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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 2012 Football Players in Michigan

  1. Terry Richardson - Cass Tech - CB (Michigan)
  2. Royce Jenkins-Stone - Cass Tech - LB (Michigan)
  3. James Ross - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - LB (Michigan)
  4. Aaron Burbridge - Harrison - WR (Michigan State)
  5. Danny O'Brien - Flint Powers - DT (Tennessee)
  6. Dennis Norfleet - Martin Luther King - RB
  7. Amos Houston - Loyola - S (Eastern Michigan)
  8. Ron Thompson - Southfield - TE (Syracuse)
  9. Devin Funchess - Harrison - TE (Michigan)
  10. Mario Ojemudia - Harrison - DE (Michigan)
  11. Ben Braden - Rockford - OL (Michigan)
  12. Matt Godin - Catholic Central - DL (Michigan)
  13. Donte Fox - Plymouth - RB (Grand Valley State)
  14. Brian Blackburn - Crockett - QB (Toledo)
  15. Kelby Latta - Battle Creek Harper Creek - OL (Central Michigan)
  16. Laron Taylor - Cass Tech - LB (Iowa)
  17. Tyler Goble - Plymouth - LB (Navy)
  18. Jamal Lyles - Southfield Lathrup - LB (Michigan State)
  19. Matt Doneth - Catholic Central - TE (Cornell)
  20. Brad Meredith - Utica Ford - OL (Saginaw Valley State)
  21. Brandon Berry - Cass Tech - S (Buffalo)
  22. Kimani Elliot - West Bloomfield - Ath (Fork Union Academy)
  23. Lester Liston - Grand Blanc - LB (Hargrave)
  24. Riley Bullough - Traverse City St. Francis - S (Michigan State)
  25. Juwan Lewis - Muskegon - RB (Eastern Michigan)
  26. Allante Gardner - Michigan Collegiate - Ath (Saginaw Valley State)
  27. Taylor Moton - Okemos - OL (Western Michigan)
  28. Jacques Christian - South Lake - DB (Grand Valley State)
  29. Darryl Goldsmith - Cass Tech - DL (Saginaw Valley State)
  30. Montel Cooks - Loyola - QB
  31. Matt Dellinger - Clarkston - LB (Kent State)
  32. Cortez Hardrick - West Bloomfield - WR (Western Michigan)
  33. Kevin Buford - Canton - CB (Iowa)
  34. Joe Bacci - Romeo - LB (Central Michigan)
  35. Justin Browning - De La Salle - CB
  36. Efe Scott-Emuakpor - East Lansing - WR (Ball State)
  37. Cooper Rush - Lansing Catholic Central - QB (Central Michigan)
  38. Prescott Line - Oxford - LB (Southern Methodist)
  39. Danny Larkins - Madison Heights - WR (Toledo)
  40. Eddie Kidd - Brother Rice - CB (Northwood)
  41. Latham Donald - Lakeview - RB (William Penn)
  42. Leviticus Payne - Southfield - CB (Cincinnati)
  43. Deshaun Phillips - Chandler Park Academy - RB
  44. Keith Stonestreet - Orchard Lake Saint Mary's - RB
  45. Daron Brown - Mumford - DT (Northern Illinois)
  46. Will Rembert - Cass Tech - CB (Buffalo)
  47. Devin Church - Brother Rice - RB (Illinois)
  48. Bill Albert - Brighton - LB (Hillsdale)
  49. Dakota Perry - Capac - DL (Northern Michigan)
  50. Evan Winston - Muskegon Heights - DE (Muskegon)
  51. Kevin Biscoe - Cass Tech - QB
  52. Hunter Matt - Wyandotte Roosevelt - LB (Eastern Michigan)
  53. Neal Page - Seaholm - DE (Kansas)
  54. Kyle Knapp - Portage Central - OL (Syracuse)
  55. Winslow Chapman - Port Huron - Ath (Central Michigan)
  56. Jabari Dean - Renaissance - DT (Central Michigan)
  57. Drake Johnson - Ann Arbor Pioneer - RB (Michigan)
  58. Mitch Robinson - Avondale - QB (Northwood)
  59. Brandon Hall - Orchard View - RB
  60. Robert Riche - Plymouth - OL (Buffalo)
  61. Jordan Woods - Ann Arbor Skyline - WR (Purdue)
  62. Ruben Lile - Cass Tech - Ath (Iowa)
  63. Aubrey Parrish - Charlotte - WR (Ferris State)
  64. Jordan Fields - Grand Blanc - S (Central Michigan)
  65. Nathan Ricketts - Holland - LB (Central Michigan)
  66. Kodi Kieler - Gibraltar Carlson - OL (Michigan State)
  67. Anthony Scarcelli - Marine City - WR (Central Michigan)
  68. Marquise Wallace - Oak Park - OL
  69. Sam Brunner - Romeo - OL (Ball State)
  70. Kyle Ready - Gibraltar Carlson - DE (Saginaw Valley State)
  71. Mark Cargle - Pontiac - RB
  72. Ben Steward - Holt - OL (Bowling Green)
  73. Michael Henry - Flint Northwestern - WR (Western Michigan)
  74. Shane Barron - Flint Carman Ainsworth - Ath
  75. Dan Gibbs - Seaholm - OL (Michigan)
  76. Tyree Monroe - Crockett - WR
  77. Marcellous McElrath - Crockett - RB (Wayne State)
  78. Stephon Hall - Consortium College Prep - DE (Butler College)
  79. Mike Saba - Utica Ford - QB  (Saginaw Valley State)
  80. Chase Deback - Charlotte - OL
  81. Detrick Goff - Grand Blanc - RB
  82. Travis Allen - Lansing Eastern  - WR
  83. Brian Cleary - University of Detroit Jesuit - QB
  84. Jon Jarvie - Dakota - LB (Wayne State)
  85. James White - Crockett - CB (Bowling Green)
  86. Zachary Bihary - De La Salle - FB (Valparaiso)
  87. Jeff Crosse - Fraser - QB (Jamestown College)
  88. Davon White - Plymouth - DL (Williams Penn)
  89. Alex Woods - Lake Orion - CB
  90. Denzel Wright - Oak Park - RB
  91. Tony Annese - Rochester Adams - QB (Central Michigan)
  92. David Van Ittersum - De La Salle - OL (Albion)
  93. Bryan Jones - Schoolcraft - DB
  94. James Gault - Oak Park - RB
  95. Zuri Norman - Consortium College Prep - FB
  96. Dalton Binkowki - Romeo - DE (Wayne State)
  97. Devante Hicks - Madison Heights - OL
  98. Sean Charette - Lake Orion - QB (Grand Valley State)
  99. Will Bazzi - Fordson - OL
  100. Shaun Austin - Plymouth - QB (Michigan Tech)
An updated list will be released in the beginning of August.
FYI- I am not an expert, simply its my opinion.


  1. NEVER DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is nice!

  2. Glad there is one spot in the world we can find info like this. Keep it up, good work as always.

  3. There are some interesting names on here but it shows the research and knowledge you have. Houston is probably the best player in the state but will not get the exposure at Loyola. But thats why this site is special, you know how to provide exposure in an honest and true way.


  4. Cass Tech lover?

  5. I am neutral. Its not my fault they have so much talent. Its hard not to put them on here.

  6. where the hell did you get your information? i understand about half of them but the other half is wack

  7. rivals, scouts, espn, and youtube

  8. you are way off from's top 50. WOW

  9. I did not see a top 50 of players from MI on scout. I broadly used those 3 sites. It was mostly youtube and asking peoples opinion.

  10. Good list Plymouth football is taking over the state

  11. To many overrated Cass Tech players!!!

  12. wow - 2 from seaholm but no joe warner from rice - are you serious?
    and before you clowns make a comment - I AM NOT HIS DAD - i just know talent. hang out at a seaholm game and tell me i'm wrong.

  13. The only reason you think cass tech has talent is because their coaches are creating hype for their players on scout and rivals. Then you read it. Stick to writing lacrosse

  14. People who actual have offers should be higher up on the list. C'mon.

  15. I dont read anything from a Cass Tech coach.. invalid reason.

    And ppl with offers should not be higher, because its off of talent not exposure.

  16. So are you saying a D1 coaching staff doesn't know how to rate players better then you. You just used scout and rivals....

  17. Is this list in order of say.....#1 is better than #100? Just curious. It would be very off if it was. Or is it just a random order of the top 100?

  18. I tried putting them in order. I did not use scout or rivals, because all I know is they do like a top 15 for the state. Its all my opinion of the 100 players I seen 40 play in real life.

  19. What About 2013 Class? And Btw Nice Top 100 I Dont See None Of the Haters Doing this for The Kids.

  20. That Robinson QB from Avondale and Rush from Lansing Catholic should be the top 2 QBs in the state. Biscoe has never played a down of varsity football and I've never heard of the kid from Loyola but Avondale blew them out a year ago

  21. Class of 2013 will be a watchlist soon.

    For Robinsin it will be intersting to see what he does without Tillman but he should put up big #'s again.

    Montel Cooks is a stud for Loyola and Biscoe is also going to have a good season. Ive heard his arm is much better than Keith Moore's.

  22. That’s great good think saw at this post. I think this is use full inform. Thanks share good think at this site.

  23. people seem to forget these are YOUR predictions, none of this is final... so for people complaining, dont, because this is what D-Zone thinks, not you

  24. Basing off of previous posts from the football season. I feel pretty good about what I see on here. There is probably no one in the state who could come up with something half as good.



  26. Gabe Dean (QB - Lowell) and DeAndre Grady (ATH - East Grand Rapids) both deserve to be on this list

  27. Fox plays DB i thought?

  28. Nah RB - here's his interview -

  29. I'm not complaining, but Biscoe hasn't played a down of varsity football. Your really going to see Robinson's ability to run the ball this year

  30. haha technically he did, some mop up snaps. But I think he will be fine with the OL, they have new starters at RB and WR though.

    If he excels against Harrison in week 1, their offense will be in cruise control until week 9 probably.

  31. i dont understand why there arnt any players from eisenhower on this list. The are a top five team in the state so it just makes no sense

  32. Their best players are soon to be juniors (class of 2013) this is for 12' they have do have a really good WR but decided not to select him.

  33. wow, some of these players iv'e personally coached..and i'll tell you now.. jamal lyles, devin church, and cortez should be rated way higher than what you have.

  34. IT's tough ranking all these players in the state. But ill be consistently updating the list leadiing up to Signing Day.


  36. As a fan and some one familiar with Detroit football I find it funny that the Loyola kids are getting dissed on here. One did they lose to Avondale two years yes but all three kids were sophomores and had played PAL the year before that and it was only there second varsity football game EVER, those kids can play expect big things from them in 2011 and you can get exposure at a small school its called pre-season camps people there doing something right if they have 3 in the top 100. Secondly ever kid on here from Cass Tech deserves to be there Cass is a Power House right now and are going to dominate the state next year.

  37. Everyone should stop complaining. This is a great job of assessing the talent across the state. Some may be off but for the most part the kids on the list are legit. No matter who post a top 100 it will be someone not happy with it. At the end of the day what the kids do on the field will determine how they will ultimately be ranked this year. GOOD JOB! Now here are my few opinions. (1) Biscoe Cass Tech QB is not a top 100 player give his spot to Kendrick Mingo QB East Detroit. (2) Dennis Norfleet is not only the best player in Michigan but probably top 5 in the Midwest. (3) Brian Blackburn is the most under rated and unappreciated stud the State has seen since well.............Just wait and see ;-)

  38. how is this kid not on here?

  39. Joe warner sucks cock. of course he shouldnt be up there

  40. cause that kid is 5'10 and a WR. weak

  41. Kyle Ready has 3 MAC offers right now from Toledo, Western Michigan and Bowling Green

  42. donte fox is a beast seems to make plays regardless of where they line him up probably rates in the top 15 in the state at three positions.

  43. Donte Fox is the truth!! Remember The Name Boi!~

  44. joe bacci plays mlb not de

  45. Oh Rivals says he is Strongside DE and Scout MLB. But maxpreps says LB.

    Should of known Rivals has sucked lately they have no midwest anayslt. Thanks for bring this to my attention.

  46. Admit it this is a site where you name your idea of the top 20 players and after that it is guys you would like to see get exposure. Exposure does not get offers TALENT does, if you do not have the talent, enjoy your HS experience, and move on to college like 90% of HS seniors. You can make all the ratings you want, the cream always rises to the top. The best players are the ones D1 colleges are after, and at the end of the day that is what matters. Can you parlay your football talent into a 'free' education. So enjoy your list and rankings but on 'signing day' the real top players will be signing D1 Letters of Intent. And the exposure and rankings won't change that, if you can play they will find you.

  47. We are sick of these parent's talk about there kid's where do they measure up with there ability, I'm talking about 40 yd dash, agility,power and ability anybody can hold a football. Stop crying for your kid's,put up and shut up. There time's must not be that good.

  48. to the person at nearly 2 am today.

    Basically all the kids I listed will be going to play college. Some I may missed on but many I nailed. I think its been clearly stated this is one of about 3-4 more updated lists.

    This will not be the same, I find new stuff daily. So just relax, anyone who gets their name on a list or on somthing gets exposure too. That really makes no sense to me but is clearly your opinion.

  49. 2am person says:

    D1 football? I don't think so.... There is a HUGE difference between talent in D1 vs D1AA D2 D3 and below.

  50. Okay then from 1-54 every single player will no doubt be a D1 player. Overall I assume around 60 will go D1. This INITIAL list missed two prospects who committed D1.

  51. Totally disagree, 1-54 will not be all D1. D1AA is not D1, there are also several players 54-100 that will be D1. I can count at least 10 that will not be D1 players. But I guess it is your list. Like I said the Top Players in Michigan will be signing D1 letter in Feb.

  52. 90 percent from the east side of the state.............................90 percent of the state titles come from the west side of the state

  53. 90% of state titles?


    State finalists:

    East Side: Lake Orion (Winner), Plymouth, St Mary's, Hudson (Winner), Harrison (Winner), and SMCC

    wEST side: Egr (winner), West Catholic (Winner), Olivet, Lowell, GRCc (winner), Williamston and Saugatuck.

    Others: Ishpeming, Ithaca and Mt PLeasant SH. (those two are central)

    soooooooooo of 8 titles won:

    D1 - East
    d2 - east
    (Two best divisions dominated by East)
    D3 - West (I would pay double to see EGR play a D1 team lol)
    D4 - West
    d5 -wesat
    d6 - Ithaca
    d7 - East
    D8 - Sacrd <3

    okay so East 3, West 3 and others 2. LOL

    thats 50% and no offense you cant have a 90% it would either be: 100%, 88, 75, 63, 50 etc.

    Relax when the west side produces conistent talent in big groups like the east does then we can talk.

    You may put some quality players but East consistently produces quality players.

  54. Per Scout - #Stanford and #Akron the latest schools to offer Southfield-Lathrup (Mich.) LB Jamal Lyles

  55. Southfield (MI) CB Leviticus Payne offered by #BowlingGreen

  56. watch out for tony annese this year, big sleeper at qb for rochester

  57. Sam Brunner of Romeo was offered by Ball State.

  58. Check out Eric Wilson from Thurston, just got offered from West Virginia, Bowling Green, & Toledo, super fast WR / DB. Also, Grant Wilson from Thurston was a beast last year, he'll end up somewhere as well, he averaged like 9 ypc as a junior last year.

  59. Haha I just read something on him honestly like 10 minutes ago, He is a total sleeper. Thanks for the comment.

    I have been scoping those two out.

  60. Also I cannot find anywhere that he was offered by BGSU. Just WVU and Toledo.

  61. I was told yesterday he got offered from those 3 and I think he is going to MSU camp very soon so he might end up with another offer very shortly. Wouldn't suprise me if they use him at QB this year though as they don't have a true QB coming back, the QB from last year graduated and is going to Ashland.

  62. Oh alright I just read an article on saying he is camping at MSU.

    The highlight film of Eric and Grant does look good though.

  63. Portage Central - Kyle Knapp commits to Syracuse

  64. Ben Steward of Holt offered by EMU

  65. Michael Henry of Flint Northwestern commits to Western Michigan.

  66. Kodi Kieler was offered by Buffalo and Northern Illinois today.

  67. That Kidd from Henry ford victor edge should be in the top 100 he deserve it

  68. Yeah I also agree, him and Brian Blackburn is a toss up for thebest qb in the psl, he also plays, defense! He' s a good player who deserves top 100

  69. I thought Edge was an OLB and WR?

    Also Juwan Lewis from Muskegon was offered by Buffalo today. Had EMU and WMU offers already.

  70. I few kids at PLymouth Are getting under look. QB Shaun Austin has been invited and is attending the Manning Passing Academy with 1200 of the top high school Prospects in the country. Also Faris Abraham OLB has been approached by three MAC schools about offerings after the holiday and last but least 6'4 Mark McCormack-Reamer DE/Te had a great offseason and gained alot interests. He has replace the shoes of U of Michigan bound recruit Breenen Beyer well and give Plymouth another Big PLay Target.

  71. No , his high school position is quarterback and safety! I wonder how could he get on the list! Victor edge

  72. Oh on scout it says LB. I am remaking the list and you are on there.

    It is not going to be released until August.

  73. Jordan Fields of Grand Blanc commits to Central Michigan.

  74. Stephon Hall of Consortium Prep gets a Ball State offer.

  75. Jabari Dean of Renaissance commits to Central Michigan.

  76. How can you be an ap all-state honorable mention linebacker last year and not be in the top 13 linebackers for this year? Good research.

  77. Darryl Goldsmith gets offers from Western Kentucky and Ball State. Up to 9 offers already.

  78. Evan Winston of Muskegon Heights commits to Missouri today.

  79. FYI, Eric Wilson whom was talked about earlier (WR/FS Redford Thurston)recieved another full ride to Northwestern.

  80. Wow. QB rankings a mess. Who is Cook? And no Gabe Dean or Troy Bitterle. LOL

  81. Every top list for Michigan has Montel Cooks above Dean. Bitterle was a late bloomer, I know he is released an updated list on monday. But I doubt Dean will be in it. (I think he should be near the 100 just because of what he's done) But idk why scout or rivals does not think of highly of him or his college interest is low.

  82. Wheres Brandon Bauman i thought all confrence ment something... best offensive lineman for madison sense 06 hes too big you may need to see some game film on him ive never seen sooo many pancakes n blocks to and past the whistle

  83. Gabe Dean is a very talented athlete. May not translate in college as a qb but as an athlete. You can't put up those types of numbers and be all state. He belongs in the top 100. Bitterle isn't a late bloomer. He was very well known on the camp circuit last year. Rumor has it something happened at his school last year, but may end up being the top michigan qb.

  84. Wasn't Gabe Dean the 2010 AP "Mr. Football"?

  85. No Vento from Harrison was.