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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Luginbill on Columbus's Elite 11 Prospects

"QB Shane Morris (De La Salle HS, Mich.)
Morris was one of the more impressive prospects in attendance regardless of class and the left-hander really made some impressive throws with accuracy and confidence. He has good height and is going to continue to add inches and bulk to his late-bloomer's frame. What stood out about Morris was the velocity and power and the manner in which he delivered the ball. Many lefties can really have a long, drawn out delivery that is more ¾ or sidearm, but not Morris. He had a quick stroke, was very accurate and threw as well on the run to both sides as any prospect on Friday. He is a definite Watch List candidate."

Morris attended the Columbus Elite 11 and earned MVP honors, the quote above was from ESPN recruiting director Tom Luginbill.

He also said this about other Michigan prospects.

"Better late than never, ILB James Ross and CB Terry Richardson arrive just in time and were both very impressive."

"ILB Royce Jenkins-Stone did not make it either. Terrific player."

"2013 QB Shane Morris is an impressive lefty with a quick stroke."

The ESPN 150 will be released on June 8th.  Hoping Urban Meyer is part of the choosing process.

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  1. Committed to: Michigan
    Strengths: Morris is a relatively tall quarterback who still appears to have some room to grow. He had one of the quicker releases at the camp, especially when asked to roll out on a bootleg. A left-handed passer, he looked comfortable rolling either direction. He had good zip on his ball throughout most of the day.
    Weaknesses: Morris dropped his shoulder a bit at times. As the day progressed his throwing motion became longer and longer. He needs to gain a little bit of arm strength for the deep ball and also needs to work a little bit on his three-step drop in the pocket. His release on the three-step drop tended to come a half second later than it should have.
    Conclusion: Morris still has two more years of high school ball remaining before heading to Michigan so he has plenty of time to mature as a passer. All of his weaknesses at the moment seem to be correctable with practice and through working out. He should fit in well in the Wolverine offense.