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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nick Black - 2012 Athlete

In the 2010-2011 the MAC Conference provided plenty of dominant athletes who played numerous sports.  In Anchor Bay most people would think of future Michigan State football player, Taiwan Jones who not only performed exceptionally well in football but in basketball too, leading the Tars to a division title.  Filling in for Jones in 2011-2012 will be another great athlete, Nick Black.  Nick Black played runningback and linebacker for Anchor Bay during the 2010 football season.  Black is also a stud on the diamond as he helped the Tars finish second in the MAC Blue behind Saint Clair.  Black played both catcher and third base for the Tats in the 2010-2011 season.

Anchor Bay finished the baseball season with a 16-10 record and 6-4 MAC Blue division record, Marysville would also finish with a 6-4 division record.  Anchor Bay had a few good more moments during the baseball season when they threw no-hitter against top team, Bishop Foley.  Black shared his thoughts on what was some of the highlights for him and the Tars baseball season, "For me personally the year went well, I led Macomb County in batting average and doubles and was 14/22 on throwing out runners. What I'll remember most about the 2011 baseball season is the victories over De La Salle and Stevenson; they were very good baseball programs that played great games against us."

Black has little time working on both sports since football consumes much of the fall and late summer.  Then Michigan winters you would assume it would put most of the athletes in situations where they cannot work on their skills.  That is not the case now days, Black described what he was working on coming into the season and if his off season work would pay off, "I worked hard in the off season on hitting to the opposite field and that really carried over into the season. I also worked on my defensive part of the game with my blocking and throwing down to 2nd which helped tons throughout the high school season."  The Tars were removed in the playoffs about 1-2 weeks ago and football is quickly approaching for Black.  Black has a few new things that he would like to improve on for the upcoming baseball season, "Overall arm strength, right now my best pop time is 1.94 and it can definitely improve with work during the off season."

As for football, Black is just as talented and competitive.  With the Tars having high hopes of making a run in the playoffs in 2010, they were knocked out in the first round by Utica Ford.  Black talks about the excitement for the upcoming season amongst players and the community, "Anchor Bay is pumped for the 2011 football season, football players and the community as a whole. The weight room has been filled with intensity throughout the off season and everyone is looking to build on what we started last year, that being the first time Anchor Bay has been into the playoffs in years."

Although baseball was Black's prime focus during the season, he still mentions that he has been working on lifting for the upcoming football season, "I have hit the weight room hard throughout the winter and during baseball season, so my overall strength and speed has improved as well as working 1 on 1's with some of my teammates and athletes from other schools, so my individual skills have improved also. As for camp circuits I'm only attending the 1 days for the certain schools that have contacted me and that I have visited."

Nick Black is one of three seniors to be in 2011 that played a significant role during the 2010 season.  Black shares what he would like to show and improve upon during the upcoming season, "I would like to get my team playing as a unit this year rather than being one person carrying the team. It takes a full team to make deep runs into the playoffs, which is the ultimate goal this year."

If the Tars are to win the MAC Blue in the 2011 they will need many players to step up and fill in the holes from the previous class of 2011.  Black shares his thoughts on what it will take to bring glory to Anchor Bay, "We need our underclassman and returning seniors to step up. We need hard work throughout the remainder of the off season and most of all we need to play smart this year. If we reduce our penalties and play smart we will make a great run at winning the MAC Blue."  Black does not think the biggest game will be MAC Blue opponent rather Utica Ford.  In the 2010 Anchor Bay was called on late pass interference call which setup the go ahead touchdown for the Falcons.  In week 10 Ford also took Anchor Bay out of the playoffs so it has reunited the two former rivals, Black describes why Ford is their must win game, "In 2011 our biggest game will be against Ford, we owe them big time after the nail biters we had against them in 2010."

A year from now when Black graduates from Anchor Bay he will be on scholarship for either football or baseball.  Black talks about his ideal situation for the next level, "Ultimately I would like to end up at a Wayne State or a Grand Valley as a dual sport athlete. If I were only to play one sport in college though; football would be at a smaller Division 1 school and baseball would ideally be at a bigger Division 1 school."

So far Black has a few offers, which he shared his thoughts on, "There have been offers from schools for both baseball and football. None of the offers have been ideal for my situation though. Schools I’m interested in differ due to the sport I end up playing in college. Schools that are interested in me have also differed depending on the baseball/football."


  1. This kids a freak on the football field, he broke our running backs ankle two years in a row :(

  2. Takes 4 guys to tackle him everytime he gets the ball lol. I thought he was playing baseball at michigan though?

  3. If Nick is supposed to be such a good prospect in Football, why do you have someone such as Jeff Crosse ranked in the top 100 over him?

  4. Who cares whose in a top 100 or not. They are both good players. Plus I am pretty sure he is remaking the list before football season.

    I just seen he had Black already in the 2012 watch-list there are about 2000 kids or so in the metro Detroit area alone I think a top 1-150 is a pretty good gesture shown by this site.

  5. Jeff Crosse is not good at all, he was the quarterback from Fraser right? If so, he was slow, immobile, and couldnt lead a team to save his life. Granted his team was horrible, but still.

  6. I seen what the D zone says about Fraser for 2011, he seems pretty sold on them but not sure if they can beat Madison or MC. His film looks pretty good a young team in 2010 with a new coach coming in. I would not be surprised to see Fraser possibly winning the Gold but they got their work cut out for them.

    I dont think Crosse is a top 100 prospect or several ppl towards the bottom but its an early list and I think Crosse should be out of the next one but during the season if he leads the Ramblers to the W's and gets some college attention will be looking like fools right now.

    Black I am sure is a Division 1 football recruit maybe a Sun Belt or low Caliber Sun Belt team at best. Doesn't have the right measurable's. We'll see though.

  7. Agreed, Black doesnt seem to be big enough for big time Division 1 schools, but a good football player nontheless.

  8. Yeah I will be doing a new list before the upcoming season begins.

  9. I did like the list and It must have taken some time to do. as far as Black and the Crosse thing... both seem to bring something to the table. I did watch both Highlightb tapes and have come up with this. If Fraser used Crosse at FB he would be a beast as having him at QB he still ran right up the middle carrying people with him. don't think we could compare both these players.

  10. Hey I didn't really think nick black was anything special but the comments about crosse the kid is freaking six foot two and 250 pounds he's a beast at qb you should check his highlight tape out on youtube that kids going somewhere

  11. Both of these guys are in my league...Black is a much better athlete and has way more or a game changing ability than Crosse...Crosse was just a big body.