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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Michigan High School Football Helmet Logo Competition

The competition will be simple,  vote up to 10 teams.  The first vote will get 10 points and the last vote gets 1 point.  All in between get the equivalent amount of points.  To see helmets visit these two great sites:


The contest will end at the end of July.

I will do an example.

10.  Napoleon Pirates

9. Clinton Redskins

8. Novi Wildcats

7. Livonia Stevenson Spartans

6. Utica Cheiftans

5. Brother Rice Warriors

4. Romeo Bulldogs

3. Plymouth Wildcats

2. Troy Athens Red Hawks

1. Three Rivers Wildcats

That was my top 10 so, if my vote counted for the overall total, Napoleon would be in first place and Three Rivers in last place.  I hope you guys have fun with this and share it with other friends.  Take a look around this site if it is your first chance to, many good articles on players from Michigan.  If you want to help out or recommend something, contact me here, please.

What others suggested:

Adrian Maples

Seaholm Maples


  1. That is not Montague's helmet. Looks like Three Rivers.

  2. Yeah thanks it is a typo, that went unnoticed.

  3. Can't believe you don't have the Adrian Maples helmet! It has a great color scheme with a one of a kind logo.

  4. I put Adrians and Seaholms up, Its nice but I like Seaholms a little bit more.

  5. Do you have to play football in the greater Detroit area to have a "great" helmet?

  6. howell pincher H

  7. where do i vote?

  8. Three rivers is a knock off of Kansas State which doesn't make it original.

    The Montague M-cat is better AND more original. Not one like it ANY WHERE.

    GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The eye of the Ogemaw Heights Falcons

  10. ogemaw heights falcon's eye is definitely killer.

  11. Ogemaw's logo is definitely up there. A falcon original and flashy with the gold.

  12. Football Helmet Logo:
    White Lake Lakeland Eagles, Plymouth Wildcats, Kingsley Stags, Adrian Maples, Big Rapids Cardinals, Livonia Clarenceville Trojans, Ortonville-Brandon Blackhawks, Auburn Hils Oakland Christian Lancers, Fennville Blackhawks,
    Rogers City Hurons

  13. Livonia clarenceville best helmets in michigan. Best helmets in the country are Pahokee florida. Pahokee has the best uni's in the country in my opinion and I am from Michigan. I saw them on espn and loved them. I dont have a link but they are easy to find either on google or utube and what not. check them out

  14. garber duke carolina blue helmet with the green bay packer "G" is sick. im not from that area, but i caught a game, and the whole uniform was remarkable.

  15. hi great tutorial just what i was looking for. i will be giving it a try but i was wondering what the image size should be to fit well in the space.. thanks! logo design