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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #28 Stevenson Titans

After a rare losing season in 2010, the Stevenson Titans will have their backs against the wall as they look to get back to their winning tradition.  Coming into the 2010 season the Titans were not lead by coach, Rick Bye and were unable to find their identity throughout the season.  In 2010 the Titans graduated one of the top linebackers (Jon Sulek) and cornerbacks (Eugene Pratt) in the area.  Stevenson also must replace their quarterback (Connor Harvey) and runningback (Mike Kirksley).  The Titans also happened to lose their top 6 leading receivers from 2010: Brad Plec, Dylan Cooper, Jeremy Waak, Rob Marshall, Mike Kirksley, and Jon Sulek.   A turn around in 2011 depends on if Stevenson is able to find  their identity and if they have not, how long into 2011 will it take to discover it.  In 2010 the Stevenson's had 2 close wins but against teams not having good seasons.  Stevenson also lost several close games, they lost to their rival, Ford, 40-20 but the game was remembered by 8 fumbles by Stevenson.   Stevenson is an easy school to find because it's placed next to the Sterling Heights library and the Sterling Heights police department on Dodge Park Road.   The problem can be finding parking when there is a big game.  Back in the mid 2000's when Stevenson had: LJ Robertston, Danny Stiefel and Frank Zombo, it would be impossible to find a parking spot and a place to even see the field.  However in recent year's the interest for high school football has decreased and lately you can walk in at 7 P.M. right in time for kickoff and sit down.

Quick Hits:

  • Stevenson scored 165 points in 2010 an average of 18 points per game.  165 is a drop off of 535 points scored during the 2009 season.  The Titans allowed 285 points in 2010 an average of 32 points per game in 2010.
  • Stevenson has a record of: 32-22 in the previous five seasons.
  • Stevenson has a record of: 69-39 in the previous ten seasons.
  • The last time Stevenson reached the playoffs was 2009 with a 13-1 record, Stevenson lost to Catholic Central in the state title game, 31-21.
  • Overall Stevenson has had 18 playoff appearances since 1980.
  • Stevenson reached the state finals four times but was unable to win the title.  
  • Stevenson joined the MAC in 1987, starting in the MAC-Red.
  • All 23 years, Stevenson remained in the top division of the MAC.
  • Stevenson opened in 1967, since then the Titans have compiled a record of: 295-145-2.

2011 Schedule:

August 25th - Howell (At Eastern Michigan University)

September 1st - Eisenhower*

September 9th - at Warren Mott*

September 16th - Anchor Bay

September 23rd - at Dakota*

September 30th - Ford

October 7th - at Chippewa Valley*

October 14th - Romeo*

October 21st - at Grosse Pointe North

Schedule Breakdown:

Stevenson will look to put 2010 behind them but the MAC Red Division will be much improved from 2010.  Kicking off the season, Stevenson travels to Rynearson Stadium where they will play Howell for the second consecutive season.   Howell defeated Stevenson in 2010, 35-0.  Once Stevenson gets the non conference game out of the way, the season begins for the Titans.  Right off  the bat they host a strong Eisenhower team, if Stevenson beats Eisenhower they will need to shut down Eisenhower's offense, because Ike's defense will be solid.  The following week Stevenson travels to Warren Mott, where they face what is expected to be one of the top offensive teams in the area.   In week 4 Stevenson gets a MAC crossover game at home against Anchor Bay before traveling to play at Dakota.  In week 6 Stevenson hosts the battle for the turf against Ford.  Ford won the 2010 meeting 40-20, which has not happened much before.  After their rivalry game with Ford, Stevenson closes out MAC Red play with a game at Chippewa Valley and then hosts their final home game of the year against Romeo.  In week 9 Stevenson travels to Grosse Pointe North.

Toughest Game:Eisenhower

Must Win Game:


Players to Watch: Lance Gross - LB

John Strong - DB

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #30 Warren Woods Tower Titans

The #30 preseason team in the MAC Conference is Warren Woods Tower.   In 2010 the Titans went 3-6 for the third consecutive season.   Although the offense improved a lot in 2010 the defense weakened just a little, as Warren Woods Tower gave up just over 300 points for the first time in the school's history.  Warren Woods Tower has one major hole that they must fill and that's the quarterback spot.  Ryan Newcom the previous quarterback graduated and is going to be playing his college football in Ashland.  Warren Woods Tower High School is easy to find and access.  The most common way is taking Hayes Road south until it meets Martin Road.  You can either turn right or left on Martin and if you look to your right you can see Warren Woods Tower.  The other way to reach the school is on Bunert Road which is a 1/2 mile west of Hayes and a 1/2 east of Schoenherr from 12 mile road to Frazho road.  Also the South campus of Macomb County College is north of Martin road from Warren Woods Tower.

Quick Hits:

  • Warren Woods Tower scored 267 points in 2010 an average of 30 points per game.  The Titans surrendered 308 points in 2010 an average of 34 points per game.
  • Warren Woods Tower's record over the previous 5 seasons is: 24-25.
  • Warren Woods Tower's record over the previous 10 seasons is: 52-46.
  • The last time Warren Woods Tower reached the playoffs was during the 2007 season with a 7-3 record.
  • 2007 was the last season of a four year in which Warren Woods Tower successfully reached the playoffs.  
  • Warren Woods Tower reached the playoffs in: 2007 (7-3), 2006 (8-4), 2005, 2004 (6-4), 2001 (10-1), 1997 (7-3), 1995 (7-3), and 1993 (8-2).
  • Warren Woods Tower joined the MAC in 1987.
  • Warren Woods Tower began playing in the MAC White in: 1987-1988, MAC Blue in: 1989-1992, MAC Gold in: 1993-1994, MAC Silver in: 1995-1996, MAC Gold in: 1997-2000, MAC Silver in: 2001, MAC Gold in: 2002-2009, and MAC Silver 2010-Present.
  • 2011 will be the second year in a row that Warren Woods Tower will be in the MAC Silver and it will be the third tenure that Warren Woods Tower has been in the MAC Silver.
  • Warren Woods Tower started playing football in 1983 and the Titans have an overall record of 141-119.

2011 Schedule:

August 25th - at Fraser

September 1st - at Clintondale*

September 9th - Marysville*

September 16th - Lakeview*

September 23rd - at Marine City

October 1st - Clawson

October 8th - at Fitzgerald*

October 14th - Lamphere*

October 21st - at Center Line

Schedule Breakdown:Warren Woods Tower has gone 3-6 the previous three seasons.  The only common wins through the stretch is: Center Line (3) and Lincoln (2).  The only team Warren Woods Tower will play in 2011 is Center Line in week 9.  Warren Woods Tower's non division opponents appear to be tough: Fraser in week 1 will be much improved, Marine City in week 5 will be the usual Marine City, and Clawson will be a tough opponent from the MAC Bronze.  The MAC Silver opponents all appear to be pretty balanced for 2011.  In 2010 four of the six teams in the MAC Silver finished tied with 3-2 division records.   It would not be surprising to see that same scenario reoccur in 2011.  The final division game is against Lamphere, which may have division title implications.

Toughest Game:


Must Win Game:

Center Line

Players to Watch:

DeMonte Pride - RB/DB

MAC 2011 Football Preview: #29 Lincoln Abes

With 29 days remaining until opening kick-off, this daily feature moves onto the #29 team,  the Lincoln Abes.  Lincoln is coming off of a 3-6, 2010 season.  Although Lincoln finished 3-6 in 2010, all three wins came against MAC Bronze opponents, which is what really matters.  If you win your division you get a chance to compete in the state playoff tournament.  Lincoln has several skilled players in 2010 one which is getting major D-1 looks is Lairren Johnson.  Lincoln High School is located on the South side of 9 mile road and in between Van Dyke and Hoover roads.

Quick Hits:

  • Lincoln scored 162 points during the 2010 season, an average of 18 points per game.  Lincoln gave up 299 points an average of 33 points per game in 2010.
  • Lincoln's record over the past 5 years is: 21-25.
  • Lincoln's record over the past 10 years is: 34-57.
  • The last time Lincoln reached the playoffs was in 2008 with an 8-2 record.
  • Lincoln also reached the playoffs in: 2000 (7-3) and 1987 (9-1).
  • Lincoln joined the MAC Conference in 1997.  Starting in the Silver division from: 1997-2000,  MAC Gold in 2001, MAC Silver from: 2002-2003, MAC Gold from: 2004-2005, MAC Silver from: 2006-2007-, MAC Bronze 2008-Present.
  • 2011 will be the fourth year in a row that Lincoln will play in the MAC Bronze division.  
  • Lincoln has been playing football since 1950 and has a record of 228-297-11 since 1950.

2011 Schedule:

August 26th - Goodrich

September 1st - Clawson*

September 9th - at South Lake*

September 16th - East Detroit

September 23rd - New Haven*

September 30th - Marysville

October 7th - at Mount Clemens*

October 14th - at Center Line*

October 21st - Fitzgerald

Schedule Breakdown:Lincoln certainly will have their hands full right away.  Lincoln hosts Goodrich who plays in the Genesse Area Red Conference , Goodrich won last year's meeting 48-0.  Goodrich has also had a record of 27-7 over the past 3 seasons.  Following Goodrich, Lincoln plays the top two preseason teams in the MAC Bronze, Clawson and South Lake.  East Detroit in week 4 will a tough match for Lincoln but it remains to be seen how East Detroit will be in 2011, during the preseason and offseason, East Detroit had it's share of issues. The schedule starts to shift to the more winnable games as Lincoln gets 2 home games in a row against: New Haven and Marysville of the MAC Silver.  In week 7 and 8, Lincoln has their final two division and away opponents:  Mount Clemens and Center Line.  To end the regular season, Lincoln hosts what's expected to be a tough Fitzgerald team.  Week 9 could potentially have two teams fighting for a playoff berth.

Toughest Game:
South Lake

Must Win Game:

New Haven

Players to Watch:

Lairren Johnson - WR/DB

Dejaun Rogers - WR/CB

Monday, July 25, 2011

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #31 Center Line Panthers

The #31 team in our preseason MAC Rankings is the Center Line Panthers.  The Panthers are coming off of a 2-7 record, it is the third year in a row that Center Line has had a record of 2-7.   The previous 2-7 records from the past three years may indicate that nothing has improved for the Panthers but in 2010 the Panthers scored a combined 191 points, which is a combined more than the previous 2 seasons.  Center Line's real problem is the defense which has allowed 300+ points the last three years, if the Panthers win more games in 2011, it will be because of the defense improving.  Center Line's enrollment in 2010 was 872 students and in 2011 the number will remain the same.

Quick Hits:

  • Center Line is four wins away from reaching 300 all time wins.
  • Center Line scored 191 points in 2010 an average of 21 points per game.  Center Line allowed 317 points during the 2010 season an average of 35 points per game.  
  • In the previous 5 seasons, Center Line has a record of: 11-34.
  • In the previous 10 seasons, Center Line has a record of: 41-53.
  • The last time Center Line reached  the postseason in 2005, with a 5-5 record.
  • Center Line has also reached the playoffs in: 2002, 2001, 1999, 1994, 1993, and 1992.
  • Center Line joined the MAC Conference in 1997.
  • Center Line began the MAC in the Gold division from: 1997-1998, MAC Silver from: 1999-2001, MAC Gold from: 2002-2007, MAC Silver from: 2008-2009, and MAC Bronze from 2010- present.
  • 2011 will be the second year that Center Line has been in the MAC-Bronze division.
  • Center Line has been playing football since 1950 and has an all time record of 296-234-12.

2011 Schedule:

August 26th - Harper Woods

September 1st - at South Lake*

September 9th - at Mount Clemens*

September 16th - at Fraser

September 24th - Clawson*

September 30th - at Clintondale

October 7th - at New Haven*

October 14th - Lincoln*

October 21st - Warren Woods Tower

Schedule Breakdown:

In 2011 the Panthers will look  to end their streak of three straight seasons with a record of 2-7 and hopefully reach the playoffs.  Center Line's path for a winning season is not difficult as  they play no MAC teams from the top 3 divisions and have a non conference crossover game with Harper Woods.  Center Line will have to replace 21 of it's seniors from the class of 2011, which made up 21/34 players.  Center Line begins the season at home against Harper Woods.  A win in week 1 would make the path to 300 wins, a lot smaller as they would need only 3 more wins following a win over Harper Woods.  South Lake is figured to win the division and Center Line will need it's best game.  Center Line then travels to Mount Clemens in what is a winnable game, before traveling to Fraser, which is expected to breakout in 2011.  In week 5 the division play resumes, when Center Line hosts a tough Clawson team.  The remaining four games:  Clintondale, New Haven, Lincoln, and Warren Woods Tower are all very winnable games for the Panthers.

Toughest Game:

South Lake

Must Win Game:

Harper Woods

Players to Watch:

Mike Tyszkiewicz - RB/DB

Mike Tyszkiewicz was able to respond to a few questions about the 2011 season for the Panthers.

1. Can you comment on last year and the games, why 2010 was not such a good season and what could of made it better?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "Last season was a great experience for me and this years seniors, even though the record didn't end up a successful as we had hoped we still got the in game experience we needed to be competitive this season. I think we went into the season thinking we were going to be good and possibly win the division but the first loss was very tough and it got into our heads that we weren't as good as we may have thought."

2. Whats some major improvements seeking from personally and/or team?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "Personally I've hit the weights much harder than I did last year knowing this may be my last season of football and I want to leave with a good finish. Team wise we will be having some pretty good and experienced juniors joining the varsity team that will help us compete and win this season."

3. How has the team worked together over the offseason?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "This offseason we've had a lot of freshmen dedication in the weight room which will show a lot in the future."

4. Which players besides you, should we keep an eye out on, both varsity and jv and possibly freshman?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "You need to keep an eye on Jacob Legree and Tj Kutch on the offensive side of the ball, Jacob was with us last year and he got some carries but I believe he will have a break out season with his strong running. Tj wasn't with us last year but I've played with him before and he can come up with some clutch catches. Watch out for Chris Boggus on defense he was over shadowed by seniors last year but you'll hear his name consistently when making tackles."

5. Biggest game: Either a grudge match or rivalry and whats home coming game?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "Biggest game no doubt is the Brown Jug game vs. Lincoln we know we got screwed out of the game last year and we will be looking to blow them out this year. Homecoming is against Clawson I'm not sure what the date is though."

6. Must win game?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "Must win game will have to be our opening game against Harper Woods it is important we get off to a good start and keep the momentum going through the season. Brown Jug vs. Lincoln is always a must win also."

7. Toughest team in Division and why?

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "Toughest team has to be South Lake they won the division last year and we have to put the target on their backs."

8. thoughts on non division opponents

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "Our non division opponents will be tough, Harper Woods was very competitive last season and we have to believe they will be this year and Tower always throws out a good squad."

9. What will it take to win division

Mike Tyszkiewicz - "To win the division it will take a lot more focus than last year, we've lost very good seniors but we will try to replace them with the juniors."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #32 L'Anse Creuse Lancers

The #32 team in the preseason MAC Rankings is L'Anse Creuse.   In 2010 the Lancers finished with a 2-7 record.   L'Anse Creuse's two wins in 2010 were against:  L'Anse Creuse North and Sterling Heights.  L'Anse Creuse is located in an odd location and because of that it can be accessed from several different roads in Harrison Township.  The closet main road L'Anse Creuse is located near is River Road.  Right to the east of the I-94 overpass you turn right on L'Anse Creuse Street and about 3,000 feet is the school.  The other main road to L'Anse Creuse High School is turning off of 16 Mile road onto L'Anse Creuse Street and taking the road north to the school.

Quick Hits:

  • L'Anse Creuse scored 103 points in 2010 an average of 12 points per game, while allowing 345 points.  L'Anse Creuse allowed an average of 38 points per game in 2010.
  • L'Anse Creuse's record over the past 5 years is: 13-32.
  • L'Anse Creuse's record over the past 10 years is: 35-56.
  • L'Anse Creuse's last playoff and winning season was: 2003 with a 6-4 record.
  • L'Anse Creuse also reached the playoffs in: 2000, 2001, and 2003.
  • L'Anse Creuse joined the MAC Conference in 1987.
  • L'Anse Creuse has been in the MAC Blue from: 1987-1988, MAC White: 1989, MAC Blue from: 1990-1992, MAC Gold: 1993, MAC Blue: 1994, MAC Gold from: 1995-1996, MAC Blue from: 1997-2001,  MAC White from: 2002-2005, MAc Blue from: 2006-2007, MAC Gold from: 2008-2009, and MAC Blue from: 2010-Present.
  • It will be L'Anse Creuse's second year in a row in the MAC Blue, overall the Lancers have been in the MAC Blue for 6 different tenure's.
  • L'Anse Creuse opened in 1957 and L'Anse Creuse has an overall record of 192-280-4.

2011 Schedule:

August 26th: Grosse Pointe North

September 1st:  at Anchor Bay*

September 9th: Port Huron Northern*

September 16th: at Warren Mott

September 23rd: at L'Anse Creuse North

September 30th: Port Huron*

October 7th: at Sterling Heights*

October 14th: at Grosse Pointe South*

October 21st: Lake Shore

Schedule Breakdown:

L'Anse Creuse does not have the toughest schedule, its actually pretty favorable besides an explosive Warren Mott and a handful of MAC Blue opponents.  In week 1, L'Anse Creuse will travel to Grosse Pointe North, both teams want to get this win badly, trust me.   From week 2-4 is a really tough stretch of: Anchor Bay, Port Huron Northern, and Warren Mott.  Week 5 will be L'Anse Creuse's rival L'Anse Creuse North.  The final 3 division games are: Port Huron, Sterling Heights, and Grosse Pointe South.  L'Anse Creuse complete's the season against MAC Gold opponent, Lake Shore.  I figure Port Huron will be L'Anse Creuse's toughest game because Port Huron will be good and the game follows, L'Anse Creuse North.

Toughest Game:

Port Huron

Must Win Game:

Grosse Pointe North

Players to Watch:

Hannibal Roda - WR/S/KR

Jake Vawter - QB

L'Anse Creuse; wide receiver, safety and kick returner, Hannibal Roda shared his thoughts on the upcoming season.

1. Can you comment on last year and the games, why 2010 was not such a good season and what could of made it better?

Hannibal Roda - "Last year for us was rough for many reasons, but I would have to say making the jump from the Gold to the Blue was the biggest impact for us because the level of competition was increased, and lack of commitment also impacted us."

2. Whats some major improvements seeking from personally and/or team?

Hannibal Roda - "This up-coming season I expect for us to make a run for the play-offs.  We definitely have the talent, it's a matter of us putting together the pieces and winning games."

3. How has the team worked together over the offseason?

Hannibal Roda - "This off-season has been night and day compared to last year. For our 7 on 7's we have 30 or so guys at every one, in the weight room there is never an open spot, we've had a hand full of "captains" practices with good numbers.  The commitment has greatly improved."

4. Which players besides you, should we keep an eye out on, both Varsity and JV?

Hannibal Roda - "(Varsity) Jake Vawter QB, Demeris Thomas RB/S, Lucas Lanzon LB, Josh McCarthy WR/CB, Hannibal Roda WR/KR/S, Javon Carter WR/, Jamarcio Davis FB/LB, and Joe Rusek LB.  (Junior Varsity) Trevon Boswell RB/CB/returner,  and Brett Scott FB/LB.

5. Biggest game: Either a grudge match or rivalry and whats home coming game?

Hannibal Roda - "L'Anse Creuse North on September 23 at LCN, being our rival, would be our most important game, the emotions really run wild for that game and everyone plays with more fire. Our homecoming game is on September 30th vs. Port Huron high school."

6. Must win game?

Hannibal Roda - "The must win game for this season is the first one against Grosse Point North. When you win the first game, it gets your season started off and rolling and causes momentum for the rest of the year. Being an opponent from a division higher than us, it would mean that much more."

7. Toughest team in Division and why?

Hannibal Roda - "Personally, I find Grosse Pointe South the toughest team in our division. They always seem to have athletes and make a run for the state championship."

8. Thoughts on non division opponents?

Hannibal Roda - "This season, we are going to have four tough crossover opponents. Playing teams from the Red and the White, they are always going to be tough, but our team is prepared to play against teams at both of these levels. "

9. What will it take to win division?

Hannibal Roda - "In order to win the division, we are going to need two things. First, we are going to need to be not only a team, but also a family and that is already starting to unfold. When your team is as close as a family, you don't need to worry about if someone is doing their job on the field, you trust them with everything you have and that is an important part of football. Secondly, we are going to need to work hard and be students of the game so everyone knows their job when they hit the field and there are no second thoughts."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #33 L'Anse Creuse North Crusaders

Sitting at #33 in the MAC Preseason Rankings is the L'Anse Creuse North Crusaders.  L'Anse Creuse North is coming off of 0-9 season in 2010.  The biggest concern for L'Anse Creuse North has to be their offense which only scored 80 points in 2010.   The Crusaders will be a young team in 2011 as they currently have 11 seniors and over 30 underclassmen.   L'Anse Creuse North enrollment number's have been pretty consistent, around  the the 1,900 students mark.  In 2011 L'Anse Creuse North  will have an enrollment of 1,912.  That is a drop off of 19 students from the 2010 enrollment numbers.  L'Anse Creuse North can be accessed through 21 mile road and through Fairchild Road.  

Quick Hits:

  • L'Anse Creuse North scored 80 points in 2010 an average of 9 points per game, while allowing 291 points.  L'Anse Creuse North allowed an average of 33 points per game during the 2010 season.
  • L'Anse Creuse North's record over the past 5 years is:  16-30.
  • L'Anse Creuse North's record over the past 10 years is: 30-61.
  • L'Anse Creuse North's last playoff and winning season was 2007.   The Crusader's went 6-4 that season.
  • L'Anse Creuse North's lone playoff appearance came during the 2007 season.
  • L'Anse Creuse North joined the MAC Conference in 1990.
  • The Crusaders resided in the MAC White from: 1990-1992, MAC Blue from: 1993-1994, MAC Gold from: 1995-1996, MAC White from: 1997-1998, MAC Blue from: 1999-2007, and MAC White from 2008 to present.
  • 2010 will be the fourth year in a row  that L'Anse Creuse North has been in the MAC White.
  • L'Anse Creuse North opened in 1975 and has an overall record of 122-203.

2011 Schedule:

August 25th - at Rochester

September 1st - Roseville*

September 9th - at Utica Ford* (Home game's at Stevenson)

September 16th - at Cousino*

September 23rd - L'Anse Creuse

September 30th - Eisenhower

October 7th - at Grosse Pointe North*

October 14th - at Utica*

October 21st - Romeo

Schedule Breakdown:

For a team coming off of an 0-9 season in 2010, L'Anse Creuse North gets minimal breaks during the 2011 season.  One game is an OAA crossover vs.  Rochester in week 1.  Rochester should be improved from 6-4 in 2010.  In week 2 the MAC White divisional opponents, Roseville visit L'Anse Creuse North.  Roseville had a breakout year in 2010, an upset it seems could provide a huge boost if L'Anse Creuse North  can turn the corner in 2011.  Awaiting the Crusaders will be Utica Ford, which is heavily favored to win the division and make a run in the state finals.  Before their rivalry game with L'Anse Creuse, L'Anse Creuse North has a hungry Cousino team on their shoulders.  Those two games are followed by an MAC crossover with Eisenhower.  To close out MAC-White division play will be two teams hungry for more respect in 2011; Grosse Pointe North and Utica.  Grosse Pointe North is coming off bad year and many have written the Norsemen off, while Utica had a breakout year in 2010, but lose about 18 seniors.  To conclude the season will be the Romeo Bulldogs.  By then I expect Romeo to be rolling on all cylinders and it would take a major upset for L'Anse Creuse North to remember October 21st, 2011.

Toughest Game:


Must Win Game:

L'Anse Creuse

Player's to Watch:

Jacob Wazny - RB/TE

Brandon Weber - WR

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #34 Sterling Heights Stallions

My #34 team in the MAC is the Sterling Heights Stallions. The Stallions have not tasted much success in the past decade.  Sterling Heights finished 0-9 in 2010.   One of Sterling Height's biggest concerns was their defense, in 2010 the Stallions allowed 402 points.  That is an average of  45 points allowed per game.  Sterling Heights population has not been an issue as they will have 1,466 students in 2011.  Sterling Heights High School is located on the north side of 15 mile road, west of Schoenherr and east of Dodge Park Road.

Quick Hits:

  • Sterling Heights scored 101 points in 2010, an average of 11 points per game.  While allowing 402 points an average of 45 points allowed per game.
  • Sterling Heights has had a record of 15-30 over the past 5 seasons.
  • Sterling Heights has had a record of 43-52 over the past 10 seasons.
  • Sterling Heights last winning season was 5-4 in 2008.  
  • Sterling Heights last reached the playoffs in 2003 with an 8-4 record.  
  • Sterling Heights has five total playoff appearances:  1987 (10-1), 1998 (7-3), 2000 and 2011 (8-3 both years) and 2003 (8-4).
  • Sterling Heights has been apart of the MAC since 1987.  
  • The Stallions were apart of the MAC Red from: 1987-1994, MAC White from: 1995-1996, MAC Blue from: 1997-1998, MAC White from: 1999-2001, MAC Red from: 2002-2003, MAC White from 2004-2007, and MAC-Blue from 2008-Present.
  • 2011 will be the fourth year Sterling Heights is in the MAC-Blue.
  • Sterling Heights opened in 1971.  The Stallions have an overall record of 189-175.

2011 Schedule:

August 26 - Utica
September 2 - Port Huron*
September 9 - Grosse Pointe South*
September 16 - Romeo
September 23 - Cousino
September 30 - Port Huron Northern*
October 7 - Mount Clemens L'Anse Creuse*
October 14 - New Baltimore Anchor Bay*
October 21 - East Detroit 

Schedule Breakdown:

The Sterling Heights Stallions certainly have no breaks in their 2011 schedule.  For a team not expected to have a big rebound having two for sure crossover games and a pretty tough MAC-Blue schedule, things really could not get harder for Sterling Heights in 2011.  Sterling Heights four MAC crossover games are: Utica, Romeo, Cousino, and East Detroit.  Utica has lost around 10-15 starters and it's big play makers, so this could be a big win for the Stallions.  Then Sterling Heights, plays Romeo of the MAC-Red and Cousino of the MAC-White, two really good opponents.  In week 9 the Stallions will play East Detroit of the MAC-Gold.  With the Shamrocks off field problems, no one is sure how they will look in 2011.   Sterling Height's MAC-Blue opponents will be tough: Port Huron, Grosse Pointe South, Port Huron Northern, and Anchor Bay as four will be fighting for the MAC-Blue title.  

Toughest Game: Romeo

Must Win Game: L'Anse Creuse

Player's to watch:

Kenneth Perry - DL/OL

Josh Heins - QB/S

Jacob Kneeshaw - WR/S

Friday, July 22, 2011

The D - Zone Joins The Mothership

In an effort to expand the coverage given to high school athletes in greater Detroit, as of this week The D - Zone will merge with Friday Night Titans, to become a part of the fastest growing high school sports network in Michigan, Varsity News Network. Everything that I have provided through The D Zone will continue, just in a different place.

If you have been a follower of The D Zone for the past 10 months, I sincerely thank you for your support, from then to now and into the future. Take my word for it that in my new home on Varsity News Network I will provide you with the same level of info and analysis to which you are accustomed with The D Zone.

The new homepage is Also, remember to like Friday Night Titans on Facebook.

My personal contact information will remain the same. Click here to view my contact info.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #35 Mount Clemens Battling Bathers

To continue this feature, we move down the list to #35 Mount Clemens.  The Battling Bathers are coming off of a 1-8 season in 2010, for the second year in a row.  Mount Clemens lone win came in week 2 against New Haven.  The Battling Bathers won that game 39-0.  Like New Haven, Mount Clemens attendance per year has dropped by a pretty wide margin each year.  In 2010 the Battling Bathers held 516 students, in 2011 Mount Clemens will hold only 460 students.   Mount Clemens high school is located off of Cass Avenue near Gratiot Avenue.  Click here to view the Facebook page for the football team.

  • Quick Hits:
  • Mount Clemens scored 106 points an average of 12 points per game and allowing 276 points an average of 31 points per game in 2010.
  • Mount Clemens has had a record of 4-41 over the last 5 seasons.
  • Mount Clemens has had a record of 16-74 over the last 10 seasons.
  • Mount Clemens last winning season was, 6-3 in 1997.
  • Mount Clemens has been in the MAC since the 1990 season.
  • 2011 will be the fourth year that Mount Clemens will be in the MAC Bronze.

2011 Schedule:

August 26 -  at Algonac

September 2 - New Haven*
September 9 - Center Line*
September 16 - at Saint Clair
September 23 - at South Lake*
September 30 - Lamphere

October 7 - Lincoln*
October 14 - Clawson*
October 21 - at Clintondale

Schedule Breakdown:  
The MAC Bronze is meant to be the weakest of the the six MAC Divisions: Red, White, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  But that does not mean all 6 football  teams are bad.  Mount Clemens plays the two league favorites:  South Lake and Clawson separated by crossover and divisional games.   Mount Clemens, lone non conference crossover game is Algonac of the Blue Water Area Conference in week 1.  Algonac defeated Mount Clemens 18-8 in 2010.  In week 4, Mount Clemens travels up to Saint Clair, where they should face a much improved Saint Clair team, of the MAC Gold division.  Saint Clair should be well prepared as they will be coming off of two divisional games against East Detroit and Fraser.   Mount Clemens has two tough crossover's with MAC Silver opponents: Lamphere and Clintondale.  The Battling Bathers have not defeated Clintondale the previous 12 meetings.

Toughest game: South Lake

Must win game: New Haven

Player(s) to watch: Sr. QB - Aaron McFadden

Sr. WR/KR/LB - Josh Weidner

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MAC 2011 Football Previews: #36 New Haven Rockets

To kickoff this daily feature, we start with #36 team in the preseason MAC rankings.  The New Haven Rockets are coming off of a 0-9 season, in which they had to forfeit their final game against Lamphere for not having enough players.  This small school located in Northeast Macomb county has 343 students for the upcoming season, a drop from the 382 in 2010.  New Haven is located on the east side of Gratiot and North of Main Street and 26 mile road.

  • Quicks Hits: 
    • New Haven has a new coach, Michael Burns who has installed a spread offense for the Rockets. 
    • New Haven has been in the MAC for 7 years and 4th year in a row in the Bronze division.
    • New Haven has gone 14-33 the last five years, the best being 6-5 in 2006 and the worst being 0-9 in 2010.

August 26 - @ Clintondale 
September 2 - @ Mount Clemens* 
September 9 - @ Clawson* 
September 16 - Madison Heights 
September 23 - @ Lincoln* 
September 30 - Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian 
October 7 - Center Line*
October 14 - @ South Lake* 
October 21 - @ Lamphere 

New Haven quarterback, Tra France and wide receiver, Sychar Sterling answered a few questions about the upcoming season.

1. Comment on last year and the games, why 2010 was good/bad season and what could of made it better?

Tra France - "Last year was by far the worst season New Haven has ever had football wasn't taken seriously and there was lack of discipline. As a starting quarterback I should have stepped up and lead the team. This year me and several others have stepped up and we are determined to turn the football program around. Thanks to the new head coach, Michael Burns. I believe that this year we are going to turn a lot of heads and we will also shock the MAC."
 Sychar Sterling: "Last year we let our school and our community down. To us, New Haven football meant fun and games, now football means business."

2. What are some major improvements seeking from personal and/or team?

Tra France - "Work ethic."
Sychar Sterling: "Our attitudes hit a 180 from last year."

3. How has the team worked together over the offseason?

Tra France - "Waking up every morning going to team workouts, QB meetings, and volunteer work, looking back to our 7on7s, the offense has so many possibilities and I believe we will be putting a lot of points on the board."
Sychar Sterling: "Morning practices, position meetings, 7on7s, and volunteering throughout the community."

4. Biggest game: grudge match, rivalry and home coming game?

Tra France - "Biggest game: Madison Heights, rivalry: Mount Clemens, homecoming: Center Line".
Sychar Sterling: "Biggest game: South Lake, rivalry: Mount Clemens, homecoming: Center Line"

5. Must win game?

Both replied: Mount Clemens

6. Toughest team in Division and why?

Tra France - "South Lake is the toughest team in our division. A few years ago they were in the same boat as us (New Haven) and now they have a winning program."
Sychar Sterling: "I believe that we (New Haven) are the toughest team. The only way we will get beat is if we beat ourselves. We are not the biggest, or strongest. But the fastest and we will have the most heart."

7. Thoughts on non division opponents?

Tra France - "Madison Heights is the best non-conference team we will play.
Sychar Sterling: "If they’re not in the MAC Bronze, I'm not worried about them."

8. What will it take to win division?

Tra France - "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard!"
Sychar Sterling: "HEART and T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) I know that I may sound cocky but I'm not being cocky, I'm confident."

July 3 Weekly Update 2011

Charles Idemudia - 2012 LB

The Grosse Pointe North Norsemen have not tasted much failure in recent seasons.  However in 2010 things did not work out too well for the Norsemen.  Grosse Pointe North finished 2010 with a 2-7 record, their only wins were L'Anse Creuse (2-7) and L'Anse Creuse North (0-9).   Neither side of the ball showed much consistency as Grosse Pointe North scored 156 points and allowed 170 points.  

The Grosse Pointe North record does not show games which were close: 3 point loss to Ford, 8 point loss to Cousino, 3 point loss to Utica, 8 point loss to Grosse Pointe South, and 3 point loss to Stevenson.  Charles Idemudia a 6' and 215 pound LB/RG who is a team captain, explains what they took away from last season, "Our record last year spoke for itself, and although we played close games, we weren't able to come together as a team, eliminate penalties, and close out games. This year we have taken a new approach to the season. We have gotten guys to workouts because last season, workouts were inconsistent, and it showed in the trenches and the 4th quarter."

Many people around the MAC have written Grosse Pointe North off in 2011, because of their previous record.  Idemudia is sure Grosse Pointe North will able compete with the two current heavy weights in the MAC White: Utica Ford and Cousino.  The 2-7 record is all the current players need to be motivated for the upcoming season.  Idemudia depicted the excitement level at Grosse Pointe North, "All of us players are ecstatic about the season. We know we have something to prove this season, and the guys have made it their responsibility to make sure our team will have the opportunity to succeed during the season. The coaches have also been helping us a lot, and are pleased to see our work ethic this season."
Charles Idemudia (#36) pursues, RB - Eddy Mollison of GPS.
In general coming up to this season, a team coming off a 2-7 record which also lost half of their starters from 2010, could either be really motivated to rebound or stay down.  With Grosse Pointe North having a consistent winning tradition you can sure count on this group being motivated to rebound.  Idemudia talks about what he has done as a team captain to keep his Norsemen teammates focused, "As a captain, I am constantly working trying to get guys to workouts and get focused. Not only have I, but every captain has spoken to the team about the importance of going into the season with a serious attitude, because last year, one of our main problems was the level of seriousness, and they now know the mentality we have to have in order to have success."

The path to being a captain at Grosse Pointe North was filled with quite a few detours for Idemudia.  As a freshman at Grosse Pointe North he was brought up freshman year to varsity.  As a sophomore he was forced to move to Detroit where he attended Hamtramck high school and started at both LB/RG for the Cosmos.  After a successful season at Hamtramck, controversy occurred.  It was determined some kids were ineligible to play due to grades.  Idemudia explains why he came back to Grosse Pointe North instead of playing at Hamtramck, "After sophomore year, I came back to Grosse Pointe North because of the academic possibilities, my friends, and to finish playing football for GPN, the program I started at."  As a junior Idemudia was out of shape at defensive tackle, in the spring he turned things around by playing lacrosse and was elected as a team captain after dropping 55 pounds.

Coming into this year with the added responsibility of being a captain, Idemudia was also aware that he would be playing on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.  Idemudia explains what he has been doing to prepare for the challenge, "I knew I was going to play both ways, so I made sure I got into shape in the offseason, mainly by playing lacrosse. I knew lacrosse would be the perfect kind of running that would help me for linebacker, and it turned out to help tremendously. I also decided to hit the weight room at least four times per week all winter, and my max bench tremendously increased to 355 and my squat reached 500. Being an strong offensive lineman is one of the keys to being a good offensive lineman."

To kickoff the 2011 season, Grosse Pointe North will play L'Anse Creuse.  Grosse Pointe North won that game last year 49-3.  In week 2 and 3 Grosse Pointe North gets arguably their toughest two MAC White opponents:  Utica Ford and Cousino.  Utica Ford is the favorite to win the MAC-White followed by Cousino; Grosse Pointe North could really get a boost by beating one of the two teams as they head into their rivalry game with Grosse Pointe South in week 5.  Idemudia explains the impact of those two games, "We know the stake of those games, and we know what we have to do for those tough games. Win or lose, our season will not be over, but we do know that if we want to win the MAC White, we have to come away with 2 wins."

During the 2011 season Idemudia illustrates he has several things he would like to make improvements on, "Personally, I would like to improve on my footwork for o'line and linebacker. Footwork is one of the most important aspects of the game, and the better footwork, the better performance."

In week 5 Grosse Pointe North will play Grosse Pointe South in their rivalry game.  Although the game does not decide division titles, Idemudia talks about the rivalry and what it means to players and the people of Grosse Pointe, "The South game may not be the biggest game of our season, but it IS the biggest game of Grosse Pointe. We have somewhere near 8,000 fans at our games, and all the kids and people in the community come out to watch the game. This game is for bragging rights for the entire year, and it's even more important to us because we lost to South last season for the first time in 7 years at our home field, so the seniors are especially pumped to go to South next season and try and get the win streak back on our side. The rivalry is even in the Great American Rivalry Series, which is a list of the top 25 high school football rivalries is the United States."

When the season is over for Idemudia and Grosse Pointe North, he would like to continue his football career in college.  Idemudia opened up on what his scenario is for playing college football, "Right now I have had some contact with Ivy leagues and some D-2 and D-3's, but not much else. But I am looking forward to playing football in college, and I believe everything will become clearer by December."  

Idemudia concluded, "I would like to say thank you from me and my fellow Norsemen, and we look to bring playoff football back to GPN, where it belongs."

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Latham Donald - 2012 RB

Of the top runningbacks in 2010 only five hit the 2,000+ rushing yards in a season.  Those five runningbacks were: Ethan Colton (Saugatuck), James Hartley (Birch Run), Denel Carithers (Ecorse), Valdez Showers (Madison Heights) and Latham Donald from Lakeview. Latham Donald is a 5'10 and 180 pound back, who finished 2010 with 2,124 yards and with 23 rushing touchdowns in just 11 games.

In 2010 Lakeview started off hot winning their first five games but they ran into South Lake in week 6.  South Lake would win that game 35-0, Lakeview went into a cold streak dropping two more before winning the season finale against Clawson.  Donald was questioned if they Huskies learned from those losses and hopefully they won't have the same problems in 2011, Donald replied, "Definitely, we look at that as a lesson, once you get off the right path, it’s hard to hop back on."

Lakeview is not known for having anything special on the football field.  2010 was the first year ever that Lakeview won a playoff game and the first time Lakeview even reached the playoffs.  In the previous three seasons the Huskies went 5-4 two times which means they fell just short of the playoffs.  Donald described his feelings on having the schools only playoff win so far, "It means a lot, it shows how much of a family effort it was and how that togetherness paid off."

Lakeview is primed to make another run into the postseason in 2011.  Donald shared some players names who can help Lakeview get back to the postseason, "We have a lot of athletes this year, from Ryan Bradley, to Kenny Kaufman, Nino Genna, Zach Horne, Devan Bradley, Nick White and Austin Doll at various positions."

The MAC-Silver was crowded in 2010, as Lakeview was in a four way tie for first place with: Lamphere, Clintondale and Fitzgerald.  Those four teams all finished 3-2 in the division, while Marysville went 2-3 and Warren Woods Tower went 1-4.  Donald and his Huskies teammates hope to break away from the pack in 2011.  Donald described what it will take to break away and win the Silver, "Just to stay focused, stay TOGETHER, keep our will to win and be hungrier than anyone else."

With having three teams from Saint Clair Shores, Lake Shore and South Lake.  Donald talked about their rivalry with the nearby schools, "With South Lake having an out of nowhere success and the great level they played on there is plenty respect towards that team. They snapped that losing mindset I think which will make our game plan a lot more intense this year. Lake Shore is a straight up rivalry. We don't like them, and they don't like us. Flat out."

Since Donald was one of a few kids who have hit 2,000+ rushing yards in one season, you would expect the runningback to receive a lot more praise.  For some reason that is not the case with Donald yet.  Donald shares his thoughts on what hitting 2,000+ rushing yards, meant to him, "It means a lot, it was my goal to reach 2,000 and it was a blessing that I did. Great blocking from a good offensive line and that extra effort built that mark."  To achieve a better season in 2011, Donald has had a busy off-season so far.  Donald shared what he has been doing during the off-season for a bigger 2011 season, "Staying in the weight room and taking EVERY drill as if it was a real game situation."

The Huskies success has caught a lot of people of guard during the 2010 but teams started adjusting to Donald throughout the season.  Donald shared what the team can do once teams start loading the box on him and the Huskies, "Last year a lot of teams did that to us so we expect that this year as well. We switched a lot of this around due to the amount of talent we have, so there will be some changes."

Donald was quick to know which was the biggest and must win game for the Huskies in 2011, "Lakeshore. Period. Every game is just as important. But we want them."

After finishing his spectacular junior season, Donald has not had many college's chasing him yet, "Central Michigan and Saginaw are showing a lot of interest at the moment. We'll see what happens after my senior year."  This past weekend, Donald headed up to Ferris State for a camp.  Donald learned a few extra things this weekend, "I learned at technique and ball handling."

Nick Johnson - 2012 DE

Saint Clair Shores South Lake has not had much success in recent years on the football field.  In the past, every 4 to 5 years, South Lake would reach the playoffs.  But in 2010, South Lake went 8-2 and reached the playoffs for the first time since 2005.  For South Lake it's not just the offense which wins them games.  The 2010 offense shattered the school record by scoring 325 points last year, which is a jump from the 132 points South Lake scored in 2009.  However it is South Lake's defense which really what grabs your attention; the Cavaliers defense only allowed 72 points in 2010 an average of 10 points per game.  In 2009 the points South Lake allowed was 257.  Part of the reason of the defense's success has been the consistency of defensive end, Nick Johnson.  As a sophomore, Johnson had 60 tackles and as a junior he had 63 tackles.  As a senior the numbers will rise even higher.

The Cavaliers return a chunk of players back who paid high contributions to the program in 2010.  Johnson explains what the Cavaliers must do to have just as much success as 2010, "Last year was a dream come true. Everyone was dedicated and committed. We need to do the same for this year and we set a higher goal for this year as well, to help us retain what we did last year."

During the 2010 season, South Lake shutout five of their ten opponents, four of which were divisional opponents.  The most impressive was holding Lakeview runningback, Latham Donald to only 60 yards (finished with 2,200+ yards).  South Lake won that crossover game versus Lakeview, 35-0.  In their second and final loss of the season in 2010, South Lake's defense did their best to hold Country Day to a 10 point lead.  But the offense was unable to score that game and later fumbled; the ball was recovered by Country Day and returned for a touchdown.  Johnson shares his thoughts on why the defense was able to hold teams to only 72 points in 2010, "Everybody worked together as one. We believed in one another and we aimed to have the best defense in the MAC at the beginning of the season last year."

Last year the MAC-Bronze division was decided by a win in week 7 over Clawson.  South Lake won that game 35-0.  Clawson appears to be one of the biggest barriers for South Lake winning the division for a second year in a row.  Clawson certainly will be hungry to knock of South Lake, especially if both teams have zero divisional losses.  Johnson discusses his mentality for that possible scenario, "We just need to keep the same mentality as last year. We fear no team, I don't care who it is, and we’ll play them on any day."

During the 2010 season, Johnson explains what he was doing well at, "I felt like I helped open up holes for our linebackers to fill. I also feel that I put a lot of pressure on quarterbacks and I always kept the D-line in check."  For the off-season, there have been plenty of camps for players to showcase their skills and improve their skills.  Johnson summarizes what he has been doing to prepare for the upcoming season, "The off season has been crazy. I've been going to the gym twice a day and seeing a personal trainer. I feel I'm working just as hard as anybody. I've also been to many camps such as Midwest Elite and Soundmind Soundbody to go against the best competition and get better."  As for what Johnson hopes him and the Cavaliers can accomplish in 2011, "I would just like to win a state championship. That's every teams dream. I will do everything in my power to help us get there no matter what it is."

Including Nick Johnson, South Lake has several players who are getting D1 interest: Casual Williams, Marcus Anderson, and Brad Mitchell and others.  Asked if all the players with D1 interest could ruin the teams chemistry, Johnson disagreed, "I think it will make everyone play that much harder. We're all playing for that scholarship money and with them knowing that D1 coaches are watching, they will play that much better."  As for what the camps have done for Johnson other than provide a chance for college coaches to view him play, "Camps bring out the best in me. I love going against good competition so I can tell where my game is at and what I need to improve on. I feel that I've learned many new techniques and moves to use in games."

Johnson listed the game he looking forward too, the rivalry game and the must win game for the Cavaliers in 2011, "The game that I'm looking forward too is Lamphere. We let them off easy last year and I know for a fact they can't beat us. The rivalry game that I'm waiting for is Lake Shore because it's always a full out battle with them and our must win game is Marysville because I feel they will be real good this year."

When the South Lake season is complete for Johnson sometime in November, he will be line for a chance to play college football.  Johnson is receiving interest but has no scholarship offers yet, "I'm not really sure what they're waiting on. I've been to CMU and EMU camps already and did pretty good there. I'll probably go to BGSU's camp this Friday. I just want to win games this year and show them my senior year tape and try to get them to come out to a few games."

Johnson also has been attention from several schools west of the Mississippi River.  Johnson summed up his recruiting process so far, "This off season has been a blast. I've been getting a lot of attention from schools on every level. I've talked to Syracuse, Grand Valley, Youngstown State, UTEP, Tulsa, and a lot of D2 schools as of now. I hope to talk to them more, along with new schools as well."

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Marquise Wallace - 2012 OL

When Coach Greg Carter took over the position of head coach at Oak Park earlier this year.  He left Inkster with a much better program, than what it was when he first took over.   The highlight of his tenure at Inkster was undoubtedly, current Michigan Wolverine, QB - Devin Gardner, as they led the Vikings to the state final game.  However, Carter was not able to duplicate his success in 2010 without Gardner.  Inkster went 2-7 in 2010 and with Inkster not being in a conference; Carter jumped ships to Oak Park.  Following his move, a few former Inkster players: runningback, Denzel Wright and lineman, Marquise Wallace also transferred to Oak Park.

Marquise Wallace is 6'3 and 250 linemen who played only played offense so far but in 2011 he will start to play defense for the first time.  Wallace described why he choose to follow along with his head coach, "Coach Carter was one of the reasons I came to Oak Park but I also transferred because of Oak Park's academics and I would love to help get Oak Park into the playoffs."  Wallace also depicts Coach Carter as a fatherly figure to him, "Coach Carter is a very good man and he has done a lot for me, such as helping me with my academics. He has also made me a better player by making me work hard and pushing me to my goals, that is why I play for Coach Carter."

With the uncertainty of coaching at Inkster, Wallace felt it was in his best interest to transfer to Oak Park.  Wallace described why he thinks that, Oak Park will help him in the future, "Oak Park is a great school and I think that they would help me with a lot of things and the decisions I will have to make in the long term."

Several other players’ have transferred to Oak Park from the surrounding counties, which results in no one being familiar with their OAA White opponents.  Wallace thinks there will be a minor transition period before they get used to their opponents, "Coming to Oak Park was one of the best decisions I have made so far. Playing teams we never played before will be a little change for us but in the long run we will play the best we can and work hard to get to our goal."

Oak Park has not had much success in previous seasons; the Knights have not had a winning season since reaching the playoffs in 2005.  Wallace and his teammates plan to reverse that trend in 2011, "I know that Oak Park has not had a lot of success in the recent years but we came to change things and to help them be the best they can be.  The excitement level is much higher with the new staff and my teammates are my new family."

In Wallace's senior season, the coaches have placed more responsibility on him.  Wallace will be playing defense for the first time this upcoming season.  Wallace discussed what he has been doing to get ready for the new challenge, "I been preparing for it by working hard and studying the position."  Wallace still will be playing on the offensive line, where he plans on making some holes for his runningbacks.   Wallace shared what he has been working on throughout the off-season, "I have been focusing on how to get my foot work faster and speed up my kick step so my RB, Denzel Wright can get to the end zone much faster."

Oak Park will have some tough opponents in the OAA White.  The most common team people may know is Harrison who went 14-0 in 2010.  Wallace assumes that Harrison will be their toughest game in 2011, "I think our toughest game will be Harrison because they have a good team and it looks like they work hard."

Recruiting has been going pretty well for Wallace as he describes, "recruiting is going good I have been recruited by: Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State, and Wisconsin.  I have no offers yet."  Wallace closed by giving thanks, "I would like to thank: God, Coach Carter, Lorenzo Terrell, Alphonso Wallace, Sam Wallace and Jalen Wallace for pushing me to be the best I can.

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