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Thursday, March 31, 2011

De La Salle vs Troy Athens Lacrosse Recap

Troy, MI -- With both team's coming off of losses the previous games.  De La Salle to Notre Dame Prep and Troy Athens to Catholic Central both teams would be playing their last game before spring break.

Troy Athens sure did not waste anytime, after winning the face-off, Joe Kemp got the ball to Ian Munro who put the ball in the back of the net 11 seconds into the game.

Not even a minute into the game, Munro made a slashing run towards the net and caught the pass from Tim Heard, then buried the shot in the back of the net, at 11:07 the Red-hawks were up 2-0.

Athens did not slow down at 10:26 on Joe Kemp had another assist, this time Dan Kreza scored, extending the Troy Athens lead to 3-0.  De La Salle then called timeout and things immediately settled down.

After 4 Red-hawks collapsed on one De La Salle player, Zach Timmerman had a 2 on one with the goalie, Neil Mistry came to cut down the angle but Timmerman put the ball in the back of the net at 2:54 in the first.

The duo of Kemp and Kreza got on the board again for Athens but this time it was the other way around.  After Kemp received the pass from Kreza, Kemp drilled the ball in the upper corner of the netting, giving Athens a 4-1 lead with 1:16 remaining in the first quarter.

De La Salle would add one more goal in the first quarter, when #8 scored in the middle of the field.  With 8.5 seconds left, De La Salle cut the lead to 4-2.  That would be the final goal of the period.

With 89 seconds gone by in the second quarter, Jared Selewski of De La Salle scored to make the score 4-3.

Joe Kemp came back not even a minute later and scored to keep the Athens lead at 5-3.

Troy Athens would get another goal at 8:56 when Nick Davis found Dakota Badder.  The goal lifted the Athens lead to 6-3.

At 8:32, Mio Sison of De La Salle scored to make the score 6-4.

Nearly three minutes later, #6 of De La Salle had the ball at midfield and ran straight up field before scoring for the Pilots.  The Athens lead was now cut to 6-5.

With 5:10 remaining in the second quarter, only 35 seconds after the previous Pilots goal, Mike Neal scored. Neal's goal tied the game at 6-6.

The Pilots nearly took the lead but an Athens played stopped an open shot after the goalie was tied up and also was on the ground.  However the Pilots scored 9 seconds later when Miles Mianecki tied up the goalie, with a low shot that appeared to go through the legs of the Red-hawks goalie.  The Pilots now lead 7-6.

With 15 seconds remaining in the half, Troy Athens got a big boost when Kemp found Kreza again.

With 10:06 left in the third quarter, Mio Sison passed to Mike Neal who retook the De La Salle lead at 8-7.

With 4 minutes left in the third quarter, Kemp caught the ball inside the Troy Athens side, then knocked a Pilot out of his way before running straight up field and beating the goalie.  At 3:49 the game again was tied, now at 8-8.

Kemp again scored this time at 2:03 from defense-men, Nick Youngerman.  It also was a run that started near midfield.  Athens would keep the 9-8 lead as the third quarter ended.

After the Pilots kept the ball in the Troy Athens zone all quarter at 10:38, Neil again scored for the Pilots.  At 9:20 the Pilots hit the post.

With 8:10 left De La Salle broke the 9-9 tie when #19 shot went between the near post and the goalie's left leg.

Troy Athens finally took the ball in De La Salle territory with 6 minutes gone by, Joe Kemp scored with 5:55 left from 10 yards out.  The goal tied the game at 10-10.

With 4:21 left, Dan Kreza scored to make the score 11-10, Troy Athens.

With 2:11 left, Mio Sison scored for De La Salle, making the score 11-11.

With 1:38 left, Joe Kemp went down and had to leave the field.  He did not come back into the game until the final 30 seconds.

With 30 seconds left, Mio Sison scored for the Pilots.  The goal made the score 12-11.  Troy Athens would have one last chance to tie the game but was unable to get the ball past goalie, Brian Popis.

Dexter High School Promotes JV Football Coach

Brian Baird replaces Tom Barbieri as head coach.  Barbieri was fired after Dexter went 5-4 in 2010.  Baird served as the junior varsity coach at Dexter prior to becoming head coach.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rochester United vs Eisenhower Lacrosse Recap

Shelby Township, MI -- Tonights Lacrosse game featured Rochester United who beat Okemos 5-4 visiting Eisenhower (0-1) who lost to De La Salle 7-3.   When I got to the field it had already started with a 6:30 start time so the score was 1-1.

As I was walking in Chris Perry scored for Eisenhower with 6:12 left in the second quarter, the goal gave the Eagles a 2-1 lead.

Through the next few minutes neither team dominated but from 20 yards out, #44 on Rochester United scored with 1:34 remaining in the second quarter. The goal tied the game at 2-2.

With 15 seconds remaining in the half, Perry received the ball in the middle of the field, from close distance.  His shot went in the upper corner of the net giving Eisenhower a 3-2 lead. (WATCH)

3-2 would be the score heading into halftime.

In the third quarter with 8:50 remaining, #3 of Rochester United scored on a shot that hit the ground first before landing in the back of the net.  The Rochester United goal tied the game again, this time at 3-3.

One minute and ten seconds later, Rochester United got the lead when #3 passed to #24 for a goal from close range.

With 5:30 remaining in the third quarter, Rochester United was down a player and Chris Perry made them pay with a goal from 10 yards out to re-tie the score at 4-4.

Eisenhower would take the lead at 3:52 when Perry found Joey Singer, who scored to push Eisenhower back on top, the score was 5-4.

With 53 seconds remaining in the quarter, Perry scored on nearly a 45 degree angle from the goal.  His fourth goal of the game gave the Eagles a 6-4 lead.

In the fourth quarter it did not take long for Rochester United to get on the board, with 9:18 left, #3 scored on a low shot which did not touch the ground.  The goal cut the Falcons deficit to 6-5.

As the quarter went on, possession went back and forth but with 4:54 left, Singer again scored for Eisenhower, which was assisted by #10.  The goal kept the Eisenhower lead at 7-5.

With 2:21 remaining #8 of Rochester United scored to cut the game to a one goal deficit. (WATCH)

After the Falcons got the ball in Eisenhower territory with 9 seconds left, they called timeout.  They went down field and had possession with .8 seconds left.  The clock was stopped at .8, leaving only 1 chance left for Rochester United to score.

The pass came from behind the net and the Falcon player made contact with the ball but the ball missed the net.

With the comeback falling short for Rochester United, Eisenhower won by the score of 7-6.

Rochester United does not play until, April 11th against Waterford
Eisenhower plays tomorrow (March, 31) at L'Anse Creuse North at 7 p.m.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Catholic Central and Troy Athens Lacrosse Recap

Troy, MI -- Tonights showdown between the Shamrocks and the Red-hawks was billed as a huge game.  Both are two of the best teams in the state and this non conference game would provide a chance to see how the two teams fared against one another.

Catholic Central wasted no time getting on the board within two minutes, #34 scored as he wrapped around the net.  Just like that the Shamrocks led 1-0.

The Shamrocks maintained their heavy press and with 3 minutes gone by in the quarter, #22 shot and scored from nearly 10 straight yards away from the goal.

Although the Shamrocks were up 2-0, they still controlled possession of the ball with ease, with 8 minutes remaining, #27 of Catholic Central came from behind the net and his backhand shot found the far siding of the net, the goal gave the Shamrocks a 3-0 lead.

In the first quarter, it was basically Catholic Central moving the ball at will and with 3 minutes left, #9 of Catholic Central made the score 4-0.

Troy Athens would get some late possession and with 1:55, Dan Kreza scored to cut the deficit to 4-1.

Athens looked to add on but Catholic Central recovered the ball and came down field to score their 5th goal of the quarter.  This time it was #3 of Catholic Central who made the score 5-1 with 9 seconds remaining in the first quarter.  That would be the score at the end of the first quarter.

With 10:16 left in the second, #20 of Catholic Central scored right in front of the goalie to make the score 6-1.

16 seconds later, Joe Kemp of Troy Athens scored and things would gradually look better for the Red-hawks following the goal that made it 6-2.

For 2 minutes and nearly 30 seconds following the the Athens goal, they kept the ball in the Shamrocks zone but were unable to score at 7:31 Athens called timeout, trailing 6-2.

Athens continued to control the ball but unable to score, Catholic Central had a late chance but Athens goalie made a great stop, as time was running out, with 7 seconds left, Kemp brought the ball up field and plowed over a Shamrock defender but was unable to shoot as the buzzer sounded to signal end of the half.

The Shamrocks led 6-2 but Athens was gaining confidence.

In the third quarter, Athens took the ball off the face-off and 90 seconds later, Kemp scored off a shot that bounced once before the ball crossed the goal-line.  The score was now 6-3.

#9 on Catholic Central minutes later scored after an Athens player was assessed a penalty.  The goal from 10 yards out extended the Shamrocks lead to 7-3 with 9:08 in the third quarter.

After Athens gained possession, Nick Davis caught a pass in the center and weaved through several Catholic Central defenders and scored.  With 7:38 Athens was now down 4-7.

With under 4 minutes in the third, Kemp brought the ball up field and again plowed right through a Shamrock and had a scoring chance but on the rebound, a few players shoved one another, then a Catholic Central player knocked over a Athens player.  It got a little rough as both teams exchanged several shoves and pushes.  Only 1 player from Catholic Central was given a penalty.

With 3:01 in the third, Kreza of Athens scored and the score was now 7-5.

With 1:40 left in the third, Kemp had an open look in front of the net but the Shamrock keeper denied the goal.

The only time Catholic Central had the ball in Athens territory during the quarter was their first goal and after a save by the Shamrocks the goalie threw the ball upfield and #20 scored to make the score 8-5 with 3.2 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

Neither team scored the first 8 minutes of the final quarter as the Shamrocks had possession more often. At 4:07 remaining, #17 of Catholic Central scored on a corner angle to make the score 9-5.

After several timeouts and minor scoring opportunities, Catholic Central scored with 8 seconds remaining to give the Shamrocks the 10-5 victory.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

OAA-Blue 2011 Basketball Honorable Mention

Mark Jarnol - Hazel Park
Dylan Bowman - Hazel Park
Evan Brewer - Lahser
Yante Maten - Lahser
David Wagner - Royal Oak
Mark Corless - Groves
Devon Herzoff - Andover
Andrew Gikas - Lahser

OAA-Blue Second Team 2011 Basketball

Justin Meredith - Groves
Martez Jones - Lahser
Omar Aref - Andover
Nick Bradley - Rochester
Terrell Nickerson - Royal Oak

OAA-Blue First Team 2011 Basketball

Dakota Ogles - Hazel Park
Wesley Ellis - Hazel Park
Mark Hazelwood - Oxford
Taylor Perry - Rochester
Armand Cartwright - Lahser

Lacrosse Scores So Far

3 23
AA Gabriel Richard
15  1
3 23
Grosse Pointe North
Utica Stevenson
16  4
3 23
Grosse Pointe South
5  6   ot
3 23
West Bloomfield
Grosse Ile
15 14   ot
3 23
4  5   ot
3 24
13  4
3 24
Detroit Catholic Central
12  4
3 24
East Grand Rapids
Portage Central
15 10
3 24
Troy Athens
Warren Consolidated
26  1
3 25
Ann Arbor Huron
4  5   ot
3 25
Grosse Ile
1 18
3 25
13  1
3 25
5  4 3 ot
3 25
Forest Hills Central
12  4
3 25
Grosse Pointe North
Flint Powers
11  6
3 25
Holland Christian
Spring Lake
16  0
3 25
L'Anse Creuse North
Warren Consolidated
18  1
3 25
Rochester Adams
Notre Dame Prep
4  8
3 25
Sylvania Northview
10  0
3 25
Walled Lake Northern
Walled Lake Western
11  3
3 26
AA Gabriel Richard
OL St Mary's
7  8
3 26
Detroit Country Day
6  5   ot
3 26
Spring Lake
10  0
3 26
East Grand Rapids
Detroit Catholic Cent
7 13
3 26
Forest Hills Eastern
Portage Central
14  5
3 26
Grand Haven
Holland HS
10  0
3 26
15  2
3 26
L'Anse Creuse
West Bloomfield
7  5
3 26
Notre Dame Prep
Toledo St John's
9  6
3 26
Portage Northern
Grand Rapids Christian
5 10
3 26
Rochester United
5  4
3 26
Lansing Waverly
16  6
3 26
Utica Eisenhower
De La Salle
3  7
3 26
Grand Rapids Cath Cent
1 15