps this summer and really get things going. Once again I am blessed that my dreams are becoming reality."

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