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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catholic Central beats Saint Mary's 21-7

After last weeks, 14-13 Orchard Lake Saint Mary's (7-2) win over Catholic Central (8-1) it was time to decide who is #1 in Catholic League Central.  After a very slow start by both teams, the plays started coming and the suspense rose.
- Orchard Lake Saint Mary's began with the ball and was able to get one first down thanks to a carry by Grant Niemiec on 3rd and 1.  With 9:29 in the first quarter, Catholic Central started at their own 25 yard line following a punt.
- Catholic Central would get several first downs but also would give the ball back to Orchard Lake Saint Mary's with no points.
- The game's first big play came with 11:10 remaining in the second quarter, when Catholic Central wrapped up Niemiec shy of first down marker on fourth down.
- Orchard Lake Saint Mary's was able to bounce back soon after.  In a pile Catholic Central fumbled and Dylan Zerki of Orchard Lake Saint Mary's was able to recover the ball.  With 9:29 in the second quarter, Orchard Lake Saint Mary  took over at their own 44 yard line.
- Catholic Central's defense really stepped today and it was Gerald Perreault who deflected a pass on 3rd and 7, which else would of been an Eaglets touchdown.
- On 3rd and 7 a minute later, Catholic Central's, Aaron Hess had an interception but clearly was out of bounds so it was an incomplete pass.
- With 5:38 in the second quarter, Orchard Lake Saint Mary's would miss a 32 yard field goal.
- With Catholic Central struggling with penalties they were forced to punt with 3:25 left before the break.  On the punt the kicker was rocked by an Orchard Lake Saint Mary's player so just like that Orchard Lake Saint Mary's breathed air into the Shamrocks lungs.
 - Catholic Central would then complete it's biggest play of the day, when Kyle Cooper delivered a seed to runningback, Anthony Darkangelo which covered 27 yards.
- Runningback, Alex Kozlowski would have a run which brought the ball inside the 10 yard line.  From there it was all Cooper.  Cooper would run into the end zone from 2 yards out.  On the PAT it was a bad snap and two Orchard Lake Saint Mary's players fell on the loose ball. (WATCH)
- With 42 seconds remaining before the break, Catholic Central led 6-0.  The drive consisted of 11 plays, 80 yards, and took only two and half minutes.
- The kickoff was a little something special, Catholic Central saved in their hand for this game.  On the kickoff, the kicker drilled the ball at the Orchard Lake Saint Mary's player and it bounced right back to several Shamrock players.
- Catholic Central was looking for more before the break, Matt Doneth had a 15 yard catch which brought the ball to the 35 yard line.  Aaron Hess then caught a first down catch at the 24 yard line.  That's where it would stop though, as Catholic Central missed the 41 yard field goal.
- Catholic Central picked off right where they left off in first half.  Catholic Central began a statement drive at their own 12 yard line.
- Anthony Darkangelo had a rush good for a first down on third and short.  Followed by an extremely well executed reverse, which was good for 14 yards.
- Following two more first downs, Darkangelo had a 15 yard rush which brought the ball to the Orchard Lake Saint Mary's 25 yard line.
- Even a Catholic Central holding penalty could stop the Shamrocks, it was followed by a false start on Orchard Lake Saint Mary's and then a first down pass to tight end, Matt Doneth.
-  From 8 yards out, it was Darkangelo finding the hole and goal line for a touchdown.  On the two point conversion it was Matt Doneth open in the end zone, as he slid for the catch.
- The Catholic Central drive went 88 yards in 12 plays.  The drive lasted 6 minutes and 16 seconds.
- Orchard Lake Saint Mary's did not know what hit them and on their next drive, it was a 3 and out in one minute.
- In the fourth quarter, Orchard Lake Saint Mary's regathered their-selves and looked to mount a comeback.
- On the first play of the fourth quarter it was a fourth down situation for Orchard Lake Saint Mary's.  Orchard Lake Saint Mary's was rotating their quarterbacks a lot during the game it was Dan Clements and Matt Linehan who both went under center.  In the fourth it was Clements #3 being called upon.
- Clements would find an open Jalen Echols for a first down.  Catholic Centrals defense saved the day again when David Racey broke up a pass in the end zone, bringing up a fourth and 8 with 10:19 remaining.
- But Orchard Lake Saint Mary's did not give up, Clements found an open, Jalen Watts-Jackson open at the 9 yard line for a first down.
- A sack occurred a few plays later and Orchard Lake Saint Mary's faced a 3rd and goal from the 17 yard line. (WATCH)
- Again Orchard Lake Saint Mary's bent but was not broke.  Clements found Watts-Jackson again this time good for a 17 yard touchdown completion.  With 8:42 remaining, Catholic Central still led 14-7, but momentum had shifted. (WATCH)
- Catholic Central would punt and the ball kept going down field until it stopped inside the four yard line.  With 5:15 remaining, Orchard Lake Saint Mary's looked for their game tying drive.
- The drive started off slow but Echols caught a 13 yard pass, which brought the ball to the 28 yard line.  Catholic Central's Alex Zozlowski came up with another big pass deflection this time it saved another potential touchdown.
- Two plays later, Catholic Central caused a fumble and it was Kevin Parker who picked up the loose ball for Catholic Central.
- With 2:04 remaining it was through the air where the Shamrocks dealt the biggest blow of the night.  A spectacular 17 yard touchdown by Matt Doneth.  Doneth on the catch, "When they called my number, I just had to make a play."
- Catholic Central now was up 21-7 and baring a late two minute miracle by Orchard Lake Saint Mary's this game would be over.
- With 1:50 remaining David Racey stepped in front of Dan Clements pass for an interception and fell to the ground so he would not fumble.
- Catholic Central wins the decisive Prep Bowl game to become to outright CHSL-Central Division Champion.
 - Catholic Central will host Northville for playoffs and Orchard Lake Saint Mary's will host Pershing.  Both games are 1 P.M. on Saturday.
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