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Monday, July 18, 2011

Latham Donald - 2012 RB

Of the top runningbacks in 2010 only five hit the 2,000+ rushing yards in a season.  Those five runningbacks were: Ethan Colton (Saugatuck), James Hartley (Birch Run), Denel Carithers (Ecorse), Valdez Showers (Madison Heights) and Latham Donald from Lakeview. Latham Donald is a 5'10 and 180 pound back, who finished 2010 with 2,124 yards and with 23 rushing touchdowns in just 11 games.

In 2010 Lakeview started off hot winning their first five games but they ran into South Lake in week 6.  South Lake would win that game 35-0, Lakeview went into a cold streak dropping two more before winning the season finale against Clawson.  Donald was questioned if they Huskies learned from those losses and hopefully they won't have the same problems in 2011, Donald replied, "Definitely, we look at that as a lesson, once you get off the right path, it’s hard to hop back on."

Lakeview is not known for having anything special on the football field.  2010 was the first year ever that Lakeview won a playoff game and the first time Lakeview even reached the playoffs.  In the previous three seasons the Huskies went 5-4 two times which means they fell just short of the playoffs.  Donald described his feelings on having the schools only playoff win so far, "It means a lot, it shows how much of a family effort it was and how that togetherness paid off."

Lakeview is primed to make another run into the postseason in 2011.  Donald shared some players names who can help Lakeview get back to the postseason, "We have a lot of athletes this year, from Ryan Bradley, to Kenny Kaufman, Nino Genna, Zach Horne, Devan Bradley, Nick White and Austin Doll at various positions."

The MAC-Silver was crowded in 2010, as Lakeview was in a four way tie for first place with: Lamphere, Clintondale and Fitzgerald.  Those four teams all finished 3-2 in the division, while Marysville went 2-3 and Warren Woods Tower went 1-4.  Donald and his Huskies teammates hope to break away from the pack in 2011.  Donald described what it will take to break away and win the Silver, "Just to stay focused, stay TOGETHER, keep our will to win and be hungrier than anyone else."

With having three teams from Saint Clair Shores, Lake Shore and South Lake.  Donald talked about their rivalry with the nearby schools, "With South Lake having an out of nowhere success and the great level they played on there is plenty respect towards that team. They snapped that losing mindset I think which will make our game plan a lot more intense this year. Lake Shore is a straight up rivalry. We don't like them, and they don't like us. Flat out."

Since Donald was one of a few kids who have hit 2,000+ rushing yards in one season, you would expect the runningback to receive a lot more praise.  For some reason that is not the case with Donald yet.  Donald shares his thoughts on what hitting 2,000+ rushing yards, meant to him, "It means a lot, it was my goal to reach 2,000 and it was a blessing that I did. Great blocking from a good offensive line and that extra effort built that mark."  To achieve a better season in 2011, Donald has had a busy off-season so far.  Donald shared what he has been doing during the off-season for a bigger 2011 season, "Staying in the weight room and taking EVERY drill as if it was a real game situation."

The Huskies success has caught a lot of people of guard during the 2010 but teams started adjusting to Donald throughout the season.  Donald shared what the team can do once teams start loading the box on him and the Huskies, "Last year a lot of teams did that to us so we expect that this year as well. We switched a lot of this around due to the amount of talent we have, so there will be some changes."

Donald was quick to know which was the biggest and must win game for the Huskies in 2011, "Lakeshore. Period. Every game is just as important. But we want them."

After finishing his spectacular junior season, Donald has not had many college's chasing him yet, "Central Michigan and Saginaw are showing a lot of interest at the moment. We'll see what happens after my senior year."  This past weekend, Donald headed up to Ferris State for a camp.  Donald learned a few extra things this weekend, "I learned at technique and ball handling."


  1. should of asked him how good he did against a real team like de la salle....

  2. Or we can ask the Harrison QB, how easy it was passing on DLS?

  3. Lol! C'mon how can you seriously knock a player for rushing for 2,000 yards in one season. Regardless of their playoff loss.

  4. These DLS kids think they are the best when they cannot even win a state title. Who cares Lakeview has not won much, this is not about wins or losses its, 2K rushing yards, were happy we do not pay to win playoff games.

    How about u guys have a player who rushes 2K yards then come back,

    and dont list a player who gets kicked off the GV football team for acting like a child.

  5. Well South Lake was the only team who stopped Donald all year so shut up.

  6. That's 2100 yards in 11 games not 9. But what offense they going to run with new coaching staff?

  7. South Lake had good season with 70% of their team living outside Macomb county. Senter recruits kids from detroit and have even seen him at Detroit PAL gator practices.
    How do explain 2 starters from Madison transferring over from oakland county eligible? LOL they are related to #1 on SL who lives in detroit. Just pick random players and follow them home you will see.

  8. i believe football is a team sport soo even if this guy did run for 2,000 yards half of it goes to his linemen blocking for him

  9. Latham has every school record and has brought the team a long way. So what if they lost in the playoffs, one man cannot carry a TEAM! Watch how hard he goes this year!

  10. Enough with the southlake recruits garbage. Teams are finally realizing southlake is becoming a threat so of course they are going to knock them. The boys work hard. They work for everything they have. And lathem is a gifted player him and his offense scheme and linemen helped him get to where he is.